S.F. Postcard Catalog

This page displays color scans of 1318 postcards from my collection. Cards are roughly 5.5"x3.5" except as noted. Click on any image to enlarge, then use the Back button on your browser to return. Click on a caption link for detailed information about a card, including transcriptions of written messages for most postally used cards. note links give additional information and dup links show duplicates/variants.


To the extent possible under law, Stephen A. Ness has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

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by use: unused, written (but not mailed), mailed

Front Back Publisher Number Caption Date Notes Comments
a_h_1.png a_h_1_b.png A.H. Valencia Hotel note not addressed/mailed
a_h_2.png a_h_2_b.png A.H. Eighteenth and Valencia 07/05/1906 note
a_h_3.png a_h_3_b.png A.H. Panorama from Nob Hill
a_h_4.png a_h_4_b.png A.H. Rear of St. Francis Hotel 08/30/1906 note note stamped/mailed Canada; caption incorrect; back printing misaligned
a_h_5.png a_h_5_b.png A.H. Ruins of City Hall
a_h_6.png a_h_6_b.png A.H. A Sight on Market and Larkin 03/16/1907
a_h_7.png a_h_7_b.png A.H. Looking up Market from Ferry
acmegraph_10672.png acmegraph_10672_b.png Acmegraph 10672 Sing Chong Co. Chinese Bazaar
allard_u01.png allard_u01_b.png Allard S.F.'s All Consuming Fire
american_93396.png american_93396_b.png American News 93396 Statue of Agassiz 07/dd/1909 note note ca. 7/1909; written but not addressed/mailed
american_93411.png american_93411_b.png American News 93411 Earthquake Fissures in Street note
american_art_1.png american_art_1_b.png American Art Bird's Eye View of the Expo. 11/11/1915 note PPIE seal; PPIE cancellation
american_je_1.png american_je_1_b.png Amer. Journal Examiner What the Earthquake Did note
american_je_2.png american_je_2_b.png Amer. Journal Examiner Refugees in Jefferson Square note
american_je_3.png american_je_3_b.png Amer. Journal Examiner The Shelter of an Eq. Victim note
american_je_4.png american_je_4_b.png Amer. Journal Examiner Evening Light on Van Ness creased left; unevenly trimmed
american_u01.png american_u01_b.png American News City Hall Dismantled by Earthq. note
american_u02.png american_u02_b.png American News View of Retail District
american_u03.png american_u03_b.png American News Looking N.E. from St. Mary's note
american_u04.png american_u04_b.png American News Statue of Prof. L. Agassiz note note
american_u05.png american_u05_b.png American News Bird's-eye View of Ruined City note unevenly trimmed; addressed but not mailed
amer_souvenir_03.png amer_souvenir_03_b.png American Souvenir 3 Remembrance of Pres. Roosevelt 09/01/1903
amer_souvenir_08.png amer_souvenir_08_b.png American Souvenir 8 Golden Gate Park 05/17/1904
amer_souvenir_09.png amer_souvenir_09_b.png American Souvenir 9 Chinatown 09/08/1904 note
amer_souvenir_12.png amer_souvenir_12_b.png American Souvenir 12 San Francisco 10/18/1904 note note creased top left; stamp missing
art_litho_48.png art_litho_48_b.png Art Litho 48 Chronicle Building 03/06/1905
art_novelty_u01.png art_novelty_u01_b.png Art Novelty Imperial SF as She Was addressed but not mailed; contents here
austen_201.png austen_201_b.png Austen 201 Belle of Chinatown
bardell_10.png bardell_10_b.png Bardell 10 Birdseye View of the PPIE 09/23/1915 note PPIE cancellation
bardell_12.png bardell_12_b.png Bardell B-12 Chinatown note
bardell_30.png bardell_30_b.png Bardell 30 Chinatown 10/28/1910 note photo glued to stiff stock
bardell_u01.png bardell_u01_b.png Bardell Bay Bridge
bardell_u02.png bardell_u02_b.png Bardell Market and Ellis Streets
bardell_u03.png bardell_u03_b.png Bardell Call Building
bardell_u04.png bardell_u04_b.png Bardell Sing Chong note
bardell_u05.png bardell_u05_b.png Bardell Ferry Building
bardell_u06.png bardell_u06_b.png Bardell City Hall 06/01/1943 note
bardell_u07.png bardell_u07_b.png Bardell Cliff House and Seal Rocks ragged edge
bardell_u08.png bardell_u08_b.png Bardell Shrine Illumination Ferry Bldg. Weidner photo; top edge tear
bauer_2985a.png bauer_2985a_b.png Bauer 2985a Call-Chronicle-Examiner 06/15/1907 written in German
behrendt_004.png behrendt_004_b.png Behrendt 4 Cliff House and Seal Rocks note
behrendt_008.png behrendt_008_b.png Behrendt 8 Conservatory, GGP 07/17/1907 note lower right corner missing
behrendt_009.png behrendt_009_b.png Behrendt 9 Music Stand, GGP 10/10/1905 dup
behrendt_009a.png behrendt_009a_b.png Behrendt 9 Music Stand, GGP dup
behrendt_011.png behrendt_011_b.png Behrendt 11 Hotel St. Francis note
behrendt_014.png behrendt_014_b.png Behrendt 14 Palace Hotel note
behrendt_015.png behrendt_015_b.png Behrendt 15 California Street Hill 11/09/1908 note note
behrendt_032.png behrendt_032_b.png Behrendt 32 A December Day in GGP 01/20/1907 note note
behrendt_038.png behrendt_038_b.png Behrendt 38 Sutro Heights 05/06/1908 note
behrendt_040.png behrendt_040_b.png Behrendt 40 Ferry Building from the Bay 07/04/1908 note note
behrendt_041.png behrendt_041_b.png Behrendt 41 City Hall note note
behrendt_105.png behrendt_105_b.png Behrendt 105 The Mission Highschool 07/31/1907
behrendt_127.png behrendt_127_b.png Behrendt 127 Washington St. Oakland 04/15/1908 note
behrendt_174.png behrendt_174_b.png Behrendt 174 Ferry Building 05/18/1908 note
behrendt_204.png behrendt_204_b.png Behrendt 204 Bread line at St. Mary's note
behrendt_205.png behrendt_205_b.png Behrendt 205 Ruins from Post Street
behrendt_207.png behrendt_207_b.png Behrendt 207 From Van Ness Ave. looking E missing corner
behrendt_209.png behrendt_209_b.png Behrendt 209 Camps at North Beach note
behrendt_211.png behrendt_211_b.png Behrendt 211 The Temple Emanuel note note postmark date illegible; stamp on front; Milan set
behrendt_212.png behrendt_212_b.png Behrendt 212 Watching the Fire note
behrendt_213.png behrendt_213_b.png Behrendt 213 Cooking on the Street note note
behrendt_217.png behrendt_217_b.png Behrendt 217 Chron., Mutual Savings, Call 06/21/1906 note note stamp on front; Milan set
behrendt_220.png behrendt_220_b.png Behrendt 220 Ruins of SF, North on Mont. 02/31/1907
behrendt_221.png behrendt_221_b.png Behrendt 221 Union Square and St. Francis note
behrendt_235.png behrendt_235_b.png Behrendt 235 Chinese Peddlers' Market note creased left
behrendt_238.png behrendt_238_b.png Behrendt 238 Valencia Hotel 04/10/1907 note note note dup stamp missing
behrendt_238a.png behrendt_238a_b.png Behrendt 238 Valencia Hotel note dup postmark year illegible; missing corner
behrendt_245.png behrendt_245_b.png Behrendt 245 Scene Golden Gate Park 06/22/1913 written in German
behrendt_549.png behrendt_549_b.png Behrendt 549 Chinese Joss House foxing
behrendt_250.png behrendt_250_b.png Behrendt 250 A Souvenir from the GG City part of multicard message
behrendt_298.png behrendt_298_b.png Behrendt 298 South from Cal. St. Hill 09/25/1906 note creased
behrendt_8275.png behrendt_8275_b.png Behrendt 8275 Ferry Building
behrendt_8277.png behrendt_8277_b.png Behrendt 8277 Parapet Sutro Heights note
behrendt_8291.png behrendt_8291_b.png Behrendt 8291 Street Scene in Chinatown 08/07/1909 note damaged back; stamp missing
behrendt_8294.png behrendt_8294_b.png Behrendt 8294 Call Building 08/16/1910
behrendt_8538.png behrendt_8538_b.png Behrendt 8538 Emporium 11/04/1909
behrendt_A33322.png behrendt_A33322_b.png Behrendt A-33322 Yacht Harbor P.P.I.E. note note
behrendt_u01.png behrendt_u01_b.png Behrendt Destruction of San Francisco folder; contents here
behrendt_u02.png behrendt_u02_b.png Behrendt Conservatory, GGP note
behrendt_u03.png behrendt_u03_b.png Behrendt Greetings from the GG City 12/19/1906 note embossed
benham_128.png benham_128_b.png Benham 128 Sing Chong Chinese Bazaar 04/09/1909 note
benham_1577.png benham_1577_b.png Benham 1577 Sing Fat Oriental Emporium 01/17/1911
bobs_1.png bobs_1_b.png Bobs If you're so damn smart Bob's Smorgasbord Steak House
bobs_2.png bobs_2_b.png Bobs Oh, boy! Smorgasbord! Bob's Smorgasbord Steak House
britton_401.png britton_401_b.png Britton & Rey 401 Cliff House and Seal Rocks note
britton_402.png britton_402_b.png Britton & Rey 402 GG and Fort Winfield Scott 05/15/1905 note corner tape repair by sender; bent
britton_430.png britton_430_b.png Britton & Rey 430 Mission Dolores 11/01/1905 note note dup Leuenberger/Nothomb set
britton_430a.png britton_430a_b.png Britton & Rey 430 Mission Dolores note dup corner album marks
britton_438.png britton_438_b.png Britton & Rey 438 Alvord Lake, GGP 02/27/1905
britton_442.png britton_442_b.png Britton & Rey 442 Sutro Baths note
britton_449.png britton_449_b.png Britton & Rey 449 Sunset in Golden Gate Park 04/07/1905 note
britton_454.png britton_454_b.png Britton & Rey 454 An Alley in Chinatown note dup
britton_454a.png britton_454a_b.png Britton & Rey 454 An Alley in Chinatown 05/12/1904 note dup stamp missing
britton_455.png britton_455_b.png Britton & Rey 455 'Wawona,' Big Tree
britton_456.png britton_456_b.png Britton & Rey 456 Dupont Street Chinatown 03/29/1904 note dup
britton_456a.png britton_456a_b.png Britton & Rey 456 Dupont and Clay Streets note dup
britton_457.png britton_457_b.png Britton & Rey 457 City Hall from Jefferson Square 08/19/1904 Panellier set
britton_458.png britton_458_b.png Britton & Rey 458 Union Ferry Depot note
britton_459.png britton_459_b.png Britton & Rey 459 The Chutes 10/12/1906 note
britton_465.png britton_465_b.png Britton & Rey 465 Sunset at the Golden Gate 09/06/1904 dup
britton_465a.png britton_465a_b.png Britton & Rey 465 Sunset at the Golden Gate 12/31/1906 dup
britton_466.png britton_466_b.png Britton & Rey 466 Panoramic View from Hopkins' note dup
britton_466a.png britton_466a_b.png Britton & Rey 466 Panoramic View from Hopkins' 09/17/1905 note dup
britton_467.png britton_467_b.png Britton & Rey 467 Ferry Boat leaving Oakland Slip note dup
britton_467a.png britton_467a_b.png Britton & Rey 467 Ferry Boat leaving Oakland slip 06/04/1905 dup
britton_469.png britton_469_b.png Britton & Rey 469 The Elks GGP 02/26/1906 Leuenberger/Nothomb set
britton_472.png britton_472_b.png Britton & Rey 472 Panoramic View from Call 12/18/1905
britton_473.png britton_473_b.png Britton & Rey 473 St. Francis Hotel/Union Square 02/dd/1905 note dated but not addressed/mailed
britton_476.png britton_476_b.png Britton & Rey 476 City Hall, Hall of Records 12/30/1904 note
britton_477.png britton_477_b.png Britton & Rey 477 Market and Post 08/28/1904 note dup Bliss set
britton_477a.png britton_477a_b.png Britton & Rey 477 Market and Post Streets 11/27/1904 note note dup
britton_478.png britton_478_b.png Britton & Rey 478 Chinese Custom of Carrying Ch. 01/15/1904 note note note back damaged (was glued into album); Berattos set
britton_481.png britton_481_b.png Britton & Rey 481 World Famous Court Palace note note mailed in Belgium; postmark year not printed; Radelet set
britton_483.png britton_483_b.png Britton & Rey 483 Sunday Afternoon in Midwinter 07/17/1905 stamp missing
britton_485.png britton_485_b.png Britton & Rey 485 Chinese Boot Mender note
britton_487.png britton_487_b.png Britton & Rey 487 Land's End dup
britton_487a.png britton_487a_b.png Britton & Rey 487 Land's End dup
britton_488.png britton_488_b.png Britton & Rey 488 Chinese Children Chinatown 02/06/1904 note
britton_490.png britton_490_b.png Britton & Rey 490 The Bow Knot, on Mt. Tam RR 03/31/1904
britton_491.png britton_491_b.png Britton & Rey 491 Chinese Actor Impersonating 02/16/1904 note note back damaged (was glued into album); Berattos set
britton_493.png britton_493_b.png Britton & Rey 493 Honeymoon of the Chinese 12/28/1903 note note left edge torn, back damaged (was glued into album); Berattos set
britton_496.png britton_496_b.png Britton & Rey 496 Panorama North from Call 11/26/1903 written in German; stamp missing
britton_497.png britton_497_b.png Britton & Rey 497 Cliff House and Seal Rocks note
britton_501.png britton_501_b.png Britton & Rey 501 Alcatraz Island 11/11/1905 note note Leuenberger/Nothomb set;
stock number covered by stamp
britton_503.png britton_503_b.png Britton & Rey 503 Claus Spreckles (Call) Building 09/05/1905
britton_505.png britton_505_b.png Britton & Rey 505 Main Driveway in GGP note
britton_506.png britton_506_b.png Britton & Rey 506 Japanese Tea Garden 11/08/1905 dup
britton_506a.png britton_506a_b.png Britton & Rey 506 Japanese Tea Garden dup
britton_507.png britton_507_b.png Britton & Rey 507 Market Street 03/30/1905 note Nothomb set
britton_512.png britton_512_b.png Britton & Rey 512 Chinese Opium Den note
britton_514.png britton_514_b.png Britton & Rey 514 Dupont St. / familiar Ch. char.
britton_516.png britton_516_b.png Britton & Rey 516 Chinese Theatre, 623 Jackson note note
britton_517.png britton_517_b.png Britton & Rey 517 Cliff House, Beach, Seal Rocks dup corner album marks
britton_517a.png britton_517a_b.png Britton & Rey 517 Cliff House, Beach, Seal Rocks 02/06/1904 note dup
britton_521.png britton_521_b.png Britton & Rey 521 Cliff House, Seal Rocks 05/24/1905 note dup
britton_521a.png britton_521a_b.png Britton & Rey 521 Cliff House, Seal Rocks 03/26/1906 dup dated but not addressed/mailed
britton_522.png britton_522_b.png Britton & Rey 522 World-Famous Seals on the Rocks note dup
britton_522a.png britton_522a_b.png Britton & Rey 522 World Famous Seals on the Rocks 07/22/1905 note dup
britton_522b.png britton_522b_b.png Britton & Rey 522 World famous Seal Rocks dup
britton_523.png britton_523_b.png Britton & Rey 523 Parapet of Sutro Heights note
britton_526.png britton_526_b.png Britton & Rey 526 Kearny St., looking South 08/17/1904 dup Panellier set
britton_526a.png britton_526a_b.png Britton & Rey 526 Kearny St., looking South dup
britton_529.png britton_529_b.png Britton & Rey 529 Stowe Lake note addressed but not mailed
britton_531.png britton_531_b.png Britton & Rey 531 Alvord Lake and Fountain 02/26/1904 note dup Bliss set
britton_531a.png britton_531a_b.png Britton & Rey 531 Alvord Lake and Fountain dup
britton_532.png britton_532_b.png Britton & Rey 532 Observatory on Strawberry Hill 11/06/1905 dated but not addressed/mailed
britton_533.png britton_533_b.png Britton & Rey 533 A Sunday Afternoon Concert
britton_538.png britton_538_b.png Britton & Rey 538 Chinese girls in holiday attire front image damaged; lower left corner folded
britton_540.png britton_540_b.png Britton & Rey 540 Chinese Fortune Teller note note tape repair lower right corner
britton_541.png britton_541_b.png Britton & Rey 541 Group of Chinese Children
britton_542.png britton_542_b.png Britton & Rey 542 Chinese Women and Children note
britton_544.png britton_544_b.png Britton & Rey 544 New Flood Building 04/11/1904
britton_545.png britton_545_b.png Britton & Rey 545 St. Francis Hotel, Union Sq. dup
britton_545a.png britton_545a_b.png Britton & Rey 545 St. Francis Hotel, Union Sq. mm/12/1904 note dup mailed in Belgium; postmark month not printed; Radelet set
britton_548.png britton_548_b.png Britton & Rey 548 Union Square Park note dup
britton_548a.png britton_548a_b.png Britton & Rey 548 Union Square Park 03/18/1905 note dup Bliss set
britton_549.png britton_549_b.png Britton & Rey 549 View from Union Square 10/28/1905 note note Janet set
britton_551.png britton_551_b.png Britton & Rey 551 Market and Kearny
britton_552.png britton_552_b.png Britton & Rey 552 Holiday Crowd on Ocean Beach 12/28/1905 note note note
britton_554.png britton_554_b.png Britton & Rey 554 Newspaper Row dup
britton_554a.png britton_554a_b.png Britton & Rey 554 Newspaper Row dup
britton_555.png britton_555_b.png Britton & Rey 555 Hall of Justice 01/01/1905
britton_556.png britton_556_b.png Britton & Rey 556 Hopkins Institute of Art
britton_558.png britton_558_b.png Britton & Rey 558 Huntington Falls GGP 03/10/1906 stamp missing
britton_561.png britton_561_b.png Britton & Rey 561 Chinese Merchants note
britton_563.png britton_563_b.png Britton & Rey 563 A Chinese Meat and Veg. Market 05/07/1905 note dup postmark on front illegible but written date
britton_563a.png britton_563a_b.png Britton & Rey 563 A Chinese Meat and Veg. Market dup addressed and stamped but not postmarked
britton_567.png britton_567_b.png Britton & Rey 567 Panorama of Mount Tamalpais top left corner damaged, stock number missing
britton_592.png britton_592_b.png Britton & Rey 592 Garden/Grounds Sutro Heights 02/22/1905 note note Janet set; stock number covered by stamp
britton_594.png britton_594_b.png Britton & Rey 594 Chinese Children Holiday Attire 01/23/1906 note
britton_614.png britton_614_b.png Britton & Rey 614 The Conservatory, GGP note
britton_615.png britton_615_b.png Britton & Rey 615 Children's Quarters, GGP 11/20/1905 upper right corner bent
britton_617.png britton_617_b.png Britton & Rey 617 Tennis Grounds GGP
britton_618.png britton_618_b.png Britton & Rey 618 Market Street from Kearny 07/28/1905
britton_637.png britton_637_b.png Britton & Rey 637 Evening View City Hall note
britton_731.png britton_731_b.png Britton & Rey 731 Diamond Palace 02/16/1906 note glitter; written/dated but not addressed/mailed
britton_1005.png britton_1005_b.png Britton & Rey 1005 Fort Winfield Scott note dup
britton_1005a.png britton_1005a_b.png Britton & Rey 1005 Fort Winfield Scott note dup
britton_1009.png britton_1009_b.png Britton & Rey 1009 Sunset at the Golden Gate postmark year illegible
britton_1011.png britton_1011_b.png Britton & Rey 1011 World Famous Seals / Seal Rocks note note dup
britton_1011a.png britton_1011a_b.png Britton & Rey 1011 Seals on the Rocks note note dup
britton_1011b.png britton_1011b_b.png Britton & Rey 1011 World Famous Seals / Seal Rocks note dup back was glued to album
britton_1018.png britton_1018_b.png Britton & Rey 1018 Aviary in GGP
britton_1021.png britton_1021_b.png Britton & Rey 1021 Music Stand, GGP 03/22/1909
britton_1022.png britton_1022_b.png Britton & Rey 1022 Evening View of Cliff House 01/31/1909
britton_1023.png britton_1023_b.png Britton & Rey 1023 The Chutes note
britton_1029.png britton_1029_b.png Britton & Rey 1029 View of Van Ness Avenue 04/29/1908
britton_1030.png britton_1030_b.png Britton & Rey 1030 The Cliff House Burning 10/11/1909 note addressee erased
britton_1031a.png britton_1031a_b.png Britton & Rey 1031 Comp. Dest. of Cliff House 05/18/1908 dup corner folds
britton_1031.png britton_1031_b.png Britton & Rey 1031 Comp. Dest. of Cliff House 11/04/1909 note note dup Glos set
britton_1032.png britton_1032_b.png Britton & Rey 1032 Union Ferry Depot
britton_1034.png britton_1034_b.png Britton & Rey 1034 Dutch Windmill, GGP 10/21/1908 note
britton_1035.png britton_1035_b.png Britton & Rey 1035 Holiday Crowd at Ocean Beach note
britton_1037.png britton_1037_b.png Britton & Rey 1037 Ocean Beach, Pavilion / Pier 08/20/1908
britton_1039.png britton_1039_b.png Britton & Rey 1039 Alvord Lake GGP pinhole damage top center
britton_1043.png britton_1043_b.png Britton & Rey 1043 The Parapet Observatory note
britton_1044.png britton_1044_b.png Britton & Rey 1044 Tennis Courts and Conservatory addressed but not mailed
britton_1051.png britton_1051_b.png Britton & Rey 1051 U.S. Transport Dock
britton_1069.png britton_1069_b.png Britton & Rey 1069 Chinese Boy in Oriental Costume corner album marks
britton_1083.png britton_1083_b.png Britton & Rey 1083 Fairmont Hotel / Mgmt. Palace note note dup
britton_1083a.png britton_1083a_b.png Britton & Rey 1083 Fairmont Hotel Nob Hill note dup back corners were glued
britton_1089.png britton_1089_b.png Britton & Rey 1089 Union Ferry Depot note
britton_1094.png britton_1094_b.png Britton & Rey 1094 The New Cliff House note
britton_1112.png britton_1112_b.png Britton & Rey 1112 Sun Dial in GGP note written but not addressed/mailed
britton_1137.png britton_1137_b.png Britton & Rey 1137 Chinese Reading Bulletins note
britton_4511.png britton_4511_b.png Britton & Rey 4511 Colton Hall Monterey
britton_4024.png britton_4024_b.png Britton & Rey 4024 Bathing Pavillion Santa Cruz 06/23/1910 written in shorthand
britton_5001.png britton_5001_b.png Britton & Rey 5001 French Hospital 07/02/1913
britton_5592.png britton_5592_b.png Britton & Rey 5592 Lower Market St. and Ferry
britton_9008.png britton_9008_b.png Britton & Rey 9008 Portola Festival 1909 10/21/1909 note note note dup blue lettering; Killion set
britton_9008a.png britton_9008a_b.png Britton & Rey 9008 Portola Festival 1910 note dup Taft toast front
britton_9008b.png britton_9008b_b.png Britton & Rey 9008 Portola Festival 1909 09/18/1909 dup red lettering; stamp missing
britton_9009.png britton_9009_b.png Britton & Rey 9009 A View of Union Square note
britton_9010.png britton_9010_b.png Britton & Rey 9010 Night Scene on Market 10/16/1909 note dup
britton_9010a.png britton_9010a_b.png Britton & Rey 9010 Night Scene on Market dup
britton_9011.png britton_9011_b.png Britton & Rey 9011 Portola Festival note note glitter
britton_9012.png britton_9012_b.png Britton & Rey 9012 The Cliff House note note
britton_9013.png britton_9013_b.png Britton & Rey 9013 GG and Fort Point note note
britton_9015.png britton_9015_b.png Britton & Rey 9015 The Golden Gate at Night note
britton_u01.png britton_u01_b.png Britton & Rey Sing Chong Co. Inc. note
britton_u02.png britton_u02_b.png Britton & Rey Hotel St. Francis note dup postcard year illegible
britton_u02a.png britton_u02a_b.png Britton & Rey Hotel St. Francis dup
britton_u03.png britton_u03_b.png Britton & Rey Col. Andrews Diamond Palace note glitter; oversized 5.5x3.75
britton_u04.png britton_u04_b.png Britton & Rey Hotel Stewart, Dining Room 03/15/1910
britton_u05.png britton_u05_b.png Britton & Rey Hotel St. Francis Union Sq. 10/23/1908 dup stamp missing
britton_u05a.png britton_u05a_b.png Britton & Rey Hotel St. Francis Union Sq. 10/03/1908 dup
britton_u06.png britton_u06_b.png Britton & Rey Bismarck Cafe, Dining Room note
britton_u07.png britton_u07_b.png Britton & Rey Palace Hotel Reopens 07/20/1909 note
buedingen_2205.png buedingen_2205_b.png Buedingen 2205 Cliff House 08/27/1903 note
ca_sales_328.png ca_sales_328_b.png California Sales 328 The Conservatory 01/11/1911 sepia
cal_pic_78297.png cal_pic_78297_b.png Cal-Pictures 78297 The Golden Pavilion note
capper_u01.png capper_u01_b.png Capper City Hall
cardinell_001.png cardinell_001_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 1 Street Scene, Chinatown note
cardinell_018.png cardinell_018_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 18 Islam Temple
cardinell_055.png cardinell_055_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 55 Evening Hour at the Ferry Bldg. note
cardinell_058.png cardinell_058_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 58 Aeroplane View of Busi. Dist. note
cardinell_152.png cardinell_152_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 152 Hotel St. Francis
cardinell_400.png cardinell_400_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 400 Cliff House note note
cardinell_593.png cardinell_593_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 593 San Francisco From The Bay note note sepia
cardinell_600.png cardinell_600_b.png Cardinell-Vincent S.F. 600 Mission Dolores note sepia
cardinell_604.png cardinell_604_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 604 Stow Lake sepia
cardinell_613.png cardinell_613_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 613 Music Stand, GGP sepia
cardinell_1011.png cardinell_1011_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 1011 World Famed Seal Rocks note PPIE seal
cardinell_1034.png cardinell_1034_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 1034 Dutch Windmill, GGP note
cardinell_1199.png cardinell_1199_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 1199 A Safety Station on Market St. PPIE seal
cardinell_1202.png cardinell_1202_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 1202 Palm Avenue, Sutro Heights note PPIE seal on back
cardinell_1567.png cardinell_1567_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 1567 Ocean Beach from Cliff House note PPIE seal
cardinell_5006.png cardinell_5006_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 5006 The Court of Palms PPIE seal
cardinell_5007.png cardinell_5007_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 5007 A view of the Cliff House 09/26/1908 note
cardinell_5037.png cardinell_5037_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 5037 Chinese slave nurse girl
cardinell_5615.png cardinell_5615_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 5615 Union Ferry Depot note
cardinell_5619.png cardinell_5619_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 5619 Calvary Church
cardinell_6019.png cardinell_6019_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 6019 Driveway leading to Music Stand
cardinell_6024.png cardinell_6024_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 6024 Third Street Looking North
cardinell_ppie.png cardinell_ppie_b.png Candinell-Vincent Panama-Pacific Int. Expo. 1915 20 card set; wrapper in poor condition; contents here
cardinell_u01.png cardinell_u01_b.png Cardinell-Vincent Japanese Tea Garden sepia
cardinell_u02.png cardinell_u02_b.png Cardinell-Vincent Panama-Pacific Int. Exposition 11/22/1910 note note note Glos set; PPIE seal; litho. Britton & Rey
cardinell_u03.png cardinell_u03_b.png Cardinell-Vincent The Inside Inn 08/01/1915 note PPIE seal; PPIE cancellation
cardinell_u05.png cardinell_u05_b.png Cardinell-Vincent Electric Tower San Jose
cardinell_u06.png cardinell_u06_b.png Cardinell-Vincent Hotel Argonaut 06/19/1914 note
charlton_029.png charlton_029_b.png Charlton 29 Museum, GGP addressed but not mailed; discoloration above museum
charlton_032.png charlton_032_b.png Charlton 32 Union Ferry Depot note note
charlton_200.png charlton_200_b.png Charlton 200 Washington Street Oakland 03/14/1908 note note
charlton_210.png charlton_210_b.png Charlton 210 Chinese Women at Sutro Heights note glitter
charlton_262.png charlton_262_b.png Charlton 262 Palm Avenue, Sutro Heights 07/13/1907 note note
charlton_379.png charlton_379_b.png Charlton 379 Joaquin Miller note written but not addressed/mailed
charlton_u01.png charlton_u01_b.png Charlton Valencia Hotel 05/29/1906 note note
charlton_u02.png charlton_u02_b.png Charlton Panoramic View Looking SE 02/24/1905 note note stamp missing
charlton_u03.png charlton_u03_b.png Charlton Parapet at Sutro's Heights note note signed but not addressed/mailed
charlton_u04.png charlton_u04_b.png Charlton Palace Hotel 04/23/1906 note note note
charlton_u05.png charlton_u05_b.png Charlton The Chutes 11/28/1905 note note
charlton_u06.png charlton_u06_b.png Charlton Fort Point and Golden Gate 11/09/1905 note
charlton_u07.png charlton_u07_b.png Charlton Cliff House and Seal Rocks front staining
charlton_u08.png charlton_u08_b.png Charlton Cliff House from Sutro Heights
charlton_u09.png charlton_u09_b.png Charlton Mark Hopkins Institute of Art
charlton_u10.png charlton_u10_b.png Charlton New Flood Building 04/20/1906 note note
clements_1237.png clements_1237_b.png Clements 1237 Union Square note
clements_C4065.png clements_C4065_b.png Clements C4065 San Francisco Chinatown note dup
clements_C4065a.png clements_C4065a_b.png Clements C4065 San Francisco Chinatown dup
clements_C9124.png clements_C9124_b.png Clements C9124 World Trade Center/Ferry Bldg.
clements_C16610.png clements_C16610_b.png Clements C16610 Chinatown Food Shop
clements_C16750.png clements_C16750_b.png Clements C16750 Chinatown note
cliff_house_03.png cliff_house_03_b.png Cliff House CH-3 Sky Tram Entering Terminal
cliff_house_u01.png cliff_house_u01_b.png Cliff House The Cliff House note note
cook_410.png cook_410_b.png Cook & Cook 410 Key Route Ferry Slip note written but not addressed/mailed
crocker_66370.png crocker_66370_b.png Crocker 66370 Court of Reflections
crocker_A18.png crocker_A18_b.png Crocker A18 Rich Lighting Effects
crocker_B01.png crocker_B01_b.png Crocker B-1 Grant Avenue note dup
crocker_B01a.png crocker_B01a_b.png Crocker B-1 Grant Avenue dup
crocker_C04.png crocker_C04_b.png Crocker C-4 Treasure Island note
crocker_C14.png crocker_C14_b.png Crocker C-14 Temple Compound note
crocker_C16.png crocker_C16_b.png Crocker C-16 Triumphal Arch, GGIE
crocker_C21.png crocker_C21_b.png Crocker C-21 Court of Reflections, GGIE
crocker_C29.png crocker_C29_b.png Crocker C-29 California Buildings 10/26/1939 note set Crocker C-29/C-30/C-31
crocker_C30.png crocker_C30_b.png Crocker C-30 Elephant Train 10/27/1939 note set Crocker C-29/C-30/C-31
crocker_C31.png crocker_C31_b.png Crocker C-31 Swan Boats on Medial Lake 10/26/1939 note set Crocker C-29/C-30/C-31
crocker_u01.png crocker_u01_b.png Crocker Result of Earthquake in St. note
crocker_u02.png crocker_u02_b.png Crocker James Flood Building 11/19/1908 stamp on front
crocker_u03.png crocker_u03_b.png Crocker Palm Avenue, Sutro Heights 05/15/190? note postmark year missing
crocker_u04.png crocker_u04_b.png Crocker World's First Fly-in Hotel
curteich_110631.png curteich_110631_b.png Curteich 110631 Grand View Tea Garden 07/09/1929 note
curteich_2A539.png curteich_2A539_b.png Curteich 2A539 At the End of the Trail 05/23/1932 note
curteich_A33520.png curteich_A33520_b.png Curteich A-33520 Barbary Coast by Night 08/31/1915 PPIE cancellation
curteich_A33567.png curteich_A33567_b.png Curteich A-33567 Chinese Fruit Store note
curteich_A49344.png curteich_A49344_b.png Curteich A-49344 Seals On Seal Rock note Van Noy Interstate Co. logo
curteich_6AH1646.png curteich_6AH1646_b.png Curteich 6A-H1646 Palace Hotel / GGIE 10/25/1939 GGIE
curteich_H1978.png curteich_H1978_b.png Curteich 6A-H1978 Army and Navy Y.M.C.A. 01/26/1945
curteich_H2854.png curteich_H2854_b.png Curteich 7A-H2854 Golden State Hotel deckled edges
curteich_9AH241.png curteich_9AH241_b.png Curteich 9A-H241 Shanghai Low note
curteich_9AH728.png curteich_9AH728_b.png Curteich 9A-H728 1939 World's Fair Cake note
detroit_173.png detroit_173_b.png Detroit 173 Monterey Old Mission Chapel 08/10/1901 note written in French (but mailed to Italy); stamp on front
detroit_5275.png detroit_5275_b.png Detroit 5275 Union Square 08/15/1902 note Bliss set
detroit_5655.png detroit_5655_b.png Detroit 5655 Mission Dolores dup
detroit_5655a.png detroit_5655a_b.png Detroit 5655 Mission Dolores 04/23/1903 note note note dup Unmailed set; stamped/postmarked but not written/addressed
detroit_5655b.png detroit_5655b_b.png Detroit 5655 Mission Dolores dup
detroit_5656.png detroit_5656_b.png Detroit 5656 Palace Hotel / Lotta Fountain 08/07/1902 note
detroit_5862.png detroit_5862_b.png Detroit 5862 California Street Hill 07/02/1902 note note dup Bliss set
detroit_5862a.png detroit_5862a_b.png Detroit 5862 California Street Hill 01/16/1903 note dup Bliss set
detroit_6120.png detroit_6120_b.png Detroit 6120 San Francisco Bay 01/22/1903 note Bliss set
detroit_7212.png detroit_7212_b.png Detroit 7212 Chinese Joss House corner album marks
detroit_7321.png detroit_7321_b.png Detroit 7321 Golden Gate taped at top; tear at bottom edge
detroit_7322.png detroit_7322_b.png Detroit 7322 Golden Gate
detroit_8113.png detroit_8113_b.png Detroit 8113 Call Building
detroit_8115.png detroit_8115_b.png Detroit 8115 The Court, Palace Hotel note
detroit_8117.png detroit_8117_b.png Detroit 8117 Mission Dolores note top left corner missing
detroit_8122.png detroit_8122_b.png Detroit 8122 Japanese Tea Garden, GGP
detroit_8128.png detroit_8128_b.png Detroit 8128 Fishermen's Wharf
detroit_8132.png detroit_8132_b.png Detroit 8132 Children of Chinatown
detroit_8579.png detroit_8579_b.png Detroit 8579 SF and Bay 11/09/1905 stamp missing
detroit_8583.png detroit_8583_b.png Detroit 8583 Mission Dolores note
detroit_9651.png detroit_9651_b.png Detroit 9651 First House built of Lumber 12/10/1906 top left corner bent
dickenson_1.png dickenson_1_b.png Dickenson & Scott Crocker Safe Deposit Vaults 05/01/1911 note
doolittle_u1.png doolittle_u1_b.png Doolittle Ruins of Marie Antoinette Hotel [reproduction?]
doolittle_u2.png doolittle_u2_b.png Doolittle Effect of the quake / Mission surface blemish right front
doolittle_u3.png doolittle_u3_b.png Doolittle View of Market St. / Spreckels surface blemish right front
douglass_u1.png douglass_u1_b.png Douglass Y.M.C.A. Headquarters 02/01/1907
douglass_u3.png douglass_u3_b.png Douglass SF Disaster by Quake and Fire
el_prado.png el_prado_b.png El Prado El Prado 4x6 folding diecut card; contents here
exposition_u01.png exposition_u01_b.png Exposition Publishing California Welcomes the World note
fairmont.png fairmont_b.png Fairmont The Tonga Room 10/06/1951 note note note
fairmont_02.png fairmont_02_b.png Fairmont [Tonga Room] 07/07/1965 note note note
fairmont_03.png fairmont_03_b.png Fairmont Fairmont Hotel and Tower note note
four_seas_01.png four_seas_01_b.png Four Seas Four Seas note
galloway_05.png galloway_05_b.png Galloway 5 Panorama 08/29/1905 note dup
galloway_05a.png galloway_05a_b.png Galloway 5 Panorama dup taped at top and bottom
galloway_09.png galloway_09_b.png Galloway 9 Ferry Building 08/26/1905 note
galloway_20.png galloway_20_b.png Galloway 20 Hotel St. Francis/Dewey Monu. 11/28/1905 note
galloway_27.png galloway_27_b.png Galloway 27 Ferry Depot glitter around tower
galloway_30.png galloway_30_b.png Galloway 30 Music Stand, GGP 01/19/1906
galloway_33.png galloway_33_b.png Galloway 33 Seal Rocks, showing seals 05/01/1906 note diagonal crease lower right
gannett_u1.png gannett_u1_b.png Gannett Burning of San Francisco
gilboy_23.png gilboy_23_b.png Gilboy 23 Chinatown 10/16/1941 note note Moulin photo
goldsmith_21.png goldsmith_21_b.png Goldsmith 21 Union Square and Dewey Monument note sepia
gruber_u01.png gruber_u01_b.png Gruber City Hall note on heavy stock; post-quake but PMC back
hearst_u1.png hearst_u1_b.png Hearst Tent Encampment of Refugees 08/02/1906 note
heidelberg_01.png heidelberg_01_b.png Heidelberg Inn Heidelberg Inn note note postmark year illegible
heidelberg_02.png heidelberg_02_b.png Heidelberg Inn A Weisswurst und a Moasel Bier note note
heidelberg_03.png heidelberg_03_b.png Heidelberg Inn Wer wird nach uns kommen? 12/03/1911 note note dup PPIE cancellation
heidelberg_03a.png heidelberg_03a_b.png Heidelberg Inn Wer wird nach uns kommen? dup press of Hanson Co. SF
heidelberg_04.png heidelberg_04_b.png Heidelberg Inn Drah'n mir um note
heidelberg_05.png heidelberg_05_b.png Heidelberg Inn Ja das haben... note
heidelberg_06.png heidelberg_06_b.png Heidelberg Inn Mir san mir note cf. Hof-bräu
heidelberg_07.png heidelberg_07_b.png Heidelberg Inn Jetzt sind wir die Jungen note
heidelberg_09.png heidelberg_09_b.png Heidelberg Inn Karl Heinrich - zwei Namen! note
heidelberg_10.png heidelberg_10_b.png Heidelberg Inn Ein Walzertraum note
heidelberg_11.png heidelberg_11_b.png Heidelberg Inn Jo, mir san zünfti 01/05/1917 note message in German script
hodson_01.png hodson_01_b.png Hodson City Hall 07/25/1907 note Bastiaensen set
hodson_02.png hodson_02_b.png Hodson Emporium and Flood Buildings 07/25/1907 note Bastiaensen set
hodson_03.png hodson_03_b.png Hodson Fischer's Theatre. Alcazar 07/25/1907 note Bastiaensen set
hodson_04.png hodson_04_b.png Hodson Olympic Club 07/25/1907 note Bastiaensen set
hodson_05.png hodson_05_b.png Hodson Pacific Mutual and Union League 07/25/1907 note Bastiaensen set
hofbrau_1.png hofbrau_1_b.png Hof-Bräu Lieb mich 10/22/1915 note
hofbrau_2.png hofbrau_2_b.png Hof-Bräu Kind Du kannst tanzen note
hofbrau_3.png hofbrau_3_b.png Hof-Bräu Hof-Bräu Cafe
hofbrau_4.png hofbrau_4_b.png Hof-Bräu Wenn Würste und Schinken note
hofbrau_5.png hofbrau_5_b.png Hof-Bräu Mir san mir note cf. Heidelberg Inn
hofbrau_6.png hofbrau_6_b.png Hof-Bräu Hof-Bräu Cafe
hooper_u01.png hooper_u01_b.png Hooper This town is striking
huld_5001.png huld_5001_b.png Huld 5001 The San Francisco Disaster 05/13/1906
judge_u1.png judge_u1_b.png Judge Market and Valencia note smaller format; addressed but never mailed;
actually Market/Guerrero
judge_u2.png judge_u2_b.png Judge San Francisco Burning 04/10/1907 note smaller format
kashower_16.png kashower_16_b.png Kashower 16 To Wish You a Merry Christmas 12/11/1923 stamp missing
kendall_3.png kendall_3_b.png Kendall 3 Business Section in Flames 05/18/1906
kendall_7.png kendall_7_b.png Kendall 7 Street after the Earthquake
king.png king_b.png King Bros. Howard and 18th Streets
king2.png king2_b.png King Bros. The starting of the fire note water damage top third
koeber_4242.png koeber_4242_b.png Koeber 4242 Cliff House and Seal Rocks
koeber_4341.png koeber_4341_b.png Koeber 4341 Interior of Union Ferry Bldg.
kropp_0030.png kropp_0030_b.png Kropp 30 Chinatown note
kropp_0032.png kropp_0032_b.png Kropp 32 Dragon Dance in Chinatown note
kropp_2093.png kropp_2093_b.png Kropp 2093 Hopkins Art Institute
kropp_2223.png kropp_2223_b.png Kropp 2223 New Fairmont Hotel 08/17/1906 note note Streicher set
kropp_2224.png kropp_2224_b.png Kropp 2244 Looking toward Market St. 07/12/1906 slight crease at center
kropp_2225.png kropp_2225_b.png Kropp 2225 Hamilton Hotel / Flood Building 08/08/1906 note note Streicher set
kropp_2227.png kropp_2227_b.png Kropp 2227 Ruins of Chinatown
kropp_2228.png kropp_2228_b.png Kropp 2228 Famous Olympic Club 08/22/1906
kropp_2229.png kropp_2229_b.png Kropp 2229 Wash. St. near Custom House 10/04/1906 note Streicher set
kropp_2230.png kropp_2230_b.png Kropp 2230 Grace Church After the Fire dup
kropp_2230a.png kropp_2230a_b.png Kropp 2230 Grace Church 07/23/1906 note note dup Streicher set
kropp_2232.png kropp_2232_b.png Kropp 2232 City Hall, from Larkin 09/01/1906 note Streicher set
kropp_2233.png kropp_2233_b.png Kropp 2233 Ferry Bldg. from Drum Street not stamped/mailed
kropp_2234.png kropp_2234_b.png Kropp 2234 Mem. Chapel Stanford Univ.
kropp_11830.png kropp_11830_b.png Kropp 11830 Bernstein's Fish Grotto
kropp_14929.png kropp_14929_b.png Kropp 14929 Hotel St. Francis 07/03/1934 note stamp missing
kropp_27651.png kropp_27651_b.png Kropp 27651 The Whitcomb Hotel
lionell_u1.png lionell_u1_b.png Lionell Monte Carlo Glo-Room
livingston_102.png livingston_102_b.png Livingston 102 A Quartette from Chinatown note
livingston_105.png livingston_105_b.png Livingston 105 Fort Point and Golden Gate 04/24/1900 note note dated/addressed but not postmarked; stamp missing
longshaw_04.png longshaw_04_b.png Longshaw SF 4 Grant Avenue in Chinatown 12/09/1949 note note
longshaw_05.png longshaw_05_b.png Longshaw SF 5 Crab Pots on Fisherman's Wharf
mark_hopkins_1.png mark_hopkins_1_b.png Mark Hopkins Top of the Mark note
mark_hopkins_2.png mark_hopkins_2_b.png Mark Hopkins Top of the Mark note
miner_1.png miner_1_b.png Miner The States Restaurant note
mitchell_001.png mitchell_001_b.png Mitchell 1 Market Street, E of Lotta's
mitchell_002.png mitchell_002_b.png Mitchell 2 Seals on Seal Rocks note dup Taber photo
mitchell_002a.png mitchell_002a_b.png Mitchell 2 Seals on Seal Rocks note dup Taber photo
mitchell_002b.png mitchell_002b_b.png Mitchell 2 Seals on Seal Rocks note dup
mitchell_002c.png mitchell_002c_b.png Mitchell 2 Seals on Seal Rocks note dup written but not addressed/mailed
mitchell_024.png mitchell_024_b.png Mitchell 24 Great Chinese Dragon 04/06/1905 note
mitchell_028pmc.png mitchell_028pmc_b.png Mitchell 28 Mission Dolores 06/10/1902 note note
mitchell_028.png mitchell_028_b.png Mitchell SF 28 Buffalo, GGP
mitchell_029.png mitchell_029_b.png Mitchell 29 Museum, GGP
mitchell_030.png mitchell_030_b.png Mitchell 30 Sutro Baths and Cliff House note dup unrelated to Mitchell PMC 30
mitchell_030a.png mitchell_030a_b.png Mitchell 30 Sutro Baths and Cliff House note dup lower right corner slightly bent
mitchell_030b.png mitchell_030b_b.png Mitchell 30 Fort Point and Golden Gate note note dup unrelated to later Mitchell 30
mitchell_030c.png mitchell_030c_b.png Mitchell 30 Fort Point / Golden Gate 04/17/1906 note dup written/postmarked on day before earthquake;
unrelated to later Mitchell 30
mitchell_031.png mitchell_031_b.png Mitchell 31 Group of Chinese Children
mitchell_032.png mitchell_032_b.png Mitchell 32 Union Ferry Depot note dup differs from other Mitchell 32
mitchell_032a.png mitchell_032a_b.png Mitchell 32 Union Ferry Depot dup differs from other Mitchell 32
mitchell_034.png mitchell_034_b.png Mitchell 34 Claus Spreckles Building 09/07/1905 note
mitchell_037.png mitchell_037_b.png Mitchell 37 Conservatory, GGP 12/30/1908 dup
mitchell_037a.png mitchell_037a_b.png Mitchell 37 Conservatory at GGP note dup postmark year blacked out
mitchell_040.png mitchell_040_b.png Mitchell 40 Cliff House and Ocean Beach note note dup different than later Mitchell 40; back was glued to album
mitchell_040a.png mitchell_040a_b.png Mitchell 40 Cliff House and Beach 01/12/1916 note note dup different than earlier Mitchell 40
mitchell_040b.png mitchell_040b_b.png Mitchell 40 Cliff House and Beach 07/20/1908 note note dup different than other Mitchell 40s
mitchell_040c.png mitchell_040c_b.png Mitchell 40 Cliff House and Seal Rocks 10/16/1905 note dup
mitchell_040d.png mitchell_040d_b.png Mitchell 40 Cliff House and Seal Rocks 11/03/1903 note note dup stamp on front
mitchell_040e.png mitchell_040e_b.png Mitchell 40 Cliff House and Beach note note dup
mitchell_040f.png mitchell_040f_b.png Mitchell 40 Cliff House and Seal Rocks 05/22/1903 note
mitchell_043.png mitchell_043_b.png Mitchell 43 Native Sons Monument
mitchell_044.png mitchell_044_b.png Mitchell 44 Palm Avenue Sutro Heights note note
mitchell_049.png mitchell_049_b.png Mitchell 49 Palace Hotel 10/03/1904 note
mitchell_050.png mitchell_050_b.png Mitchell 50 Cliff House and Beach note note
mitchell_053.png mitchell_053_b.png Mitchell 53 Mission Dolores 05/01/1902 note note Coelho set
mitchell_054.png mitchell_054_b.png Mitchell 54 City Hall and General View 07/09/1904
mitchell_055pmc.png mitchell_055pmc_b.png Mitchell 55 Seal Rocks near Cliff House note
mitchell_055.png mitchell_055_b.png Mitchell 55 Cliff House 12/03/1901 note note note Schwedler set
mitchell_056.png mitchell_056_b.png Mitchell 56 Chinese Children note
mitchell_058.png mitchell_058_b.png Mitchell 58 Emporium and Parrott Building 09/04/1902 written in French;
postmark hard to read but dated on front
mitchell_061.png mitchell_061_b.png Mitchell 61 Strawberry Hill and Stow Lake 05/dd/1902 note written in Kurrent and dated but not addressed/mailed;
earliest non-PMC; no publisher but Mitchell quill/ribbon
mitchell_072.png mitchell_072_b.png Mitchell 72 Hotel del Coronado 01/20/1908 stamp missing; top left corner missing
mitchell_093.png mitchell_093_b.png Mitchell 93 Beach from Cliff House
mitchell_100.png mitchell_100_b.png Mitchell 100 O'Farrell W from Stockton 07/22/1906 address erased
mitchell_103.png mitchell_103_b.png Mitchell 103 Ellis Street East from Larkin note
mitchell_107pmc.png mitchell_107pmc_b.png Mitchell 107 The Golden Gate 12/03/1901 note note differs from Mitchell non-PMC 107; Schwedler set
mitchell_107.png mitchell_107_b.png Mitchell 107 Sunset on the Golden Gate
mitchell_108pmc.png mitchell_108pmc_b.png Mitchell 108 Bunch of California Grapes
mitchell_108.png mitchell_108_b.png Mitchell 108 Market and Fifth Streets water damage top third
mitchell_133.png mitchell_133_b.png Mitchell 133 Post Office dup
mitchell_133a.png mitchell_133a_b.png Mitchell 133 Post Office dup
mitchell_135.png mitchell_135_b.png Mitchell 135 Sutro Baths dup
mitchell_135a.png mitchell_135a_b.png Mitchell 135 Sutro Baths 12/02/1902 note note dup Bliss set
mitchell_135b.png mitchell_135b_b.png Mitchell 135 Sutro Baths 12/01/1902 note dup Bliss set
mitchell_135c.png mitchell_135c_b.png Mitchell 135 Interior, Sutro Baths 12/14/1918 note dup
mitchell_146.png mitchell_146_b.png Mitchell 146 Market St. / Pragers / Hibernia 12/09/1906 unevenly trimmed
mitchell_158.png mitchell_158_b.png Mitchell 158 Cliff House
mitchell_159.png mitchell_159_b.png Mitchell 159 Interior of Chinese Joss House 06/24/1903 note
mitchell_160.png mitchell_160_b.png Mitchell 160 Monterey Old Custom House 07/26/1902 note Bliss set
mitchell_210.png mitchell_210_b.png Mitchell 210 Chinese Women at Sutro Heights note note dup
mitchell_210a.png mitchell_210a_b.png Mitchell 210 Chinese Women at Sutro Heights 03/15/1909 note dup stamp missing; top corners repaired
mitchell_210b.png mitchell_210b_b.png Mitchell 210 Chinese Women at Sutro Heights 12/03/1909 note dup stamp missing
mitchell_210c.png mitchell_210c_b.png Mitchell 210 Chinese Women at Sutro Heights 05/14/1907 note dup
mitchell_246.png mitchell_246_b.png Mitchell 246 Parapet at Sutro Heights 10/21/1907 note back flipped 180 vs. front
mitchell_248.png mitchell_248_b.png Mitchell 248 Parapet at Sutro Heights 09/07/1904 note
mitchell_262.png mitchell_262_b.png Mitchell 262 Palm Avenue Sutro Heights note note
mitchell_293.png mitchell_293_b.png Mitchell 293 California Street Hill note
mitchell_308.png mitchell_308_b.png Mitchell 308 Hotel St. Francis note
mitchell_322.png mitchell_322_b.png Mitchell 322 Chinese Native Sons 10/06/1905 scratch on front
mitchell_337.png mitchell_337_b.png Mitchell 337 Broadway, Oakland
mitchell_372.png mitchell_372_b.png Mitchell 372 Chinese Theatrical Troupe note
mitchell_373.png mitchell_373_b.png Mitchell 373 Entrance to Sutro Baths note
mitchell_374.png mitchell_374_b.png Mitchell 374 California Hotel note
mitchell_380.png mitchell_380_b.png Mitchell 380 Fort Point and Golden Gate 12/18/1912
mitchell_385.png mitchell_385_b.png Mitchell 385 Mission High School 07/27/1916 dup
mitchell_385a.png mitchell_385a_b.png Mitchell 385 Mission High School 11/27/1908 dup
mitchell_433.png mitchell_433_b.png Mitchell 433 Palo Alto Tree
mitchell_479.png mitchell_479_b.png Mitchell 479 Ferry Building at night
mitchell_1229.png mitchell_1229_b.png Mitchell 1229 Flood Building 12/03/1908
mitchell_1231.png mitchell_1231_b.png Mitchell 1231 St. Mary's Cathedral 12/19/1908
mitchell_1266.png mitchell_1266_b.png Mitchell 1266 Lands End 06/18/1914 note dup
mitchell_1266a.png mitchell_1266a_b.png Mitchell 1266 Lands End note dup
mitchell_1647.png mitchell_1647_b.png Mitchell 1647 Bulletin Board, Chinatown note
mitchell_1779.png mitchell_1779_b.png Mitchell 1779 California Street Hill 08/20/1910 note note
mitchell_1845.png mitchell_1845_b.png Mitchell 1845 Interior of a Chinese Store note small tear upper right
mitchell_2081.png mitchell_2081_b.png Mitchell 2081 Ocean Beach from Cliff House note corner album marks
mitchell_2085.png mitchell_2085_b.png Mitchell 2085 Tennis Court GGP 03/31/1911
mitchell_2092.png mitchell_2092_b.png Mitchell 2092 In the Days of '49 © 1909
mitchell_2101.png mitchell_2101_b.png Mitchell 2101 Market St. east from Powell corner album marks
mitchell_2178.png mitchell_2178_b.png Mitchell 2178 Sun Dial near Museum note
mitchell_2180.png mitchell_2180_b.png Mitchell 2180 Union Ferry Depot note note minor staining back top left
mitchell_2497.png mitchell_2497_b.png Mitchell 2497 Eureka High School
mitchell_2701.png mitchell_2701_b.png Mitchell 2701 Ocean Boulevard
mitchell_2704.png mitchell_2704_b.png Mitchell 2704 Lurline Baths
mitchell_2992.png mitchell_2992_b.png Mitchell 2992 Stone Bridge at Stow Lake
mitchell_4037.png mitchell_4037_b.png Mitchell 4037 Oregon State Building
mitchell_4056.png mitchell_4056_b.png Mitchell 4056 The Great Scintillator
mitchell_4314.png mitchell_4314_b.png Mitchell 4314 SF from big guns of Dreadnaught
mitchell_5001.png mitchell_5001_b.png Mitchell 5001 Night Illumination Scintillator PPIE seal
mitchell_5010.png mitchell_5010_b.png Mitchell 5010 Arch of the Rising Sun PPIE seal
mitchell_5017.png mitchell_5017_b.png Mitchell 5017 Fairmount Hotel 12/16/1905 note
mitchell_expo_1.png mitchell_expo_1_b.png Mitchell Panama Pacific Int. Exposition 10/16/1911 note note sepia; embossed; PPIE seal; PPIE cancellation
mitchell_u01.png mitchell_u01_b.png Mitchell Portola Festival 1909 09/28/1909 note note dup
mitchell_u01a.png mitchell_u01a_b.png Mitchell Portola Festival 1909 dup
mitchell_u02.png mitchell_u02_b.png Mitchell Admission Day 1910 Festival 09/05/1910 note note written in Kurrent; Killion set
mitchell_u03.png mitchell_u03_b.png Mitchell Portola Festival 10/12/1909 note note
mitchell_u04.png mitchell_u04_b.png Mitchell Admission Day 1910 Festival 09/06/1910 note Bear sighting!
mitchell_u05.png mitchell_u05_b.png Mitchell California Hotel note album corner marks
mitchell_u06.png mitchell_u06_b.png Mitchell Cliff House and GGP 12/30/1901 note note written in German script; light creases
mitchell_u07.png mitchell_u07_b.png Mitchell 74 Four Little Tots 04/01/1902 note stamp missing; bent at center
mitchell_u08.png mitchell_u08_b.png Mitchell The California Hotel 06/06/1902 note note
mitchell_u09.png mitchell_u09_b.png Mitchell Greetings from San Francisco 07/22/1899 note note earliest PMC; stamp missing
mitchell_u10.png mitchell_u10_b.png Mitchell A Glimpse of Chinatown note
mitchell_u11.png mitchell_u11_b.png Mitchell California Invites the World 09/30/1912 note note PPIE cancellation
mitchell_u12.png mitchell_u12_b.png Mitchell Ferry Boat Approaching SF note
mitchell_u13.png mitchell_u13_b.png Mitchell Admission Day 1910 Festival 09/16/1910 note cancelled but no stamp
mitchell_u14.png mitchell_u14_b.png Mitchell Goethe-Schiller Monument 05/26/1902 note Bliss set
mitchell_u15.png mitchell_u15_b.png Mitchell Admission Day 1910 Festival note PPIE seal
mitchell_u16.png mitchell_u16_b.png Mitchell Youths Directory
modern_litho_9.png modern_litho_9_b.png Modern Lithograph 9 Chinatown note
moulin_01.png moulin_01_b.png Moulin Skyline from Bridge 07/09/1939 note photo © 1934
muir_woods_33.png muir_woods_33_b.png Muir Woods Inn SF-33 Chinatown at Night note
muller_001.png muller_001_b.png Müller 1 Ferry Building worn spot lower right
muller_006.png muller_006_b.png Müller 6 Spreckles Building 02/02/1906 note
muller_512.png muller_512_b.png Müller 512 Goethe-Schiller Monument 03/28/1907 dated but not addressed/mailed
muller_514.png muller_514_b.png Müller 514 Chinese Joss House note
muller_531.png muller_531_b.png Müller 531 Parapet, Sutro Heights note
national_D102.png national_D102_b.png National Color D102 Chinatown note
newman_M001.png newman_M001_b.png Newman M-1 A Midnight Storm/Santa Barbara
newman_V006.png newman_V006_b.png Newman V6 Bear Pit at GGP 02/15/1912 PPIE cancellation
newman_V101.png newman_V101_b.png Newman V101 Laying the Pacific Cable note note
newman_V102.png newman_V102_b.png Newman V102 Cliff House and Beach dup 'Tamal pass' should read 'Tamalpais'; unrelated to other Newman V102
newman_V102a.png newman_V102a_b.png Newman V102 Hotel St. Francis at Night 11/16/1913 dup unrelated to other Newman V102
newman_V107.png newman_V107_b.png Newman V107 Bay View 10/28/1908
newman_V109.png newman_V109_b.png Newman V109 Shooting the Chutes 08/09/1909 note
newman_V113.png newman_V113_b.png Newman V113 Stowe Lake, GGP 05/23/1910
newman_V119.png newman_V119_b.png Newman V119 Union Ferry Depot 01/19/1909
newman_V131.png newman_V131_b.png Newman V131 Parapet at Sutro Heights note written in Swedish; not addressed/mailed; corner album marks
newman_V158.png newman_V158_b.png Newman V158 Ferry Building from Bay at night
newman_V163.png newman_V163_b.png Newman V163 Palm Avenue Sutro Heights 04/21/1910 note note
newman_V175.png newman_V175_b.png Newman V175 Ferry Building and Bay printed PPIE message on back
newman_V178.png newman_V178_b.png Newman 178 Chinese Drugstore 03/03/1911
newman_V182.png newman_V182_b.png Newman V182 Fairmont Hotel 08/10/1909 right corners bent
newman_V183.png newman_V183_b.png Newman V183 The new 'Palace Hotel' note
newman_V187.png newman_V187_b.png Newman V187 Chronicle Building Weidner photo credit
newman_V195.png newman_V195_b.png Newman V195 Hibernia Savings Bank Weidner photo credit
newman_V198.png newman_V198_b.png Newman V198 Panorama from top of Call Weidner photo credit; missing top left corner
newman_V201.png newman_V201_b.png Newman V201 Phelan Building Weidner photo credit
newman_V212.png newman_V212_b.png Newman V212 Hotel Fairmont
newman_V269.png newman_V269_b.png Newman V269 Looking up Geary St. 07/21/1913 Weidner photo credit; postmark year uncertain
newman_V270.png newman_V270_b.png Newman V270 Mutual Savings Bank Building Weidner photo
newman_V278.png newman_V278_b.png Newman V278 Looking down Market Street Weidner photo
newman_V280.png newman_V280_b.png Newman V280 Looking Up Market from Mont. postmark year illegible (1912?); Weidner photo
newman_V282.png newman_V282_b.png Newman V282 Looking down Post from Kearny Weidner photo
newman_V294.png newman_V294_b.png Newman V294 Seals on the Seal Rocks note
newman_V295.png newman_V295_b.png Newman V295 Looking Across the Golden Gate 11/19/1910
newman_V307.png newman_V307_b.png Newman V307 The Golden Gate 01/09/1911 right edge badly damaged
newman_V310.png newman_V310_b.png Newman V310 Cliff House Beach 07/07/1910 note Meuylaert set
newman_V314.png newman_V314_b.png Newman V314 Lawn Tennis at GGP
newman_V323.png newman_V323_b.png Newman V323 Chinese Restaurant note note
newman_V324.png newman_V324_b.png Newman V324 Grant Avenue, Chinatown 07/14/1913 note note note caption wrong (Washington not Grant)
newman_V488.png newman_V488_b.png Newman V488 Ivy Covered Chapel Presidio stamped address but unmailed
newman_5639.png newman_5639_b.png Newman 5639 Bean Field / Santa Barbara
newman_u01.png newman_u01_b.png Newman Angel's Flight / 3rd St. Tunnel 10/31/1910 curved scratches on front
newman_u02.png newman_u02_b.png Newman Ruins Court House, Santa Rosa cf. O. Newman unnumbered
newman_o_u1.png newman_o_u1_b.png Newman, O. Flats, Sunk One Story note
newman_o_u2.png newman_o_u2_b.png Newman, O. Ruins of Court House/City Hall note miscaptioned (Santa Rosa, not SF); addressed but not mailed
novelty_003.png novelty_003_b.png Novelty Import 3 Caifornia St. with Fairmount note note
novelty_506.png novelty_506_b.png Novelty Import 506 Spreckles Building 04/29/1907
ny_american.png ny_american_b.png NY Sunday American Ruins of Church of the Advent note
ny_american2.png ny_american2_b.png NY Sunday American How the Eq. Tore up the Pvmts.
oakland_u01.png oakland_u01_b.png Oakland Supply Camp, Jefferson Square note
oakland_u02.png oakland_u02_b.png Oakland Souvenir Third and Mission Streets 05/21/1906 note
owl_037.png owl_037_b.png Owl Drug 37 Conservatory GGP note
owl_210.png owl_210_b.png Owl Drug 210 Chinese Women at Sutro Heights 11/20/1906 note
owl_293.png owl_293_b.png Owl Drug 293 Dutch Windmill, GGP
pac_nat_bank.png pac_nat_bank_b.png Pacific Nat. Bank Palace of Fine Arts 7"x4" photo card
pacific_1_009.png pacific_1_009_b.png Pacific Novelty 1-9 St. Francis Hotel note
pacific_1_035.png pacific_1_035_b.png Pacific Novelty 1-35 A Chinese Family
pacific_1_117.png pacific_1_117_b.png Pacific Novelty 1-117 Bulletin Board, Chinatown note
pacific_1_138.png pacific_1_138_b.png Pacific Novelty 1-138 Famous Chinatown note
pacific_1_139.png pacific_1_139_b.png Pacific Novelty 1-139 Street Scene, Chinatown 06/04/1932 note
pacific_1_206.png pacific_1_206_b.png Pacific Novelty 1-206 Ferry Building library data typed/stamped on back
pacific_003.png pacific_003_b.png Pacific Novelty 3 Kearny Street South From Post 03/31/1922 stamp missing; written in French; card torn top right
pacific_011.png pacific_011_b.png Pacific Novelty 11 Van Ness Ave. (New bus. sec.) 04/28/1907 cyan
pacific_016.png pacific_016_b.png Pacific Novelty 16 Dynamiting Dangerous Walls 04/01/1907 earliest divided back; cyan
pacific_023.png pacific_023_b.png Pacific Novelty SF 23 Golden Gate / Panama Canal
pacific_030.png pacific_030_b.png Pacific Novelty SF 30 Fishing in the Golden Gate
pacific_032.png pacific_032_b.png Pacific Novelty SF 32 Franklin Hospital
pacific_040.png pacific_040_b.png Pacific Novelty 40 Cliff House and Beach note dup
pacific_040a.png pacific_040a_b.png Pacific Novelty 40 Cliff House and Beach 07/26/1925 note dup
pacific_045.png pacific_045_b.png Pacific Novelty 45 Rustic Stone Bridge 01/01/1927 note
pacific_051.png pacific_051_b.png Pacific Novelty SF 51 Southern Pacific Terminus
pacific_055.png pacific_055_b.png Pacific Novelty 55 Evening Hour at the Ferry Bldg. note Tammen (variant); N.B. 1918 (not 1915)
pacific_062.png pacific_062_b.png Pacific Novelty 62 View Down Market Street
pacific_066.png pacific_066_b.png Pacific Novelty 66 Grant Avenue and California St. note
pacific_076.png pacific_076_b.png Pacific Novelty SF 76 A View in Chinatown note dup
pacific_076a.png pacific_076a_b.png Pacific Novelty SF 76 View in Chinatown 07/11/1931 note dup
pacific_091.png pacific_091_b.png Pacific Novelty 91 Huntington Falls, GGP 08/10/1922 written in German script; center crease
pacific_097.png pacific_097_b.png Pacific Novelty 97 Golden Gate Bridge note
pacific_101.png pacific_101_b.png Pacific Novelty 101 Ferry B. and Slips from the Bay corners creased
pacific_125.png pacific_125_b.png Pacific Novelty 125 Ferry Building
pacific_210.png pacific_210_b.png Pacific Novelty 210 Chinese Women at Sutro Heights note
pacific_218.png pacific_218_b.png Pacific Novelty 218 Panorama 07/18/1910 written in German
pacific_220.png pacific_220_b.png Pacific Novelty 220 Alcatraz
pacific_231.png pacific_231_b.png Pacific Novelty 231 The New Cliff House 09/12/1909 note written in German
pacific_241.png pacific_241_b.png Pacific Novelty SF 241 Kearney and Market should read 'Kearny'
pacific_242.png pacific_242_b.png Pacific Novelty SF 242 Montgomery and Market Streets PPIE seal; addressed but not mailed
pacific_263.png pacific_263_b.png Pacific Novelty 263 Sing Fat Co. note
pacific_264.png pacific_264_b.png Pacific Novelty SF 264 California Market 06/08/1910
pacific_288.png pacific_288_b.png Pacific Novelty 288 Ferry B. from Bay by Moonlight
pacific_323.png pacific_323_b.png Pacific Novelty SF 323 Cliff House and Beach
pacific_334.png pacific_334_b.png Pacific Novelty 334 Ferry Building note
pacific_341.png pacific_341_b.png Pacific Novelty 341 Seal Rocks from Cliff House note sepia
pacific_375.png pacific_375_b.png Pacific Novelty SF 375 The Great Fire note note dup
pacific_375a.png pacific_375a_b.png Pacific Novelty SF 375 The Great Fire dup
pacific_389.png pacific_389_b.png Pacific Novelty 389 Hotel St. Francis note stamped PPIE invitation on back
pacific_391.png pacific_391_b.png Pacific Novelty 391 A View in Chinatown note dup
pacific_391a.png pacific_391a_b.png [unknown] 391 A View in Chinatown note dup
pacific_393.png pacific_393_b.png Pacific Novelty 393 Claus Spreckles Building
pacific_410.png pacific_410_b.png Pacific Novelty 410 Presidio and Golden Gate
pacific_553.png pacific_553_b.png Pacific Novelty 553 With Affectionate Rememb. sepia; postmark year illegible
pacific_596.png pacific_596_b.png Pacific Novelty SF 596 China Town 07/22/1914 note
pacific_641.png pacific_641_b.png Pacific Novelty 641 The burning of the City note
pacific_2709.png pacific_2709_b.png Pacific Novelty 2709 Scene In Chinatown note
pacific_2802.png pacific_2802_b.png Pacific Novelty 2802 Sunset, Golden Gate 02/18/1925 note written in German; Simon set
pacific_2805.png pacific_2805_b.png Pacific Novelty 2805 Chinese Restaurant note note
pacific_2807.png pacific_2807_b.png Pacific Novelty 2807 Grant Avenue, Chinatown note
pacific_3403.png pacific_3403_b.png Pacific Novelty 3403 Sutro Baths Largest in the World 10/15/1909 note note
pacific_3513.png pacific_3513_b.png Pacific Novelty 3513 Dutch Windmill GGP 05/31/1909 creases, peeling permagloss
pacific_3515.png pacific_3515_b.png Pacific Novelty 3515 Ferry Building
pacific_7036.png pacific_7036_b.png Pacific Novelty 7036 Phelan Building
pacific_7039.png pacific_7039_b.png Pacific Novelty 7039 Rebuilding Market and Kearny 11/20/1911 warped
pacific_7042.png pacific_7042_b.png Pacific Novelty 7042 Mission Bank
pacific_BT3.png pacific_BT3_b.png Pacific Novelty BT3 Section of Big Tree Trunk
pacific_I031.png pacific_I031_b.png Pacific Novelty I-31 Guard Mount Presidio
pacific_I052.png pacific_I052_b.png Pacific Novelty I-52 Ferry Building
pacific_I063.png pacific_I063_b.png Pacific Novelty I-63 William Taylor Hotel note
pacific_I088.png pacific_I088_b.png Pacific Novelty I-88 Ferry Building
pacific_I093.png pacific_I093_b.png Pacific Novelty I-93 Cantonment Presidio
pacific_I107.png pacific_I107_b.png Pacific Novelty I-107 Market Street Looking East note
pacific_I143.png pacific_I143_b.png Pacific Novelty I-143 Ferry Building 04/14/1926 written/dated but not addressed/mailed
pacific_I150.png pacific_I150_b.png Pacific Novelty I-150 Telephone Building, ... 07/29/1926 written in Italian; stamp missing
pacific_O43.png pacific_O43_b.png Pacific Novelty O 43 Panorama Oakland
pacific_jewel.png pacific_jewel_b.png Pacific Novelty 21 Jewel City 08/11/1915 folder; contents here
pacific_p13.png pacific_p13_b.png Pacific Novelty P13 A Portola Crowd note
pacific_p17.png pacific_p17_b.png Pacific Novelty P17 The Portola Parade note
pacific_X160.png pacific_X160_b.png Pacific Novelty X160 Crowd, Opening Day - P.P.I.E. note
pacific_progress.png pacific_progress_b.png Pacific Novelty The City of Progress folder; contents not scanned yet
pacific_u01.png pacific_u01_b.png Pacific Novelty Sing Fat Oriental Bazaar 02/18/1921 note
pacific_u02.png pacific_u02_b.png Pacific Novelty Beach from Sutro Heights note note
pacific_u03.png pacific_u03_b.png Pacific Novelty Music Stand, GGP 02/01/1927 note written in English and German; crease top right; Simon set
pacific_u04.png pacific_u04_b.png Pacific Novelty Diamond Jubilee 09/15/1925 folder; contents not scanned yet
pacific_u05.png pacific_u05_b.png Pacific Novelty Portola A.D. 1769 10/02/1909 note note note written in Kurrent; Killion set; stain at top
pacific_u06.png pacific_u06_b.png Pacific Novelty Burning World-Famed Cliff House 11/18/1907 note stock number illegible; left edge stained
pacific_u07.png pacific_u07_b.png Pacific Novelty City Hall, Civic Center
pacific_u08.png pacific_u08_b.png Pacific Novelty Market St. looking west written but not addressed/mailed
pacific_u09.png pacific_u09_b.png Pacific Novelty Sing Fat
pacific_u10.png pacific_u10_b.png Pacific Novelty Portola Festival 10/17/1909 note stamp missing
pacific_u11.png pacific_u11_b.png Pacific Novelty Shanghai Low Cafe note
pacific2_38.png pacific2_38_b.png Pacific Stationery 38 Ferry Building and Bay not addressed/mailed
pacific2_58.png pacific2_58_b.png Pacific Stationery 58 Aeroplane View of Busi. Dist. note
pacific2_63.png pacific2_63_b.png Pacific Stationery 63 Street Scene, Chinatown note
pacific2_70.png pacific2_70_b.png Pacific Stationery 70 Memorial Museum GGP
pacific2_96.png pacific2_96_b.png Pacific Stationery 96 Business Section Chinatown 03/27/1929 note back surface tears at top including stamp
pacific2_100.png pacific2_100_b.png Pacific Stationery 100 Chinatown showing Sing Fat Co. note postmark year illegible
palace_01.png palace_01_b.png Palace The Palace Hotel, Palm Court note
palace_02.png palace_02_b.png Palace Palace Hotel note
parsons_9502.png parsons_9502_b.png Parsons 9502 Hotel Turpin 04/10/1911
penny.png penny_b.png Penny Auditorium Parapet, Sutro Heights 07/15/1905 note
photo_co_01.png photo_co_01_b.png Photo Co. of America Refuge Camp in Public Square 07/02/1906 note
piggott_1023.png piggott_1023_b.png Piggott 1023 Cable Spinning 03/08/1936 note
piggott_1162.png piggott_1162_b.png Pigott 1162 East Bay Cantilever Span note
piltz_005.png piltz_005_b.png Piltz 5 Market looking E from Powell note
piltz_008.png piltz_008_b.png Piltz 8 Ferry Building and Expo Island
piltz_019.png piltz_019_b.png Piltz 19 Outdoor Fish Markets
piltz_034.png piltz_034_b.png Piltz 34 Looking up California note
piltz_039.png piltz_039_b.png Piltz 39 Coit Memorial Tower
piltz_063.png piltz_063_b.png Piltz 63 Reading the Bulletin Boards note
piltz_065.png piltz_065_b.png Piltz 65 Interior, Tin How Temple 08/21/1943 note
piltz_066.png piltz_066_b.png Piltz 66 Chinese Fortune Teller
piltz_067.png piltz_067_b.png Piltz 67 Chinese Children rust stain middle right
piltz_068.png piltz_068_b.png Piltz 68 Chinatown note
piltz_069.png piltz_069_b.png Piltz 69 Grant Avenue Chinatown 01/28/1946 note addressed but not mailed
piltz_070.png piltz_070_b.png Piltz 70 Joss House - Tong Buildings 07/06/1938 note
piltz_073.png piltz_073_b.png Piltz 73 A Night in Chinatown note
piltz_075.png piltz_075_b.png Piltz 75 Street Scene, Chinatown note note
piltz_077.png piltz_077_b.png Piltz 77 Bulletin of Latest News
piltz_079.png piltz_079_b.png Piltz 79 Interior Chinese Tel. Exchange 12/01/1942
piltz_091.png piltz_091_b.png Piltz 91 Fleishhacker Pool 05/27/1934
piltz_110.png piltz_110_b.png Piltz 110 Looking down California Street 04/30/1947 note note condition poor; stamp missing
piltz_124.png piltz_124_b.png Piltz 124 Sun Yat Sen Statue / St. Mary's 04/18/1950
piltz_125.png piltz_125_b.png Piltz 125 Oriental Bazaars 10/16/1955
piltz_159.png piltz_159_b.png Piltz 159 Night View of Treasure Island 07/02/1940 postmark hard to read
piltz_177.png piltz_177_b.png Piltz 177 Temple Compound note
puzzle_u01.png puzzle_u01_b.png Puzzle Mission Dolores note
rieder_002.png rieder_002_b.png Rieder-Cardinell 2 Refugees keeping house note
rieder_004.png rieder_004_b.png Rieder 4 Twenty story Call Building 12/24/1906 note Streicher set; © W.J. Street
rieder_005.png rieder_005_b.png Rieder 5 View on Market from Ferry Tower note cf. color Rieder 6955
rieder_016.png rieder_016_b.png Rieder-Cardinell 16 Fire working its way out Market
rieder_031.png rieder_031_b.png Rieder 31 Preparing Coffee for Refugees note
rieder_033.png rieder_033_b.png Rieder 33 Ruins of the Concordia Club
rieder_042.png rieder_042_b.png Rieder 42 Dwelling houses in SF wrecked 10/20/1906 note Streicher set
rieder_061.png rieder_061_b.png Rieder 61 Ruins from Market/Valencia
rieder_213.png rieder_213_b.png Rieder-Cardinell 213 Bread line, St. Mary's 04/06/1907 note note stamp missing
rieder_501.png rieder_501_b.png Rieder 501 A Quartette from China-town 02/26/1904
rieder_626.png rieder_626_b.png Rieder 626 Cliff House 10/15/1903 note
rieder_3385.png rieder_3385_b.png Rieder 3385 Double Bow Knot on Mt. Tam RR note
rieder_6932.png rieder_6932_b.png Rieder-Cardinell 6932 Awaiting their doom 02/09/1907 note note left side for sender's address only
rieder_6949.png rieder_6949_b.png Rieder 6949 Burning city at dusk © 1906 W.J. Street
rieder_6950.png rieder_6950_b.png Rieder 6950 Old Flood Building 01/19/1907 left side for sender's address only
rieder_6955.png rieder_6955_b.png Rieder 6955 Market St. from Ferry Tower 12/05/1906 note cf. b+w Rieder 5; left side for sender's address only
rieder_6968.png rieder_6968_b.png Rieder 6968 Ruins of Children's Building 11/09/1909 note same as 6986
rieder_6976.png rieder_6976_b.png Rieder 6976 McAllister and Market 02/07/1907 left side for sender's address only
rieder_6986.png rieder_6986_b.png Rieder 6986 Ruins of Children's Building note same as 6968
rieder_u01.png rieder_u01_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Ruins from Van Ness east 05/26/1906 note note note stamp missing
rieder_u02.png rieder_u02_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Valencia Street Hotel 05/27/1906 note note
rieder_u03.png rieder_u03_b.png Rieder City Hall after earthquake note
rieder_u04.png rieder_u04_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Fire approaching res. dist. 06/15/1906 note
rieder_u05.png rieder_u05_b.png Rieder Valencia Street Hotel 05/22/1906 note
rieder_u06.png rieder_u06_b.png Rieder Echoes of the Past 05/11/1906
rieder_u07.png rieder_u07_b.png Rieder Van Ness Avenue down town 05/16/1906 note
rieder_u08.png rieder_u08_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Bank of America after the fire creased
rieder_u09.png rieder_u09_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Ruins of the Hibernian Bank
rieder_u10.png rieder_u10_b.png Rieder Fourth and Mission 01/14/1909 mistrimmed
rieder_u12.png rieder_u12_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Looking up Powell Street note note minor water damage
rieder_u13.png rieder_u13_b.png Rieder SF in Flames
rieder_u14.png rieder_u14_b.png Rieder Looking up Powell from Market 05/12/1906 note note note center crack; Schmitt set
rieder_u15.png rieder_u15_b.png Rieder Lafayette Park during the Fire 05/16/1906 note
rieder_u16.png rieder_u16_b.png Rieder Refugees, Jefferson Square note album marks; mildewed
rieder_u17.png rieder_u17_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Ruins at Powell and Market 03/16/1909 note note Glos set
rieder_u18.png rieder_u18_b.png Rieder Market showing Palace and Call
rieder_u19.png rieder_u19_b.png Rieder-Cardinell St. Francis Hotel and Annex 06/10/1906 note note
rieder_u20.png rieder_u20_b.png Rieder St. Francis as it is to be 09/03/1906 note
rieder_u21.png rieder_u21_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Ruins of SF City Hall 06/26/1906
rieder_u22.png rieder_u22_b.png Rieder Ruins of Nob Hill 05/03/1906 note corners cut off
rieder_u23.png rieder_u23_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Looking up Montgomery St.
rieder_u24.png rieder_u24_b.png Rieder Looking across 4th to Mission missing corner; corners bent
rieger_u01.png rieger_u01_b.png Rieger Hall of Justice
rieger_u02.png rieger_u02_b.png Rieger South of Market Burning note
rieger_u03.png rieger_u03_b.png Rieger It was a great pity 02/10/1908 note note Day set
rieger_u04.png rieger_u04_b.png Rieger The greatest loss 08/08/1907 note note Day set
roberts_C491.png roberts_C491_b.png Roberts C491 Ocean Beach 03/26/1952 note written/dated but not addressed/mailed
roberts_C5150.png roberts_C5150_b.png Roberts C5150 Civic Center
roberts_SC12731.png roberts_SC12731_b.png Roberts SC12731 Bayside Motor Inn
robertson.png robertson_b.png Robertson Memorial Church, Stanford 07/21/1933
roesch.png roesch_b.png Roesch Portola-Louvre Restaurant note PPIE seal
roesch_02.png roesch_02_b.png Roesch Sing Fat 02/17/1912 note stamp missing
roesch_03.png roesch_03_b.png Roesch Nanking Fook Woh note dup postmark date illegible
roesch_03a.png roesch_03a_b.png Roesch Nanking Fook Woh 06/03/1908 note note dup
roesch_04.png roesch_04_b.png Roesch St. Francis Hotel 05/02/1907 note note
roesch_05.png roesch_05_b.png Roesch Hotel St. Francis dup
roesch_05a.png roesch_05a_b.png Roesch Hotel St. Francis 07/24/1905 dup
rosin_865.png rosin_865_b.png Rosin 865 Valencia Hotel
rosin_886.png rosin_886_b.png Rosin 886 Street Scene after earthquake
rotograph_u1.png rotograph_u1_b.png Rotograph Palace Hotel Frisco After Fire very heavy stock
rotograph_u2.png rotograph_u2_b.png Rotograph Fire at Clay and Dupont Sts. addressed but not mailed; lower left corner damaged
rotograph_u3.png rotograph_u3_b.png Rotograph Fire in the Business Section 06/06/1906
rotograph_u4.png rotograph_u4_b.png Rotograph Looking E from Lafayette Park 02/13/1907 note
sanborn_u01.png sanborn_u01_b.png Sanborn Sing Fat 03/27/1908 note note
scenic.png scenic_b.png Scenic View San Francisco folder; contents not scanned yet
scenic_04.png scenic_04_b.png Scenic View 4 Grant Avenue Chinatown
scenic_05.png scenic_05_b.png Scenic View 5 Oriental Bazaars and Shops
scenic_07.png scenic_07_b.png Scenic View 7 Ferry Building
scenic_08.png scenic_08_b.png Scenic View 8 Part of Business District note
scenic_11.png scenic_11_b.png Scenic View 11 Oriental Tea Garden 07/12/1917 corner album marks
scenic_18.png scenic_18_b.png Scenic View 18 Amusement Zone, Great Highway note dup
scenic_18a.png scenic_18a_b.png Scenic View 18 Amusement Zone, Great Highway dup
scenic_30.png scenic_30_b.png Scenic View 30 Chinatown note
scenic_54.png scenic_54_b.png Scenic View 54 Chinese Telephone Exchange
scenic_65.png scenic_65_b.png Scenic View 65 1000 McAllister St. Bldg. 12/02/1947
scenic_76.png scenic_76_b.png Scenic View 76 Interior of a Joss House
scenic_87.png scenic_87_b.png Scenic View 87 Ferry Building
scenic_92.png scenic_92_b.png Scenic View 92 Greetings from Chinatown 12/17/1940
scenic_49933.png scenic_49933_b.png Scenic View 49933 Sammee Tong's Revue
scheff_073.png scheff_073_b.png Scheff 73 Looking N., Calif. near Hyde note
scheff_075.png scheff_075_b.png Scheff 75 Breadline, Jackson/Laguna note note
scheff_078.png scheff_078_b.png Scheff 78 S. of Market St. looking N. 09/21/1906 note note caption incorrect; stamp missing; stained
scheff_085.png scheff_085_b.png Scheff 85 Looking w. Ellis from Van Ness 02/20/1907 note
scheff_088.png scheff_088_b.png Scheff 88 Mission St. near 21st 04/03/1908 note written in Danish
scheff_091.png scheff_091_b.png Scheff 91 Van Ness looking N from Geary note
scheff_093.png scheff_093_b.png Scheff 93 Fillmore St. S from O'Farrel note
scheff_094.png scheff_094_b.png Scheff 94 Looking W McAllister / Fillmore note
scheff_110.png scheff_110_b.png Scheff 110 Parapet, Sutro Heights note note
scheff_111.png scheff_111_b.png Scheff 111 Cliffhouse and Sealrocks
scheff_113.png scheff_113_b.png Scheff 113 Sealrocks & Seals note
scheff_119.png scheff_119_b.png Scheff 119 Dupont & Clay Streets 05/26/1908 note top right corner bent
scheff_121.png scheff_121_b.png Scheff 121 Market St. showing Palace Hotel
scheff_132.png scheff_132_b.png Scheff 132 Sutro Baths Promenade 08/02/1908 note note ink spots front
scheff_134.png scheff_134_b.png Scheff 134 Main Gate, Sutro Heights note
scheff_135.png scheff_135_b.png Scheff 135 Cliffroad and Beach 11/17/1908 note
scheff_155.png scheff_155_b.png Scheff 155 Cliffhouse, dest. by fire 06/19/1909 note
scheff_159.png scheff_159_b.png Scheff 159 Wrecked Homes, 9th/Brannan 03/15/1908 note
scheff_u01.png scheff_u01_b.png Scheff Greetings from San Francisco note note note dup front flap with six minipages inside; see opened;
addressed but not mailed; bent corner taped
scheff_u01a.png scheff_u01a_b.png Scheff Greetings from San Francisco note dup see opened; missing 5 minipages
scheff_u02.png scheff_u02_b.png Scheff Health from San Francisco note note
scheff_u03.png scheff_u03_b.png Scheff Market St. in fifty years 05/17/1907 note note
scheff_u04.png scheff_u04_b.png Scheff San Francisco's Future note addressed but not mailed; cf. Scheff 91
scheff_u05.png scheff_u05_b.png Scheff San Francisco 03/04/1908 multiview
schwabacher.png schwabacher_b.png Schwabacher-Frey Lotta's Fountain, Palace Hotel note
selige_3179.png selige_3179_b.png Selige 3179 Cliff House and Seal Rocks note
selige_3182.png selige_3182_b.png Selige 3182 Sutro Heights
selige_3199.png selige_3199_b.png Selige 3199 The Mission Dolores note ink bleed on front from back of previous
selige_3219.png selige_3219_b.png Selige 3219 Ruins James Flood Bldg. 05/23/1906
selige_3223.png selige_3223_b.png Selige 3223 Panorama of Burning SF (Right) note
selige_3224.png selige_3224_b.png Selige 3224 Panorama of Burning SF (Left) note
selige_3241.png selige_3241_b.png Selige 3241 Wholesale District
selige_3247.png selige_3247_b.png Selige 3247 Rushing for the Ferry to Escape 06/07/1906 note smaller format
sf_card_109.png sf_card_109_b.png S.F. Card 109 Scene on Pacific Street 03/27/1905 note
sf_examiner_1.png sf_examiner_1_b.png SF Sunday Examiner Van Ness Ave. retail center
sf_examiner_2.png sf_examiner_2_b.png SF Sunday Examiner Tearing Down the Palace Ruins note
sf_examiner_3.png sf_examiner_3_b.png SF Sunday Examiner Rebuilding and New Building
sf_examiner_4.png sf_examiner_4_b.png SF Sunday Examiner New Palace Hotel note badly trimmed; corner album marks
sf_ruins_2.png sf_ruins_2_b.png S.F. Ruins Call Building stiff stock; back stained at top
sfbay_expo.png sfbay_expo_b.png SF Bay Exposition Treasure Island Night and Day folder; contents not scanned yet
sheraton_palace.png sheraton_palace_b.png Sheraton-Palace White Christmas at the Palace 12/18/1959 note note printed message; never mailed
sing_fat_u01.png sing_fat_u01_b.png Sing Fat [Two Geishas] 10/26/1903 note
sing_fat_u02.png sing_fat_u02_b.png Sing Fat [Chinese Family] 04/16/1904 note note Chiron set; foxing
sing_fat_u03.png sing_fat_u03_b.png Sing Fat [Chinatown] 03/14/1905 note note Chiron set; foxing
smith.png smith_b.png Smith News Where Occident and Orient Meet folder; contents here
smith_004.png smith_004_b.png Smith News 4 Chinatown note glue residue on back
smith_006.png smith_006_b.png Smith News 6 Cal. St. Hill and Cable Cars note note
smith_009.png smith_009_b.png Smith News 9 Beach and Great Highway
smith_022.png smith_022_b.png Smith News 22 International Settlement
smith_026.png smith_026_b.png Smith News SF 26A Top of the Mark note
smith_032.png smith_032_b.png Smith News 32 Chinatown at Night note dup
smith_032a.png smith_032a_b.png Smith News 32 Chinatown at Night dup
smith_035.png smith_035_b.png Smith News 35 Chinatown, Grant Avenue 11/08/1950 note bent
smith_047.png smith_047_b.png Smith News SFO 47 Bay Bridge, SF Skyline
smith_049.png smith_049_b.png Smith News 49 Powell at Market postmark year illegible
smith_081.png smith_081_b.png Smith News 81 Kong Chow Temple
smith_084.png smith_084_b.png Smith News SF 84 San Francisco's Golden Gate
smith_103.png smith_103_b.png Smith News 103 Chinatown at night
smith_5P29835.png smith_5P29835_b.png Smith News 5P29835 Chinatown at Night dup
smith_5P29835a.png smith_5P29835a_b.png Smith News 5P29835 Chinatown at Night 11/12/1967 dup
smith_u01.png smith_u01_b.png Smith News Starlight Roof
souvenir_138.png souvenir_138_b.png Souvenir 138 California Street Hill 07/06/1914 note note PPIE seal
souvenir_151.png souvenir_151_b.png Souvenir 151 Hall of Records note
souvenir_242.png souvenir_242_b.png Souvenir 242 Ocean Blvd. / Life Saving Sta. 08/03/1915 PPIE cancellation
souvenir_260.png souvenir_260_b.png Souvenir 260 Get ready and come to SF
souvenir_341.png souvenir_341_b.png Souvenir 341 Chinatown 09/03/1915 note Worden photo; PPIE cancellation
souvenir_483.png souvenir_483_b.png Souvenir 483 Hotel Argonaut note PPIE seal
souvenir_548.png souvenir_548_b.png Souvenir 548 Conservatory Golden Gate Park sepia
souvenir_958.png souvenir_958_b.png Souvenir 958 Life is Worth Living note
souvenir_969.png souvenir_969_b.png Souvenir 969 My City Oakland / City Hall
souvenir_1730.png souvenir_1730_b.png Souvenir 1730 Seal Rocks 08/14/1915 note sepia; PPIE cancellation
souvenir_u01.png souvenir_u01_b.png Souvenir There's Lots of Class At UC
souvenir_u02.png souvenir_u02_b.png Souvenir Looking Down Market Street 07/05/1914 back damage right edge and bottom
souvenir_4625.png souvenir_4625_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4625 Cliff House and Seal Rocks note
souvenir_4625F.png souvenir_4625F_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4625F Tivola Opera House note should read 'Tivoli'
souvenir_4626.png souvenir_4626_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4626 Parapet, Sutro Heights note
souvenir_4626F.png souvenir_4626F_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4626F Grand and Palace Hotels
souvenir_4628.png souvenir_4628_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4628 Museum Golden Gate Park
souvenir_4629.png souvenir_4629_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4629 Stone Bridge, Stow Lake note note caption incorrect
souvenir_4630.png souvenir_4630_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4630 Mission Dolores note
souvenir_4630F.png souvenir_4630F_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4630F St. Pat.'s Church / Mission St. note note caption incorrect
souvenir_4631.png souvenir_4631_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4631 City Hall note
souvenir_4631F.png souvenir_4631F_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4631F New Fairmount Hotel Ruins 10/23/1910 note note 'Fairmont' misspelled; stamp missing
souvenir_4632.png souvenir_4632_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4632 Ferry Building note dup
souvenir_4632F.png souvenir_4632F_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4632F Philan, Mutual Bank, Call 05/27/1906
souvenir_4632a.png souvenir_4632a_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4632 Ferry Building note note dup caption incorrect
souvenir_4633.png souvenir_4633_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4633 St. Francis Hotel / Union Sq. note dup caption incorrect
souvenir_4633a.png souvenir_4633a_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4633 St. Francis Hotel / Union Sq. dup edges discolored
souvenir_4633b.png souvenir_4633b_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4633 St. Francis Hotel and Union Sq. dup
souvenir_4634.png souvenir_4634_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4634 Scene, Chinatown note note dup Worden photo
souvenir_4634a.png souvenir_4634a_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4634 Street Scene, Chinatown note dup Worden photo
souvenir_4634F.png souvenir_4634F_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4634F Hotel Hamilton and Flood Bldg. note note small piece missing lower left
spaulding_16.png spaulding_16_b.png Spaulding 16 Feeding Homeless, Jeff. Sq. note
spectra_color.png spectra_color_b.png Spectra-Color Golden Pheasant Restaurant
subpost_u01.png subpost_u01_b.png Sub-Post Mason Street from Market photo card (not postcard); back unprinted; corners bent; foxing
tammen_5288.png tammen_5288_b.png Tammen 5288 Evening Hour at the Ferry Bldg. note note note logo BN Co. Pacific 55 (variant)
tivoli_1.png tivoli_1_b.png Tivoli Tivoli Cafe note smaller format (3x5)
tivoli_2.png tivoli_2_b.png Tivoli Fox Hunting note note smaller format (3x5); Glos set
toledo.png toledo_b.png Toledo Toledo Scales note note
tousley_u01.png tousley_u01_b.png Tousley Motel Vinmar
tribune.png tribune_b.png Oakland Tribune Oakland Tribune Extra 10/21/1907
twin_peaks_22.png twin_peaks_22_b.png Twin Peaks 22 Reading the Bulletins note note
twin_peaks_25.png twin_peaks_25_b.png Twin Peaks 25 Joss House, Chinatown 06/23/1943
unknown_01.png unknown_01_b.png [unknown] Streetcar Tracks Torn 07/dd/1906 addressed but never mailed
unknown_02.png unknown_02_b.png [unknown] Howard and Eighteenth 06/01/1906 note note
unknown_03.png unknown_03_b.png [unknown] Ruined City from Refugee Camp 05/07/1906 note note note note dup
unknown_03a.png unknown_03a_b.png [unknown] Ruined City from Refugee Camp note dup
unknown_04.png unknown_04_b.png [unknown] View from St. Mary's 05/dd/1906 note note note note dated but not addressed/mailed
unknown_05.png unknown_05_b.png [unknown] 2 Seal Rocks note
unknown_06.png unknown_06_b.png [unknown] City Hall and Hall of Records note
unknown_07.png unknown_07_b.png [unknown] SF in Ruins City Hall 05/07/1906 note note
unknown_08.png unknown_08_b.png [unknown] 456 Looking East From Market St.
unknown_09.png unknown_09_b.png [unknown] My Wishes for You 12/24/1914 note PPIE cancellation; small tear front upper right
unknown_11.png unknown_11_b.png [unknown] 'Old Frisco' Bird's-Eye-View
unknown_12.png unknown_12_b.png [unknown] Hall of Justice Opp. Chinatown addressed but never mailed
unknown_13.png unknown_13_b.png [unknown] All Aboard for the Frisco-Expo note note
unknown_16.png unknown_16_b.png [unknown] Palace of the Legion of Honor 09/18/1929 written in German; dated but not addressed/mailed
unknown_17.png unknown_17_b.png [unknown] Fire in Progress pink stock
unknown_18.png unknown_18_b.png [unknown] Howand and Eighteenth note pink stock
unknown_19.png unknown_19_b.png [unknown] 66 Montgomery St. Looking North
unknown_20.png unknown_20_b.png [unknown] Golden Gate Int. Expo. '39
unknown_21.png unknown_21_b.png [unknown] Emp. Dome, Cafe, Band Stand 09/05/1907 postmark barely legible
unknown_22.png unknown_22_b.png [unknown] View of Call, Chronicle ... 07/21/1906
unknown_23.png unknown_23_b.png [unknown] Earthq. Ruins, Masonic Temple
unknown_25.png unknown_25_b.png [unknown] September 1909 Emporium 09/27/1909 note Glos set; latest undivided back
unknown_26.png unknown_26_b.png [unknown] [PPIE tour bus] 10/21/1915 note note
unknown_27.png unknown_27_b.png [unknown] Market Street East From 4th
unknown_28.png unknown_28_b.png [unknown] All Aboard for the Frisco-Expo note note
unknown_29.png unknown_29_b.png [unknown] [PPIE Tour Bus Pacific No. 7] 11/21/1915 note note dated but not addressed/mailed
unknown_30.png unknown_30_b.png [unknown] 392 Palace Hotel, Monadnock...
unknown_32.png unknown_32_b.png [unknown] Iowa The Land of Plenty note note note
unknown_33.png unknown_33_b.png [unknown] 334 California Invites the World note note note note logo BN Co.
unknown_36.png unknown_36_b.png [unknown] Palace Hotel, Crocker-Wool. Bank 05/10/1906 note note Schmitt set
unknown_37.png unknown_37_b.png [unknown] The Giant Typewriter note note
unknown_38.png unknown_38_b.png [unknown] 390 California St., Showing BofCA note PPIE seal handstamped on front
unknown_39.png unknown_39_b.png [unknown] 27 Union Depot, from the Bay 06/04/1907 note note
unknown_40.png unknown_40_b.png [unknown] Typical Playground Center Glen Park Rec
unknown_43.png unknown_43_b.png [unknown] Cable Car Turnaround
unknown_44.png unknown_44_b.png [unknown] City Hall note
unknown_45.png unknown_45_b.png [unknown] Street Scenes in Chinatown 08/03/1910 note
unknown_46.png unknown_46_b.png [unknown] 1A4 Cliff House and Seal Rocks note
unknown_47.png unknown_47_b.png [unknown] 325 Sutro Baths and Cliff House 07/12/1911 note stamp missing; PPIE cancellation
unknown_48.png unknown_48_b.png [unknown] San Francisco - 1909
unknown_49.png unknown_49_b.png [unknown] Iowa's Exhibit - Ag. Palace note note note
unknown_50.png unknown_50_b.png [unknown] Cliff House and Beach note
unknown_51.png unknown_51_b.png [unknown] 9503 Sing Fat note note dup
unknown_51a.png unknown_51a_b.png [unknown] 9503 Sing Fat dup bent corner
unknown_52.png unknown_52_b.png [unknown] 10 Sutro Baths, Hts., Cliff H. 03/01/1901 note note note smaller format 5.5x3.25; Albert set
unknown_53.png unknown_53_b.png [unknown] The Story of the West written/addressed but not mailed; bent
unknown_54.png unknown_54_b.png [unknown] 2487 Chinatown 02/05/1943 note mailed 'Free' (stampless)
unknown_55.png unknown_55_b.png [unknown] Cliff House 11/15/1906 note note Janet set
unknown_56.png unknown_56_b.png [unknown] 31 Chinese Restaurant note note note note dup addressed but not mailed
unknown_56a.png unknown_56a_b.png [unknown] 31 Chinese Restaurant 10/07/1904 note note dup
unknown_57.png unknown_57_b.png [unknown] SF-Oakland Bay Bridge note
unknown_58.png unknown_58_b.png [unknown] 1Z9 Fortune Teller note
unknown_59.png unknown_59_b.png [unknown] SF in Ruins. Valencia Street note
unknown_60.png unknown_60_b.png [unknown] Gezicht op San Francisco Dutch postcard
unknown_61.png unknown_61_b.png [unknown] 52 Union Ferry Depot 03/06/1905
unknown_62.png unknown_62_b.png [unknown] 461 View from Hopkins Institute
unknown_63.png unknown_63_b.png [unknown] Grand Music Stand 06/12/1905
unknown_64.png unknown_64_b.png [unknown] Search for Paradise Cinerama
unknown_65.png unknown_65_b.png [unknown] Children's Play Ground GGP 07/03/1906 stained
unknown_66.png unknown_66_b.png [unknown] 11 Palace Hotel 03/01/1901 note note lower left corner stained; Albert set
unknown_67.png unknown_67_b.png [unknown] SF in Ruins. Union Club 05/07/1906 unevenly trimmed
unknown_69.png unknown_69_b.png [unknown] 89 Ferry Depot / Royal Arches
unknown_70.png unknown_70_b.png [unknown] Chinatown note
unknown_71.png unknown_71_b.png [unknown] The Louvre Leading Restaurant 09/14/1908 note
unknown_72.png unknown_72_b.png [unknown] 61 Powell St., looking up 07/02/1902 note Bliss set
unknown_73.png unknown_73_b.png [unknown] 35 Three Greatest Newspapers 07/15/1901 stamp missing
unknown_74.png unknown_74_b.png [unknown] Fresh Air Taxi Co. note pinholes top center
unknown_75.png unknown_75_b.png [unknown] 5104 Fillmore, N. from Turk
unknown_76.png unknown_76_b.png [unknown] Hotel Empire, Sky Room note
unknown_77.png unknown_77_b.png [unknown] Hotel Empire note
unknown_78.png unknown_78_b.png [unknown] Louvre Restaurant 09/16/1905 note
unknown_79.png unknown_79_b.png [unknown] Alt Nurnberg PPIE note note
unknown_80.png unknown_80_b.png [unknown] Mission Dolores 12/22/1906 note stamp missing; top right corner damaged, right edge torn
unknown_81.png unknown_81_b.png [unknown] Street in SF After the Quake 04/26/1906 note note earliest post-quake postmark with quake image; slightly smaller format
unknown_82.png unknown_82_b.png [unknown] Yosemite Falls Prudential Insurance ad
unknown_83.png unknown_83_b.png [unknown] The $100,000.00 Typewriter note note
unknown_84.png unknown_84_b.png [unknown] Street Scene, Chinatown note on flimsy stock; unevenly hand-trimmed
unknown_85.png unknown_85_b.png [unknown] 31 Sunset at Golden Gate 06/29/1903 note Cavaille set
unknown_86.png unknown_86_b.png [unknown] Nanking Fook Woh 08/08/1919 note note cf. Roesch unnumbered; postmark month/day illegible
unknown_87.png unknown_87_b.png [unknown] 241 Paris - Pont de la Concorde 10/dd/1908 note postmark day illegible; pinholes
unknown_88.png unknown_88_b.png [unknown] 358 Lacapelle-Livron 09/13/1908 note
unknown_89.png unknown_89_b.png [unknown] 442 Loze 08/dd/1908 note postmark day illegible; pinholes
unknown_90.png unknown_90_b.png [unknown] 24 Cliff House and Cliff Road 08/01/1902 note image reversed
unknown_91.png unknown_91_b.png [unknown] Nearing Finish of Res. Dist. missing top left corner
us_01.png us_01_b.png US Postal [none] 01/03/1887 note note smaller format (5x3)
us_02.png us_02_b.png US Postal Hildebrandt, Posner & Co. 05/18/1896 note note
us_03.png us_03_b.png US Postal Pacific Bell Telephone Co. 07/17/1882 note note postmark year illegible but card dated; foxing; tape repair top right; smaller format (5x3); earliest date
van_noy_u01.png van_noy_u01_b.png Van Noy Interstate Ferry Building and Bay 05/21/1923
weidner_001.png weidner_001_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 1 Cliff House note dup
weidner_001b.png weidner_001b_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 1 Cliff House 12/27/1903 note note note dup Pivert set
weidner_001a.png weidner_001a_b.png Weidner 1 Cliff House 01/08/1912 note note dup
weidner_001c.png weidner_001c_b.png Weidner 1 Cliff House 08/10/1904 note note dup Pannellier set; earliest non-G&W Weidner
weidner_001d.png weidner_001d_b.png Weidner 1 Cliff House 03/14/1908 note note dup Streicher set
weidner_001e.png weidner_001e_b.png Weidner 1 Cliff House 01/16/1906 note dup
weidner_002.png weidner_002_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 2 Sutro Heights note note dup
weidner_002b.png weidner_002b_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 2 Sutro Heights 10/02/1902 note note dup
weidner_002c.png weidner_002c_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 2 Sutro Heights 12/14/1903 note note dup Pivert set
weidner_002a.png weidner_002a_b.png Weidner 2 Sutro Heights 01/15/1906 note note dup
weidner_002d.png weidner_002d_b.png Weidner 2 Sutro Heights dup
weidner_003.png weidner_003_b.png Weidner 3 Music Stand. GGP. note dup
weidner_003a.png weidner_003a_b.png Weidner 3 Music Stand. GGP. note dup corner album marks
weidner_003b.png weidner_003b_b.png Weidner 3 Music Stand. GGP. 03/18/1907 note dup
weidner_004.png weidner_004_b.png Weidner 4 Midwinter Golden Gate Park note dup tape front top left corner
weidner_004a.png weidner_004a_b.png Weidner 4 Midwinter Golden Gate Park note note dup no postmark; stamp missing
weidner_005.png weidner_005_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 5 Museum. G.G. Park dup
weidner_005a.png weidner_005a_b.png Weidner 5 Museum. Golden Gate Park 07/09/1907 dup tear at top edge
weidner_006.png weidner_006_b.png Weidner 6 Children's Play Ground no number on card; back pasted onto paper
weidner_007.png weidner_007_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 7 Japanese Tea Garden 02/27/1903 written in Swedish
weidner_008.png weidner_008_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 8 Golden Gate 04/15/1903 note dup
weidner_008a.png weidner_008a_b.png Weidner 8 Golden Gate dup
weidner_009.png weidner_009_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 9 City Hall 08/17/1902 note note dup earliest Goeggel & Weidner; earliest undivided back
weidner_009a.png weidner_009a_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 9 City Hall 07/10/1903 note dup Coelho set; '6' should read '9'
weidner_010.png weidner_010_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 10 Ferry Building dup
weidner_010a.png weidner_010a_b.png Weidner 10 Ferry Building dup
weidner_011.png weidner_011_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 11 Call Building note dup
weidner_011a.png weidner_011a_b.png Weidner 11 Call Building note dup
weidner_011b.png weidner_011b_b.png Weidner 11 Call Building 03/30/1907 note dup
weidner_011c.png weidner_011c_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 11 Call Building 07/08/1903 note note dup Cavaillé set
weidner_012.png weidner_012_b.png Weidner 12 Looking down Market St. dup written/addressed but not mailed
weidner_012a.png weidner_012a_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 12 Chronicle Building 09/05/1902 note dup Bliss set
weidner_013.png weidner_013_b.png Weidner 13 Panorama 08/31/1908 note dup
weidner_013a.png weidner_013a_b.png Weidner 13 Panorama dup
weidner_013b.png weidner_013b_b.png Weidner 13 Panorama dup
weidner_013c.png weidner_013c_b.png Weidner 13 Panorama dup
weidner_013d.png weidner_013d_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 13 Panorama 04/30/1904 note dup stamp missing
weidner_014.png weidner_014_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 14 Chinese Restaurant note two pinholes near top edge
weidner_015.png weidner_015_b.png Weidner 15 Chinese Family note dup
weidner_015a.png weidner_015a_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 15 Chinese Family 11/16/1903 note note note dup Pivert set; stamp on front
weidner_015b.png weidner_015b_b.png Weidner 15 Chinese Family 01/17/1908 dup
weidner_016.png weidner_016_b.png Weidner 16 Chinese Aristocrats 12/17/1908 note note dup
weidner_016a.png weidner_016a_b.png Weidner 16 Chinese Aristocrats note dup
weidner_016b.png weidner_016b_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 16 Chinese Girls 08/16/1902 note dup
weidner_017.png weidner_017_b.png Weidner 17 University of California 02/15/1906 note Cavaillé set
weidner_018.png weidner_018_b.png Weidner 18 Lick Observatory in Winter
weidner_019.png weidner_019_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 19 Cliff House note note embossed; stain front left
weidner_020.png weidner_020_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 20 Museum G.G. Park 12/16/1903 note embossed
weidner_021.png weidner_021_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 21 Street in Chinatown 04/25/1903 note note embossed; dated but not addressed/mailed
weidner_022.png weidner_022_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 22 City Hall note note dup embossed; part of multicard message with Weidner 82
weidner_022a.png weidner_022a_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 22 City Hall dup embossed
weidner_023.png weidner_023_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 23 Ferry Building note note dup embossed; corner album marks
weidner_023a.png weidner_023a_b.png Weidner 23 Ferry Building 05/01/1906 note dup embossed; glitter
weidner_023b.png weidner_023b_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 23 Ferry Building note dup embossed
weidner_025.png weidner_025_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 25 New Music Stand G.G. Park note embossed
weidner_026.png weidner_026_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 26 Sunday Afternoon G.G. Park note note embossed; corner album marks
weidner_027.png weidner_027_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 27 Parapet at Sutro Heights 11/14/1902 note note embossed; stamp missing; postmarked but addressee erased
weidner_029.png weidner_029_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 29 Panorama 09/24/1904 note note embossed; stamp missing
weidner_031.png weidner_031_b.png Weidner 31 Unterground Opium Den note dup 'Unterground' typo for 'Underground'
weidner_031a.png weidner_031a_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 31 Underground Opium Den dup
weidner_032.png weidner_032_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 32 Chinese Cobbler 12/01/1903 note note dup
weidner_032a.png weidner_032a_b.png Weidner 32 Chinese Cobbler note dup written but not addressed/mailed
weidner_032b.png weidner_032b_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 32 Chinese Cobbler 03/01/1903 note note dup back damaged (was glued into album); Berattos set
weidner_033.png weidner_033_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 33 Chinese Fortune Teller note
weidner_034.png weidner_034_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 34 Street Scene in Fish Alley 10/07/1904 note note dup Dufey set
weidner_034a.png weidner_034a_b.png Weidner 34 Street Scene in Fish Alley 07/13/1909 dup
weidner_034b.png weidner_034b_b.png Weidner 34 Street Scene in Fish Alley 08/24/1904 note dup Bliss set
weidner_035.png weidner_035_b.png Weidner 35 Five Idols note note dup typo '85' for '35'
weidner_035a.png weidner_035a_b.png Weidner 35 Five Idols note note dup
weidner_035b.png weidner_035b_b.png Weidner 35 Five Idols 12/21/1908 note dup
weidner_035c.png weidner_035c_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 35 Five Idols 12/04/1903 note dup Pivert set
weidner_035d.png weidner_035d_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 35 Five Idols 05/28/1903 note note dup
weidner_036.png weidner_036_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 36 Golden Gate and Fort Point note note dup not addressed/mailed
weidner_036a.png weidner_036a_b.png Weidner 36 Golden Gate and Fort Point 01/31/1907 note dup written in Kurrent; stamp missing
weidner_038.png weidner_038_b.png Weidner 38 Fort Alcatraz, SF Bay note dup
weidner_038a.png weidner_038a_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 38 Fort Alcatraz, SF Bay 12/04/1903 note note dup Pivert set
weidner_039.png weidner_039_b.png Weidner 39 Seals on Seal Rocks dup Taber photo
weidner_039a.png weidner_039a_b.png Weidner 39 Seals on Seal Rocks dup Taber photo
weidner_039b.png weidner_039b_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 39 Seals on Seal Rocks 10/14/1903 note dup Taber photo
weidner_040.png weidner_040_b.png Weidner 40 Buffalos in G.G. Park message dated 1907
weidner_043.png weidner_043_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 43 Hotel Del Monte, Monterey
weidner_046.png weidner_046_b.png Weidner 46 State Capitol Sacramento small ink spots front
weidner_051.png weidner_051_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 51 Mission Dolores note note top of card cut off unevenly
weidner_053.png weidner_053_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 53 Panorama San Francisco
weidner_054.png weidner_054_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 54 California Street Hill note
weidner_055.png weidner_055_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 55 Evening at the Cliff House note
weidner_058.png weidner_058_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 58 Presidio 03/12/1903 dup
weidner_058a.png weidner_058a_b.png Weidner 58 Presidio 03/28/1905 note note dup Bliss set; Nothomb set
weidner_059.png weidner_059_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 59 Lotta's Fountain and Market St. dup
weidner_059a.png weidner_059a_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 59 Lotta's Fountain and Market St. 12/14/1903 note dup Pivert set
weidner_066.png weidner_066_b.png Weidner 66 Mariposa big Tree Grove dup
weidner_066a.png weidner_066a_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 66 Mariposa big Tree Grove 04/13/1904 dup
weidner_070.png weidner_070_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 70 Feeding the Swans 04/23/1903 note Unmailed set; stamped/postmarked but not written/addressed
weidner_071.png weidner_071_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 71 Peeling Potatos at Goat Island 01/07/1906
weidner_082.png weidner_082_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 82 Mission Dolores note note embossed; part of multicard message with Weidner 22
weidner_086a.png weidner_086a_b.png Weidner 86 Ferry Building from the Bay 12/04/1905 note dup
weidner_086.png weidner_086_b.png Weidner 86 Ferry Building from the Bay 03/10/1907 note dup scratched
weidner_086b.png weidner_086b_b.png Weidner 86 Ferry Building from the Bay 08/25/1905 note dup typo '36' should read '86'; mailed in Germany
weidner_090.png weidner_090_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 90 Picking Oranges
weidner_092.png weidner_092_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 92 The Valley from Mount Lowe dup
weidner_092a.png weidner_092a_b.png Weidner 92 The Valley From Mount Lowe dup postmark year illegible
weidner_100.png weidner_100_b.png Weidner 100 Home of Ramona 09/21/1909
weidner_107.png weidner_107_b.png Weidner 107 Vernal Fall Yosemite Valley 10/05/1907
weidner_109.png weidner_109_b.png Weidner 109 Palm Avenue Fresno written but not addressed/mailed
weidner_112.png weidner_112_b.png Weidner 112 The Chutes note dup
weidner_112a.png weidner_112a_b.png Weidner 112 The Chutes 08/17/1904 note note dup Pannellier set
weidner_113.png weidner_113_b.png Weidner 113 Sutro Baths dup
weidner_113a.png weidner_113a_b.png Weidner 113 Sutro Baths note dup corner album marks; lower right corner damaged
weidner_113b.png weidner_113b_b.png Weidner 113 Sutro Baths note note dup
weidner_114.png weidner_114_b.png Weidner 114 Mission Dolores note note
weidner_115.png weidner_115_b.png Weidner 115 Seals on Seal Rocks 06/29/1908 note note dup Janet set; no stock number
weidner_115a.png weidner_115a_b.png Weidner 115 Seals on Seal Rocks 02/28/1904 note dup Bliss set
weidner_115b.png weidner_115b_b.png Weidner 115 Seals on Seal Rocks dup
weidner_115c.png weidner_115c_b.png Weidner 115 Seals on Seal Rocks 08/01/1905 dup
weidner_116.png weidner_116_b.png Weidner 116 Union Square showing Monument note note note dup 'San Francis' should read 'St. Francis'
weidner_116a.png weidner_116a_b.png Weidner 116 Hotel St. Francis and Union Sq. 08/14/1907 note dup
weidner_116b.png weidner_116b_b.png Weidner 116 Union Square showing Naval Mon. 03/14/1905 dup
weidner_117.png weidner_117_b.png Weidner 117 Palace Hotel Court note dup
weidner_117a.png weidner_117a_b.png Weidner 117 Palace Hotel Court note dup
weidner_117b.png weidner_117b_b.png Weidner 117 Palace Hotel Court dup
weidner_118.png weidner_118_b.png Weidner 118 Cable Cars Climbing 12/13/1904 note
weidner_119.png weidner_119_b.png Weidner 119 Memorial Church Stanford 11/24/1907 note dup
weidner_119a.png weidner_119a_b.png Weidner 119 Mem. Church Stanford Univ. note dup written but not addressed/mailed
weidner_122.png weidner_122_b.png Weidner 122 City Hall Square and Monument 03/05/1906 note dup
weidner_122a.png weidner_122a_b.png Weidner 122 City Hall Square and Monument dup
weidner_123.png weidner_123_b.png Weidner 123 City Hall Dome 02/04/1907 note dup
weidner_123a.png weidner_123a_b.png Weidner 123 City Hall Dome note note dup written but not addressed/mailed
weidner_123b.png weidner_123b_b.png Weidner 123 City Hall Dome note note dup written but not addressed/mailed
weidner_124.png weidner_124_b.png Weidner 124 Portsmouth Square 09/13/1908
weidner_125.png weidner_125_b.png Weidner 125 Hall of Justice dup
weidner_125a.png weidner_125a_b.png Weidner 125 Hall Of Justice dup
weidner_125b.png weidner_125b_b.png Weidner 125 Hall of Justice 06/02/1905 note dup
weidner_126.png weidner_126_b.png Weidner 126 Looking down Market St. dup
weidner_126a.png weidner_126a_b.png Weidner 126 Looking Down Market Street 10/07/1904 note dup Dufey set
weidner_127.png weidner_127_b.png Weidner 127 Looking down Market Street
weidner_128.png weidner_128_b.png Weidner 128 Looking Up Market Street 03/12/1908 dup
weidner_128a.png weidner_128a_b.png Weidner 128 Looking Up Market St. 03/19/1906 note dup Leuenberger/Nothomb set
weidner_129.png weidner_129_b.png Weidner 129 A busy Day at the Water Front 05/29/1907 dup
weidner_129a.png weidner_129a_b.png Weidner 129 A busy Day at the Waterfront 01/02/1904 note dup Bliss set
weidner_130.png weidner_130_b.png Weidner 130 Listening to the Concert dup
weidner_130a.png weidner_130a_b.png Weidner 130 Listening to the Concert 04/11/1906 note dup Leuenberger/Nothomb set;
mailed one week before earthquake
weidner_132.png weidner_132_b.png Weidner 132 Stow Lake and Strawberry Hill 12/20/1907
weidner_133.png weidner_133_b.png Weidner 133 Drive Way GGP note dup written but not addressed/mailed
weidner_133a.png weidner_133a_b.png Weidner 133 Drive Way GGP 05/04/1906 note dup Nothomb set
weidner_134.png weidner_134_b.png Weidner 134 Conservatory GGP 06/06/1908 note dup
weidner_134a.png weidner_134a_b.png Weidner 134 Conservatory GGP 10/07/1904 note note dup Dufey set
weidner_135.png weidner_135_b.png Weidner 135 Rowing on Stow Lake note dup
weidner_135a.png weidner_135a_b.png Weidner 135 Rowing on Stow Lake 11/13/1906 note dup glitter on front
weidner_135b.png weidner_135b_b.png Weidner 135 Rowing on Stow Lake 09/07/1904 note dup lower left corner damaged
weidner_136.png weidner_136_b.png Weidner 136 Cliff House Beach note dup postmark year not printed
weidner_136a.png weidner_136a_b.png Weidner 136 Cliff House Beach 11/23/1904 note dup missing one of two stamps
weidner_137.png weidner_137_b.png Weidner 137 Donohue Fountain
weidner_138.png weidner_138_b.png Weidner 138 United States Mint 03/12/1907
weidner_139.png weidner_139_b.png Weidner 139 The Fishermen's Wharf 12/19/1905 dup stamp missing
weidner_139a.png weidner_139a_b.png Weidner 139 The Fishermen's Wharf 02/29/1908 dup
weidner_139b.png weidner_139b_b.png Weidner 139 The Fishermen's Wharf 01/13/1904 note dup Bliss set
weidner_140.png weidner_140_b.png Weidner 140 Hitting the pipe 01/15/1908 dup
weidner_140a.png weidner_140a_b.png Weidner 140 Hitting the Pipe in Chinatown 02/17/1908 note dup
weidner_142.png weidner_142_b.png Weidner 142 Chinese Slave Girl 10/07/1904 note note Dufey set
weidner_144.png weidner_144_b.png Weidner 144 The Grizzly Giant 03/02/1907
weidner_146.png weidner_146_b.png Weidner 146 Sky Scrapers 03/16/1907 dup
weidner_146a.png weidner_146a_b.png Weidner 146 Sky Scrapers 11/09/1905 dup
weidner_147.png weidner_147_b.png Weidner 147 Palace Hotel 10/dd/1904 note note note dup
weidner_147a.png weidner_147a_b.png Weidner 147 Palace Hotel note note dup paint specks on front
weidner_147b.png weidner_147b_b.png Weidner 147 Palace Hotel dup large center crack
weidner_147c.png weidner_147c_b.png Weidner 147 Palace Hotel 05/25/1904 note dup stamp missing
weidner_148.png weidner_148_b.png Weidner 148 Seal Rocks
weidner_150.png weidner_150_b.png Weidner 150 Union Sq. and Hotel St. Francis note dup embossed; no cancellation date
weidner_150a.png weidner_150a_b.png Weidner 150 Union Sq. and Hotel St. Francis 10/01/1904 note dup embossed; small tear bottom center
weidner_154.png weidner_154_b.png Weidner 154 A logging team on felled Giant
weidner_156.png weidner_156_b.png Weidner 156 Chinese Drug Store note
weidner_157.png weidner_157_b.png Weidner 157 Jefferson's Square / City Hall 08/31/1907 note dup OHearn set
weidner_157a.png weidner_157a_b.png Weidner 157 Jefferson's Square / City Hall 07/20/1907 dup stamp missing
weidner_157b.png weidner_157b_b.png Weidner 157 Jefferson's Square / City Hall 08/19/1907 note dup
weidner_159.png weidner_159_b.png Weidner 159 Panorama of Nob Hill 10/07/1907 note
weidner_160.png weidner_160_b.png Weidner 160 Waterfront seen from Tele. Hill 09/19/1907 dup stamp missing
weidner_160a.png weidner_160a_b.png Weidner 160 Waterfront seen from Tele. Hill 06/03/1907 note dup OHearn set
weidner_161.png weidner_161_b.png Weidner 161 California Street Hill 08/20/1907 note note
weidner_163.png weidner_163_b.png Weidner 163 James Flood Building 'Burnet' should read 'Burnt'
weidner_164.png weidner_164_b.png Weidner 164 Cliff House and Sutro Heights 04/12/1907 note
weidner_168.png weidner_168_b.png Weidner 168 Post Office 11/08/1908 stamped/postmarked but not written/addressed
weidner_170.png weidner_170_b.png Weidner 170 Oakland City Hall 12/29/1906 note Bendon set
weidner_171.png weidner_171_b.png Weidner 171 Oakland Hall of Justice 12/29/1906 note dup Bendon set
weidner_171a.png weidner_171a_b.png Weidner 171 Oakland Hall of Justice 05/22/1914 dup
weidner_172.png weidner_172_b.png Weidner 172 Lake Merritt Boat Landing
weidner_173.png weidner_173_b.png Weidner 173 Oakland estuary
weidner_174.png weidner_174_b.png Weidner 174 Oakland Post Office 12/29/1906 note note dup Bendon set
weidner_174a.png weidner_174a_b.png Weidner 174 Oakland Post Office 01/27/1923 note dup water spots on back
weidner_175.png weidner_175_b.png Weidner 175 Oakland, Broadway partially written/addressed but not finished/mailed
weidner_177.png weidner_177_b.png Weidner 177 Panorama of Oakland
weidner_178.png weidner_178_b.png Weidner 178 Lafayette Park / Chabot Obs. postmark year illegible
weidner_187.png weidner_187_b.png Weidner 187 Chemistry Building and Museum album marks; grunge on front right side
weidner_190.png weidner_190_b.png Weidner 190 Chinatown by Night 05/02/1909 note Worden photo
weidner_192.png weidner_192_b.png Weidner 192 From summit of Mt. Tamalpais note
weidner_201.png weidner_201_b.png Weidner 201 Alum Rock Park, San Jose 11/05/1906
weidner_202.png weidner_202_b.png Weidner 202 City Hall note dup
weidner_202a.png weidner_202a_b.png Weidner 202 City Hall 10/22/1906 note dup earliest quake image in color; Leuenberger/Nothomb set
weidner_202b.png weidner_202b_b.png Weidner 202 City Hall 08/06/1908 dup
weidner_203.png weidner_203_b.png Weidner 203 St. Dominic's Church 03/04/1907 dup
weidner_203a.png weidner_203a_b.png Weidner 203 St. Dominic's Church 07/25/1907 note dup Bastiaensen set
weidner_204.png weidner_204_b.png Weidner 204 St. cracked by the earthquake note
weidner_205.png weidner_205_b.png Weidner 205 Houses wrecked by earthquake dup
weidner_205a.png weidner_205a_b.png Weidner 205 Houses wrecked by earthquake 11/13/1906 note dup
weidner_205b.png weidner_205b_b.png Weidner 205 Houses wrecked by earthquake 03/24/1908 dup
weidner_206.png weidner_206_b.png Weidner 206 Majestic Theatre 07/25/1907 stamp missing
weidner_207.png weidner_207_b.png Weidner 207 Fleeing from the burning City 04/25/1907 note note
weidner_208.png weidner_208_b.png Weidner 208 Fire coming out Market Street water damage on back
weidner_209.png weidner_209_b.png Weidner 209 Panorama Showing the Fire 03/12/1907 note
weidner_210.png weidner_210_b.png Weidner 210 Refugees watching burning City 02/20/1910 note dup
weidner_210a.png weidner_210a_b.png Weidner 210 Refugees watching burning City dup
weidner_211.png weidner_211_b.png Weidner 211 Burning of San Francisco note note
weidner_212.png weidner_212_b.png Weidner 212 The terrible fire 04/15/1907 note bent corner
weidner_214.png weidner_214_b.png Weidner 214 Fire eating heart of the City
weidner_215.png weidner_215_b.png Weidner 215 Ruins of the Palace and Grand 05/05/1907 note dated but not addressed/mailed
weidner_216.png weidner_216_b.png Weidner 216 Palace Hotel Court after note
weidner_217.png weidner_217_b.png Weidner 217 Looking up Post Street 03/12/1907 dup
weidner_217a.png weidner_217a_b.png Weidner 217 Looking up Post Street 04/14/1907 note dup
weidner_218.png weidner_218_b.png Weidner 218 Union Square 06/06/1910 note
weidner_219.png weidner_219_b.png Weidner 219 Ruins of the business portion 08/22/1909 note
weidner_220.png weidner_220_b.png Weidner 220 Ruins along Kearney Street 01/08/1908 should read 'Kearny'
weidner_223.png weidner_223_b.png Weidner 223 Searching for canned goods 11/05/1906 note
weidner_224.png weidner_224_b.png Weidner 224 Mem. Arch at Stanford's Univ.
weidner_225.png weidner_225_b.png Weidner 225 Memorial Arch at Stanford's note note should read 'Memorial Church'
weidner_228.png weidner_228_b.png Weidner 228 Hall of Justice dup
weidner_228a.png weidner_228a_b.png Weidner 228 Hall of Justice dup
weidner_229.png weidner_229_b.png Weidner 229 People watching conflagration note
weidner_232.png weidner_232_b.png Weidner 232 The fire on 3rd St. 08/17/1909 stamp missing
weidner_233.png weidner_233_b.png Weidner 233 The burning of the Mission note
weidner_234.png weidner_234_b.png Weidner 234 The fire eating up Chinatown 04/15/1909
weidner_237.png weidner_237_b.png Weidner 237 The awful fire near City Hall
weidner_239.png weidner_239_b.png Weidner 239 Refugees in Union Square
weidner_240.png weidner_240_b.png Weidner 240 Fire coming up Third St.
weidner_241.png weidner_241_b.png Weidner 241 Valencia Street Hotel 09/21/1908 note note
weidner_242.png weidner_242_b.png Weidner 242 Street torn and cracked
weidner_243.png weidner_243_b.png Weidner 243 Cattle killed on Mission St.
weidner_244.png weidner_244_b.png Weidner 244 West side of City Hall
weidner_246.png weidner_246_b.png Weidner 246 Interior of Majestic Theatre
weidner_248.png weidner_248_b.png Weidner 248 Refugees and their belongings note
weidner_254.png weidner_254_b.png Weidner 254 Heart of city, one year after 07/03/1908 note
weidner_258.png weidner_258_b.png Weidner 258 Panorama of SF should read 'Kearny'
weidner_260.png weidner_260_b.png Weidner 260 Van Ness Avenue near Geary 11/25/1907
weidner_261.png weidner_261_b.png Weidner 261 Fillmore Street near Sutter 08/11/1908
weidner_262.png weidner_262_b.png Weidner 262 Volunteers Monument
weidner_266.png weidner_266_b.png Weidner 266 Bridge over Stow Lake 11/02/1907 note note Janet set
weidner_267.png weidner_267_b.png Weidner 267 Playing tennis in winter time 12/30/1907
weidner_269.png weidner_269_b.png Weidner 269 Goethe and Schiller Monument
weidner_271.png weidner_271_b.png Weidner 271 The Dutch Wind-mill
weidner_292.png weidner_292_b.png Weidner 292 Palm Avenue Sutro Heights 04/01/1908 note note
weidner_311.png weidner_311_b.png Weidner 311 The Golden Gate sepia
weidner_316.png weidner_316_b.png Weidner 316 The Foyer Hotel Fairmont
weidner_361.png weidner_361_b.png Weidner 361 Donkeys / Goats at Playground 01/20/1908 missing top right corner
weidner_367.png weidner_367_b.png Weidner 367 Auto on Stump of CA Big Tree 03/26/1908
weidner_380.png weidner_380_b.png Weidner 380 Havesting Almonds San Joaquin 01/27/1908
weidner_415.png weidner_415_b.png Weidner 415 Evening on San Francisco Bay
weidner_444.png weidner_444_b.png Weidner 444 Sansome and California Street 03/30/1909
weidner_452.png weidner_452_b.png Weidner 452 Russian Hill and Bay
weidner_455.png weidner_455_b.png Weidner 455 North Beach newly built
weidner_457.png weidner_457_b.png Weidner 457 Sing Chong Co. New Building 07/14/1908 note
weidner_459.png weidner_459_b.png Weidner 459 Chinese Twins 07/26/1909
weidner_460.png weidner_460_b.png Weidner 460 Monadnock and Call Buildings 12/04/1908 stamp missing
weidner_461.png weidner_461_b.png Weidner 461 Merchants Exchange / Wireless 10/31/1908
weidner_463.png weidner_463_b.png Weidner 463 Interior St. Mary's caption typo 'J' for 'I'; postmark year illegible
weidner_467.png weidner_467_b.png Weidner 457 Garfield Monument
weidner_468.png weidner_468_b.png Weidner 468 In Memory of William McKinley
weidner_469.png weidner_469_b.png Weidner 469 Monument Padre Junipero Serra
weidner_471.png weidner_471_b.png Weidner 471 Monument of U.S. Grant 10/15/1909
weidner_474.png weidner_474_b.png Weidner 474 At The Conzert, GGP 04/26/1909 'Conzert' should read 'Concert'
weidner_475.png weidner_475_b.png Weidner 475 Children's Playground GGP 04/26/1909 stamp missing
weidner_477.png weidner_477_b.png Weidner 477 Parapet at Sutro Heights note
weidner_479.png weidner_479_b.png Weidner 479 U. S. Warships in Harbor
weidner_556.png weidner_556_b.png Weidner 556 Old Custom House Monterey
weidner_566.png weidner_566_b.png Weidner 566 Swinging Bridge Big Tree Gr.
weidner_567.png weidner_567_b.png Weidner 567 The Big Tree 'Jumbo'
weidner_583.png weidner_583_b.png Weidner 583 Lobby, Hotel St. Francis 05/02/1910
weidner_584.png weidner_584_b.png Weidner 584 Assembly Hall, Merch.'s Exch.
weidner_586.png weidner_586_b.png Weidner 586 Trinity Episcopal Church dup
weidner_586a.png weidner_586a_b.png Weidner 586 Trinity Episcopal Church 07/19/1909 dup postmark day illegible; Portola Festival stamp attached
weidner_590.png weidner_590_b.png Weidner 590 A Chinese Restaurant note
weidner_591.png weidner_591_b.png Weidner 591 Sing Fat Co.'s New Store 08/04/1909 note
weidner_592.png weidner_592_b.png Weidner 592 Arrival of New Stock from China 04/01/1910 note right side bent
weidner_593.png weidner_593_b.png Weidner 593 Chinese Joss House Chinatown note
weidner_595.png weidner_595_b.png Weidner 595 Chinese Grocery Store 04/27/1911 note
weidner_596.png weidner_596_b.png Weidner 596 Street Scene in Chinatown note note
weidner_598.png weidner_598_b.png Weidner 598 Chinese Outdoor Curio Store 01/29/1910 note
weidner_599.png weidner_599_b.png Weidner 599 Chinatown, all rebuilt note
weidner_609.png weidner_609_b.png Weidner 609 The Appraiser's Building written but not addressed/mailed
weidner_610.png weidner_610_b.png Weidner 610 Panorama from Rincon Hill 10/31/1908
weidner_614.png weidner_614_b.png Weidner 614 Panorama showing Mills Building 02/20/1909
weidner_616.png weidner_616_b.png Weidner 616 The Water Front 07/13/1909
weidner_619.png weidner_619_b.png Weidner 619 Goat Island
weidner_631.png weidner_631_b.png Weidner 631 Loading Wheat, at the Wharf 01/31/1910
weidner_633.png weidner_633_b.png Weidner 633 Looking across the Golden Gate
weidner_634.png weidner_634_b.png Weidner 634 Fort Point note note
weidner_636.png weidner_636_b.png Weidner 636 Interior of Sutro Baths note
weidner_638.png weidner_638_b.png Weidner 638 Looking in through the Gate" 01/20/1909 front bottom edge surface torn
weidner_648.png weidner_648_b.png Weidner 648 A Shady Walk at the Presidio written but not addressed/mailed
weidner_660.png weidner_660_b.png Weidner 660 Statue of Robert Burns 01/20/1909
weidner_663.png weidner_663_b.png Weidner 663 Superintentent's Lodge GGP 03/26/1909 stamps on front
weidner_673.png weidner_673_b.png Weidner 673 St. Paulus Lutheran Church
weidner_677.png weidner_677_b.png Weidner 677 Rustic bridge over Stow Lake 02/25/1909 note
weidner_680.png weidner_680_b.png Weidner 680 Hotel Fairmont from Powell St. 10/13/1908 note
weidner_682.png weidner_682_b.png Weidner 682 Water Front Views multiview
weidner_ppie_01.png weidner_ppie_01_b.png Weidner PPIE 1 Palace of Fine Arts note
weidner_ppie_02.png weidner_ppie_02_b.png Weidner PPIE 2 Court of Four Seasons note
weidner_ppie_03.png weidner_ppie_03_b.png Weidner PPIE 3 Tower of Jewels note dup
weidner_ppie_03a.png weidner_ppie_03a_b.png Weidner PPIE 3 Tower of Jewels note note dup
weidner_ppie_04.png weidner_ppie_04_b.png Weidner PPIE 4 Peristyles - Palace of Fine Arts note note note dup
weidner_ppie_04a.png weidner_ppie_04a_b.png Weidner PPIE 4 Peristyles - Palace of Fine Arts note note dup
weidner_ppie_04b.png weidner_ppie_04b_b.png Weidner PPIE 4 Peristyles note dup
weidner_ppie_05.png weidner_ppie_05_b.png Weidner PPIE 5 In the Court of Four Seasons note
weidner_ppie_06.png weidner_ppie_06_b.png Weidner PPIE 6 Fountain of Ceres note
weidner_ppie_07.png weidner_ppie_07_b.png Weidner PPIE 7 Palm Avenue note note note note dup
weidner_ppie_07a.png weidner_ppie_07a_b.png Weidner PPIE 7 Palm Avenue note dup blue smears on front
weidner_ppie_11.png weidner_ppie_11_b.png Weidner PPIE 11 Palace of Liberal Arts note
weidner_ppie_12.png weidner_ppie_12_b.png Weidner PPIE 12 In the South Gardens note note note
weidner_ppie_16.png weidner_ppie_16_b.png Weidner PPIE 16 Palm Avenue
weidner_ppie_18.png weidner_ppie_18_b.png Weidner PPIE 18 The California Building note
weidner_ppie_20.png weidner_ppie_20_b.png Weidner PPIE 20 Court of Abundance lower right corner missing
weidner_ppie_22.png weidner_ppie_22_b.png Weidner PPIE 22 Court of the Universe note note
weidner_ppie_23.png weidner_ppie_23_b.png Weidner PPIE 23 Court of the Universe note
weidner_ppie_29.png weidner_ppie_29_b.png Weidner PPIE 29 Festival Hall / Night note note
weidner_ppie_32.png weidner_ppie_32_b.png Weidner PPIE 32 Court of Four Seasons / Night note note
weidner_ppie_36.png weidner_ppie_36_b.png Weidner PPIE 36 Peristyles Palace of Fine Arts note note
weidner_ppie_38.png weidner_ppie_38_b.png Weidner PPIE 38 Palace of Horticulture 09/26/1915 note stamp missing; Meuylaert set
weidner_ppie_41.png weidner_ppie_41_b.png Weidner PPIE 41 Palace of Horticulture / Night note note
weidner_ppie_50.png weidner_ppie_50_b.png Weidner PPIE 50 The California Building note red ink front lower right
weidner_ppie_51.png weidner_ppie_51_b.png Weidner PPIE 51 Court of the Universe note
weidner_ppie_double.png weidner_ppie_double_b.png Weidner Night Illumination note note folded double card; light scribbles top right center
weidner_ppie_double_2.png weidner_ppie_double_2_b.png Weidner Panoramic View of the P.P.I.E. note note double card now separated at fold
woolworth_01.png woolworth_01_b.png Woolworth Market and Kearney Street note should read 'Kearny'
woolworth_02.png woolworth_02_b.png Woolworth Market Street, looking East
zan_258.png zan_258_b.png Zan 258 Hollow Redwood Tree note
zan_281.png zan_281_b.png Zan 281 Ocean Beach note note
zan_287.png zan_287_b.png Zan 287 Alcatraz Island note
zan_409.png zan_409_b.png Zan 409 Ocean Beach and Great Highway 01/05/1942 note note
zan_812.png zan_812_b.png Zan 812 Viewing Bay Br. from Twin Peaks note note
zan_839.png zan_839_b.png Zan 839 Towers / Catwalk Bay Bridge note note
zan_1115.png zan_1115_b.png Zan 1115 Cliff House and Sutro Heights note note
zan_1701.png zan_1701_b.png Zan 1701 SF's famous Chinatown note note album corner marks on back
zimmerman_u01.png zimmerman_u01_b.png Zimmerman Dispensing Food, Fort Mason 07/30/1908 note
zimmerman_u02.png zimmerman_u02_b.png Zimmerman Bird's Eye View of Fire 02/24/1908 note
zimmerman_u03.png zimmerman_u03_b.png Zimmerman Telephone Station in Chinatown 10/25/1908 note note back date restriction
zimmerman_u04.png zimmerman_u04_b.png Zimmerman Looking down California St. top right corner missing

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