Chinatown: Nanking Fook Woh

The post-quake postcards on this page show Nanking Fook Woh Co. on the northwest corner of Grant/Sacramento, a block north of Sing Fat and Sing Chong and just south of Hang Far Low. Nanking Fook Woh first appears in the 1917 Crocker-Langley ("importers of Oriental fine arts"), but the cards below show it as early as 1908.

roesch_03a.png unknown_86.png britton_9011.png
roesch_03a_b.png unknown_86_b.png britton_9011_b.png

scenic_08.png smith_032.png bardell_12.png national_D102.png
scenic_08_b.png smith_032_b.png bardell_12_b.png national_D102_b.png

The Nanking Fook Woh building is at the left edge of each of these cards.

pacific2_63.png pacific_1_139.png piltz_069.png cal_pic_78297.png
pacific2_63_b.png pacific_1_139_b.png piltz_069_b.png cal_pic_78297_b.png

Pacific Stationery 63. Cardinell-Vincent 63 has the same image and stock number.
Pacific Novelty 1-139, postmarked SF 6/04/1932, same image on white border era card.
Piltz 69, dated 1/28/1946.
Cal-Pictures 78297 advertises the Golden Pavilion restaurant. The ground floor windows on Sacramento have been removed. Just down the street, a sign advertises the Four Seas at the Hang Far Low building.

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