Set: Nothomb

The thirteen postcards shown chronologically on this page were sent to attorney Albert Nothomb in Liège Belgium between 11/29/1904 and 4/15/1909. Five were sent by J.A. Leuenberger, two by M. Bliss (see Set: Bliss), the remaining six by six different senders. Nothomb was a postcard collector; Weidner 58 asks "Aimez-vous ces cartes?", Weidner 130 requests "des vue de paysage s.v.p.", and the message on Britton & Rey 594 requests postal exchange. "Thanks. Come again." on Weidner 133 and "Come again" on Müller 6 suggests that Nothomb visited California around the time of the 1906 earthquake.

britton_477a.png weidner_058a.png britton_507.png weidner_125b.png
britton_477a_b.png weidner_058a_b.png britton_507_b.png weidner_125b_b.png

mitchell_034.png britton_430.png britton_501.png
mitchell_034_b.png britton_430_b.png britton_501_b.png

britton_594.png muller_006.png weidner_128a.png weidner_130a.png
britton_594_b.png muller_006_b.png weidner_128a_b.png weidner_130a_b.png

weidner_133a.png weidner_202a.png
weidner_133a_b.png weidner_202a_b.png

Post-quake cards.

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