Britton & Rey 430

britton_430.png britton_430_b.png

Publisher: Britton & Rey
Number: 430
Caption: Mission Dolores
Type: undivided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 11/01/1905
Addressee: A. Nothomb, Esq. | 81 Boulevard d'Auroy | Liège | Belgien
Message: [Front:] 10/11 1905 J. A. Leuenberger [i.e., Nov. 10; cf. Britton 469]
Note: 1¢ stamps both front and back; front stamp partially obscures stock number
Postmark: SF 11/1x/1905 [second digit of day missing per handwritten date on front]
Comments: Leuenberger/Nothomb set
See also: dups note note

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