Set: Bliss

The nineteen postcards shown chronologically on this page were sent by San Francisco postcard collector Marthe Bliss between 5/26/1902 and 3/28/1905, a span of about three years in the early years of the Golden Age of postcards. Six cards were sent to Maria Correa de Mello in Lisbon, eleven to Mme. I. des Villers in Brussels, and two to Albert Nothomb in Liège (see Set: Nothomb). Most of the cards contain only an abbreviated date in the form and the signature "M. Bliss" in lieu of a message, but a few contain brief messages in French or Portugese. The messages imply that the cards were part of a postcard exchange between collectors.

I bought these postcards from three different vendors, in most cases with the backs unseen. It was a great joy to discover that identical Sutro Baths cards Mitchell 135 and Mitchell 135 were written on the same day (12/01/1902); mailed to different countries, they returned to San Francisco and reunited in my collection in 2021, more than 118 years later.

mitchell_u14.png detroit_5862.png unknown_72.png mitchell_160.png
mitchell_u14_b.png detroit_5862_b.png unknown_72_b.png mitchell_160_b.png

detroit_5275.png weidner_012a.png mitchell_135b.png mitchell_135a.png
detroit_5275_b.png weidner_012a_b.png mitchell_135b_b.png mitchell_135a_b.png

detroit_5862a.png detroit_6120.png weidner_129a.png weidner_139b.png
detroit_5862a_b.png detroit_6120_b.png weidner_129a_b.png weidner_139b_b.png

britton_531.png weidner_115a.png weidner_034b.png
britton_531_b.png weidner_115a_b.png weidner_034b_b.png

britton_477.png britton_477a.png britton_548a.png weidner_058a.png
britton_477_b.png britton_477a_b.png britton_548a_b.png weidner_058a_b.png

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