Restaurants: Heidelberg Inn

The postcards on this page advertise the Heidelberg Inn, a German restaurant / beerhall ("Alt-Deutsche Bierstube") at Market/Ellis/Stockton (35-37 Ellis). Crocker-Langley city directories from 1908 through 1917 list the Heidelberg Inn, but due to WW1 anti-German sentiment it was renamed as the Columbia Inn in 1918.


heidelberg_03.png heidelberg_07.png heidelberg_09.png heidelberg_10.png
heidelberg_03_b.png heidelberg_07_b.png heidelberg_09_b.png heidelberg_10_b.png

The first three cards above show almost identical scenes from Meyer-Förster's extremely popular play Old Heidelberg, each with a quote from the play in German. These cards predate the many film versions of the play.

heidelberg_02.png heidelberg_04.png heidelberg_06.png heidelberg_05.png
heidelberg_02_b.png heidelberg_04_b.png heidelberg_06_b.png heidelberg_05_b.png

Each of these cards references "Jewel City—1915", i.e., the P.P.I.E. The captions at bottom are in German dialect.


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