The postcards on this page are related to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (P.P.I.E.) held 2/20/1915 to 12/04/1915 in San Francisco.


This lovely panorama is from the Pacific Novelty Co. folding postcard booklet Jewel City, addressed on 8/11/1915. A 1914 Sanborn map provides a detailed key to the layout of the Exposition. The 435' Tower of Jewels at right center was decorated with over 100,000 cut glass "jewels", sparkling in sunlight during the day and illuminated by spotlights at night. The Palace of Fine Arts and its rotunda and pond (far left) remain today, but all the other Exposition buildings are long gone.

cardinell_u02.png mitchell_expo_1.png mitchell_u11.png exposition_u01.png
cardinell_u02_b.png mitchell_expo_1_b.png mitchell_u11_b.png exposition_u01_b.png

Campaigning and publicity for the Exposition long predated the event, starting in late 1910, more than four years before the opening. Local post offices provided additional publicity via P.P.I.E. cancellations starting in 1911.

The official Exposition seal appears two of the cards above and on several other cards below. It also appears on many cards not directly related to the Exposition, such as Unknown publisher 390 (seal handstamped on front ex post facto), Souvenir 138, and Souvenir 483.

unknown_09.png american_art_1.png bardell_10.png pacific_X160.png
unknown_09_b.png american_art_1_b.png bardell_10_b.png pacific_X160_b.png

weidner_ppie_double_2.png weidner_ppie_double.png
weidner_ppie_double_2_b.png weidner_ppie_double_b.png

Weidner produced day and night panoramas as folding double cards.

weidner_ppie_07.png weidner_ppie_12.png weidner_ppie_04.png weidner_ppie_22.png
weidner_ppie_07_b.png weidner_ppie_12_b.png weidner_ppie_04_b.png weidner_ppie_22_b.png

Weidner produced beautiful hand-colored P.P.I.E. souvenir postcards, printed by Albertype. Different examples of the same card show substantial color variation, as seen on P.P.I.E.: Weidner Albertype Variants.

weidner_ppie_41.png weidner_ppie_29.png weidner_ppie_36.png weidner_ppie_32.png
weidner_ppie_41_b.png weidner_ppie_29_b.png weidner_ppie_36_b.png weidner_ppie_32_b.png

These hand-colored Weidner cards show the dramatic nighttime illumination.

behrendt_A33322.png cardinell_u03.png unknown_79.png
behrendt_A33322_b.png cardinell_u03_b.png unknown_79_b.png

tammen_5288.png unknown_33.png mitchell_2180.png cardinell_593.png
tammen_5288_b.png unknown_33_b.png mitchell_2180_b.png cardinell_593_b.png

Most Exposition visitors arrived in San Francisco via the Ferry Building. These cards show the tower with "1915" added for the occasion. The Exposition slogan "California Invites the World" is printed on the first two cards and shown on the third and fourth in large letters mounted on the roof on the east side of the building. Ferry Building: 1915 shows additional variants of these cards.

unknown_13.png unknown_28.png unknown_26.png unknown_29.png
unknown_13_b.png unknown_28_b.png unknown_26_b.png unknown_29_b.png

These RPPCs have generic backs with no indication of publisher or date, like almost all RPPCs.

unknown_83.png unknown_37.png toledo.png
unknown_83_b.png unknown_37_b.png toledo_b.png

A giant Underwood typewriter and a Toledo Scales exhibit graced the Palace of Liberal Arts at the P.P.I.E.

unknown_32.png unknown_49.png
unknown_32_b.png unknown_49_b.png

If you're wondering what might pour out of a giant P.P.I.E. cornucopia, Iowa supplies the obvious answer: corn.

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