Mitchell 58

mitchell_058.png mitchell_058_b.png

Publisher: Mitchell
Number: 58
Caption: Emporium and Parrott Building
Type: Private Mailing Card
Color: b+w
Use: mailed
Date: 09/04/1902
Addressee: Madame De Coele [???] | 10 rue d Lecise [???] | Bruxelles | Europe | Belgium
Message: [Front right:] Frisco 4 Sep 1902 [possibly 1900?] [handwritten in French, hard to read, not transcribed, ending:] Bonjour a Emile
Note: [Back top:] Postal Card - Carte Postale
Postmark: [partially visible off left edge:] '...AN...' [San Francisco, date unclear], Bruxelles Arrivee 20 Sept [illegible]
Comments: written in French;
postmark hard to read but dated on front

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