Weidner 1

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Publisher: Weidner
Number: 1
Caption: Cliff House
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 03/14/1908
Addressee: Mr Antoine Engasser. | 539 South Flower Str. | Los Angeles. | Cal.
Message: [Back:] Dear friend Engasser & Madame, Just a few lines to inform you |that I am well, and I am very satisfied that I came to San Francisco. I am active on the St Francis Hotel Business is picking up and many new Restaurants will be opened downtown in the near future. With best wishes I am your friend Joe Streicher. [Front: long message in German, hard to read, not transcribed here; signed:] Address J. Streicher General Delivery - San Francisco
Postmark: SF 3/14/1908
Comments: Streicher set
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