Seal Rocks


Stereoview 2048 (click here for crosseyed viewing) by Northern California photographer Carleton Watkins, captioned "Sea Lions, West End, Farallone Islands, P.O.", is from a series of Farallon Islands undated Watkins stereoviews (2001-2078). The Getty Museum dates several cards in the series (e.g., Watkins 2058) as "about 1867". I.W. Taber acquired Watkins' negatives in 1874 when Watkins went bankrupt. Taber published Watkins 2048 as an unnumbered Taber stereoview, captioned "At the Cliff House, Seal Rocks, San Francisco", and also as photo Taber B2191, captioned "The Seal Rocks near Cliff House, San Francisco". Elite 102 is the same photo published by Elite Photo. identifies the Taber stereoview as "Mistitled Farallone Islands view number 2048". My opinion is that the Farallon location in the earlier Watkins 2048 caption is correct and Taber's Cliff House location is incorrect, probably changed by Taber for marketing purposes.

mitchell_055pmc.png weidner_039b.png amer_souvenir_12.png galloway_33.png
mitchell_055pmc_b.png weidner_039b_b.png amer_souvenir_12_b.png galloway_33_b.png

These four postcards and eight other cards below all use the Watkins image. None of them credit Watkins or Taber. If the original image is from the Farallons, the Cliff House/Seal Rocks captions on all these cards are incorrect.

Weidner Catalog shows five Weidner 39 variants:

curteich_A49344.png newman_V294.png scheff_113.png souvenir_1730.png
curteich_A49344_b.png newman_V294_b.png scheff_113_b.png souvenir_1730_b.png

These cards from other publishers show the same Watkins image.

mitchell_002c.png mitchell_002b.png mitchell_002.png mitchell_002a.png
mitchell_002c_b.png mitchell_002b_b.png mitchell_002_b.png mitchell_002a_b.png

These four Mitchell 2 variants also show the same Watkins image.

This animated GIF overlays the cards shown above on the Taber photo for comparison.

britton_522a.png britton_1011.png britton_1011a.png cardinell_1011.png
britton_522a_b.png britton_1011_b.png britton_1011a_b.png cardinell_1011_b.png

The image on these cards is strikingly similar to the Watkins image used above, but the seals are positioned differently. I have searched without success for a Watkins or Taber original of this image.

unknown_05.png weidner_115.png
unknown_05_b.png weidner_115_b.png

These cards show different images of Seal Rocks.

Weidner Catalog shows four Weidner 115 variants:

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