Behrendt 174

behrendt_174.png behrendt_174_b.png

Publisher: Behrendt
Number: 174
Caption: Ferry Building
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 05/18/1908
Addressee: Miss A.C. Ohrt, | Red Bluff, | Tehama Co., | Calif.
Message: [Front:] Will write a letter soon - won't that be 'perfectly keen'? [Back:] Rec'd your postal from Vallejo yesterday. Suppose you are home now. Lots to tell you Lots doing these days (O this pen is horrid.) Will expect those films - but don't hurry about them. Will be in Fairfield Friday. I'm not worring about that veil so you better not. Lots of love May 17, 1908 Pudge
Postmark: Oakland 5/18/1908
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