Publisher: Behrendt

Richard Behrendt (1854-1909) was born in Germany, emigrated to the U.S. at age 23 in 1877, married German-born Julia Platschek (1865-1945) in 1885, and had three children. Behrendt was an importer and wholesaler of toys, novelties, stereoviews, and postcards in San Francisco. After Behrendt's death in 1909, his wife Julia, son Alvin (1885-1946), son Arthur (1890-1975), and son-in-law Irving Heineman (b. ca. 1882) continued the family novelty business under his name at least through 1932, with offices on the 700 block of Mission. Detailed biographical notes are here.

behrendt_217.png behrendt_211.png behrendt_213.png behrendt_238.png
behrendt_217_b.png behrendt_211_b.png behrendt_213_b.png behrendt_238_b.png

Left: Behrendt 217, postmarked Milano 6/21/1906, the earliest date among my Behrendt cards. My Behrendt cards all postdate the earthquake, suggesting that Behrendt became a postcard publisher to capitalize on the earthquake. Next: Behrendt 211, postmark illegible; same sender/addressee as preceding. Next: Behrendt 213, much higher quality printing than other Behrendt b+w earthquake cards. Behrendt's souvenir postcard folder Twenty-Four Views Showing the Destruction of San Francisco by Fire and Earthquake includes all three of these images. Right: Behrendt 238, postmarked SF 4/10/1907; see Earthquake/Fire: Valencia St. Hotel.

behrendt_u03.png behrendt_032.png behrendt_174.png behrendt_A33322.png
behrendt_u03_b.png behrendt_032_b.png behrendt_174_b.png behrendt_A33322_b.png

Left: Behrendt, embossed, postmarked SF 12/19/1906, the earliest color Behrendt card in my collection. Next: Behrendt 32, printed in Germany, postmarked SF 1/20/1907. Like many of Behrendt's cards, it uses an image that appears on cards from other publishers: see Golden Gate Park: Midwinter, and similarly Sutro Heights: Parapet, Earthquake/Fire: St. Mary's Bread Line, Hotels: Palace Hotel. Next: Behrendt 174, postmarked Oakland 5/10/1908. Right: Behrendt A-33322 shows that the Behrendt company produced postcards at least through the 1915 P.P.I.E., though I have seen none postmarked later than 6/22/1913 Behrendt 245. The Richard Behrendt Company existed at least through 1932.

unknown_33.png tammen_5288.png
unknown_33_b.png tammen_5288_b.png

Left: Unknown publisher 334. Right: Tammen 5288. The back center divider "H H T CO" indicates publisher H.H. Tammen of Denver. The "B.N.Co." logo on the back of both cards could stand for Behrendt Novelty Company, but that's just a guess; see Ferry Building: 1915.

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