Hotels: Palace Hotel

weidner_147.png weidner_147a.png behrendt_014.png
weidner_147_b.png weidner_147a_b.png behrendt_014_b.png

Left: Weidner 147, credit at bottom, AutoChrom logo, undivided back; postmarked SF 10/dd/1904 (day illegible). Center: Weidner 147, credit at bottom, no AutoChrom logo, post-quake caption added, undivided back. Right: Behrendt 14. No Weidner credit, but the position of hotel window shades and the horses along Market Street suggest that this must be based on the same image as Weidner 147. Significant differences are obvious, though: no American flags, no telephone poles, no carriages lined up on New Montgomery, no pedstrians on Market. A pre-quake b+w Charlton card looks similar but is surely a different image (decorations on Grand Hotel at left edge, window shades, trolley, etc.).

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