Charlton [unnumbered]

charlton_u04.png charlton_u04_b.png

Publisher: Charlton
Number: [unnumbered]
Caption: Palace Hotel
Type: undivided back
Color: b+w
Use: mailed
Date: 04/23/1906
Addressee: Leena Fisher | 9.57. 5th St | Wiliamsport | PA
Message: [Front:] This was destroyed by the earthquake + fire. I had come down on a visit so saw all, it was terrible the suffering is awful. Thank you for thinking of me in the terrible time many thanks for your lovely card. Come again 4 23.06 [Back:] Mrs. G.A. Allen 24223 O Sacramento, Calif
Note: Same image (color): Mitchell 42 postmarked SF 3/24/1906
Postmark: 4/23/yyyy [year illegible but message dated 4/23/1906]
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