Britton & Rey 1029

britton_1029.png britton_1029_b.png

Publisher: Britton & Rey
Number: 1029
Caption: View of Van Ness Avenue
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 04/29/1908
Addressee: Mr. Joe Striker | 1213 Octavia St. | City.
Message: [Front:] Dear Mr. Striker! As I started to work at J. Haydee's place — it will be impossible to meet you this Thursday and I postpone it to some other time &mash; yours truly Hugo Kominik 570 O'Farrall Street 'Brown Palace'
Note: 1908 Crocker-Langley p. 345: Brown Palace, lodgings, 540 O'Farrell
Postmark: SF 4/29/1908

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