Golden Gate Park: Rustic Bridge

weidner_266.png weidner_677.png pacific_045.png souvenir_4629.png
weidner_266_b.png weidner_677_b.png pacific_045_b.png souvenir_4629_b.png

The rustic stone bridge at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park was built in 1893. Left: Weidner 266, postmarked SF 11/02/1907. Next: Weidner 677, postmarked SF 2/25/1909. Identical image, identical caption, both divided back, but different stock numbers; go figure. Next: Pacific Novelty 45, postmarked SF 1/01/1927, same image but with two added foreground boats and flowers on left bank. Right: Souvenir Post Card 4629. The Souvenir Post Card caption is incorrect: the 1906 earthquake did not destroy it, as seen in the Weidner cards and in 2020.

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