Earthquake/Fire: Refugees

The 1906 earthquake and fire left about 250,000 homeless, roughly half of San Francisco's population. The postcards on this page show earthquake refugee images. Most are poor quality b+w cards printed locally very soon after the quake.

unknown_03.png photo_co_01.png oakland_u01.png rieder_u16.png
unknown_03_b.png photo_co_01_b.png oakland_u01_b.png rieder_u16_b.png

behrendt_209.png hearst_u1.png
behrendt_209_b.png hearst_u1_b.png

unknown_04.png rieder_213.png spaulding_16.png scheff_075.png
unknown_04_b.png rieder_213_b.png spaulding_16_b.png scheff_075_b.png

These cards all show bread lines.

rieder_002.png rieder_031.png zimmerman_u01.png behrendt_213.png
rieder_002_b.png rieder_031_b.png zimmerman_u01_b.png behrendt_213_b.png

These cards show daily refugee food preparation tasks.

american_je_2.png american_je_3.png a_h_4.png weidner_248.png
american_je_2_b.png american_je_3_b.png a_h_4_b.png weidner_248_b.png

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