Scheff 155

scheff_155.png scheff_155_b.png

Publisher: Scheff
Number: 155
Caption: Cliffhouse, dest. by fire
Type: undivided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 06/19/1909
Addressee: Miss Olga Johnson | 3222 5- St. North E. | Minneapolis | Minn
Message: Dear Olga - I received your postal was real glad to here from you. By the way it looks I think or have on my mind that that big brother of mine Earnest is in the store pretty often it sounds pretty bad. haha Well I have a dandy kid out here allso, have all kinds of good times I am not lonesome at all. Hope to here from you soon. From Agnes 2461 Jackson Street
Postmark: San Francisco 6/19/1909
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