Seal Rocks

britton_522.png britton_1011.png britton_1011b.png britton_1011a.png
britton_522_b.png britton_1011_b.png britton_1011b_b.png britton_1011a_b.png

The four Britton & Rey postcards above all use the same image. Left: Britton & Rey 522 has a different stock number than the other cards and omits the out-of-scale steamship at upper right. The undivided back dates it to 1907 or before, earlier than the other cards. Next: Britton & Rey 1011, caption at bottom. The white space on the front suggests it predates the variants with full-frame images. Next: Britton & Rey 1011, caption at top, full-frame image. Right: Britton & Rey 1011, different caption at top: "... showing old Ben Butler, ... now deceased". Ben Butler's death was reported on 7/07/1895; if the large seal is in fact Ben Butler, the image must date from 1895 or earlier. Britton & Rey Catalog shows another 522 variant (no 'Lithographers' in the credit on the left edge) postmarked SF 12/14/1904 and an additional 1011 variant (credit left edge) postmarked SF 3/17/08. Seal Rocks shows other similar Seal Rocks cards.

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