Sanborn [unnumbered]

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Publisher: Sanborn
Number: [unnumbered]
Caption: Sing Fat
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 03/27/1908
Addressee: Mrs. M. Fuller, | 6 Linden Ave | Joliet, | Ills.
Message: [Front:] Straw hats have been worn two months We have had 3 weeks of perfect weather - very warm. [Back left:] Mar. 27 I trust Aunt Mattie is better. Will write when I have news for you. Lilacs are bloom- ing - fruit trees in their fullest bloom. I am going to Saratoga Blossom Fete [?] in Santa Clara Valley Sunday, to see thousands of acres of solid blooms. Wild flowers are plentiful. I went picnicing in Redwood [illegible] (drove over 2 weeks ago) B.H.
Postmark: SF 3/28/1908
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