Weidner 292

weidner_292.png weidner_292_b.png

Publisher: Weidner
Number: 292
Caption: Palm Avenue Sutro Heights
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 04/01/1908
Addressee: Miss Maria Holliday | #1421 Chapline St | Wheeling | W Va
Message: Regards to Martty + Bill [?] also to [illegible] Lampheer (I dont know how to spell it or I would send her a postal. We have just left San Fran I will take this to salt lake and mail it and maybe they will take it cheaper - They wont do it so Ill mail it here Cathy [?]
Postmark: Carlin NV 4/01/1908, Wheeling WV 4/05/1908
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