Britton & Rey 1031

britton_1031.png britton_1031_b.png

Publisher: Britton & Rey
Number: 1031
Caption: Comp. Dest. of Cliff House
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 11/04/1909
Addressee: Mr. Irwin Glos | Bellewood | Cook Co. | Ill.
Message: 11/3/09. Dear Irwin Here is the way the Cliff house looked at the time of the fire I wish I could have seen it at that time they got a nice one new hope you are all well as I am Write soon Your Uncle Al Good By.
Note: Cliff House fire: 9/07/1907
Postmark: SF 11/04/1909
Comments: Glos set
See also: dups note note

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