Earthquake/Fire: Ellis St. East

mitchell_103.png rieder_u01.png
mitchell_103_b.png rieder_u01_b.png

Left: Mitchell 103. Right: Rieder-Cardinell, postmarked SF 5/26/1906. The photo looks east on Ellis from the SE corner of Ellis/Jones. Near the left edge is the steel frame of the unfinished Union League Club on Geary (now the Whittell Building, 170 Geary), a helpful point of reference in post-quake photos near Union Square. The closest building standing on the north side of Ellis is the YMCA (NE corner Ellis/Mason), with the Call Building peeking out above it. The tall building behind the leftmost chimney is the Hotel Hamilton, a 12-story building on the south side of Ellis between Powell/Mason. The white wall behind the middle chimney is a remnant of 325 Ellis.

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