Hotels: St. Francis Hotel

weidner_116.png weidner_116a.png britton_473.png weidner_150.png
weidner_116_b.png weidner_116a_b.png britton_473_b.png weidner_150_b.png

These four cards use the same pre-quake image of the St. Francis Hotel, which opened in 1904.

Britton & Rey 545 and Roesch (not shown) are other early St. Francis cards.

rieder_6932.png rieder_u19.png behrendt_221.png weidner_217a.png
rieder_6932_b.png rieder_u19_b.png behrendt_221_b.png weidner_217a_b.png

A new wing just north of the two original wings was under construction when the earthquake struck in 1906.

galloway_20.png rieder_u20.png britton_u02.png roesch_04.png
galloway_20_b.png rieder_u20_b.png britton_u02_b.png roesch_04_b.png

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