Chinatown: Five Idols

The original photo used by all the cards on this page is © 1887 by I.W. Taber, but Taber is not credited on these cards.

weidner_035d.png weidner_035.png weidner_035b.png weidner_035a.png
weidner_035d_b.png weidner_035_b.png weidner_035b_b.png weidner_035a_b.png

Weidner Catalog shows one additional Weidner 35 variant: Weidner credit as 'Publisher' not 'Photographer', AutoChrom logo, no 'California', undivided back.


Mitchell 159, postmarked SF 6/02/1903, uses the same Taber image but with very different coloring.

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