San Francisco postcards

This page displays color scans of 160 vintage San Francisco postcards and postcard booklets from my collection. Cards are roughly 5.5"x3.5" except as noted.

Cards with known dates (from postmark or from content) are listed chronologically, followed by cards with unknown dates grouped roughly by period. Unpostmarked cards are very hard to date. You can also display the cards by subject, by publisher, or as a slideshow.

The unused Seal Rocks card and the Mitchell Fort Point card are the oldest in my collection, the only cards dating from the Private Mailing Card era (ca. 1898-1901). The first 11 dated cards below predate the 4/18/1906 earthquake (12/01/1903 through 3/10/1906). Soon after the quake, poorly printed b+w earthquake-related postcards appeared, as seen in the post-quake 1906 cards. Several of those cards (5/12/1906, 5/26/1906, and 5/xx/1906) describe the sender's earthquake experience (see text transcription links below). By a year after the quake, better quality color postcards printed in Germany showing earthquake damage were available (like Behrendt 238, postmarked 4/10/1907), and earthquake-themed cards remained popular for years after 1906 (like Weidner 218, postmarked 1910), even outside of San Francisco (like the Fairmount Hotel (sic) card mailed from Connecticut to Maine in 1910). The postal service allowed divided back cards starting in March 1907 (see dating guide; earliest here: Weidner 161, 8/20/1907), so undivided back postcards usually were printed before 1907.

My Weidner page contains information about San Francisco photographer Charles Weidner. After the earthquake, Weidner reprinted earlier postcards with added earthquake-related captions (No. 123) and printed new cards showing earthquake damage (No. 205). Images of many more Weidner postcards are here.

The Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE below) was in 1915 and the Golden Gate International Exposition (GGIE below) was in 1939. The Jewel City page displays the cards in the 1915 Pacific Novelty Co. folding postcard booklet Jewel City, including a lovely PPIE panorama.

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Front Back Publisher Number Caption Postmark Text Comments
weidner_032.png weidner_032_b.png Weidner 32 Chinese Cobbler 12/01/1903 text undivided back; Goeggel & Weidner; earliest known date
britton_449.png britton_449_b.png Britton & Rey 449 Sunset in Golden Gate Park 04/07/1905 text undivided back
britton_521.png britton_521_b.png Britton & Rey 521 Cliff House, Seal Rocks 05/24/1905 text undivided back
britton_506.png britton_506_b.png Britton & Rey 506 Japanese Tea Garden 11/08/1905 text undivided back
weidner_086a.png weidner_086a_b.png Weidner 86 Ferry Building from the Bay 12/04/1905 text undivided back; dup
britton_552.png britton_552_b.png Britton & Rey 552 Holiday Crowd on Ocean Beach 12/28/1905 text undivided back
britton_472.png britton_472_b.png Britton & Rey 472 Panoramic View from Call 12/18/1905 text undivided back
weidner_002.png weidner_002_b.png Weidner 2 Sutro Heights 01/15/1906 text undivided back; dup
britton_731.png britton_731_b.png Britton & Rey 731 Diamond Palace text undivided back; glitter on front; written 2/16/1906 but not addressed/mailed
weidner_122.png weidner_122_b.png Weidner 122 City Hall Square and Monument 03/05/1906 text undivided back
unknown_09.png unknown_09_b.png [unknown] Huntington Falls GGP 03/10/1906 text undivided back; stamp removed
unknown_07.png unknown_07_b.png [unknown] SF in Ruins City Hall 05/07/1906 text undivided back; b+w
rieder_u06.png rieder_u06_b.png Rieder Echoes of the Past 05/11/1906 text undivided back; b+w
unknown_03.png unknown_03_b.png [unknown] Ruined City from refugee camp 05/12/1906 text undivided back; b+w; dup
rieder_u05.png rieder_u05_b.png Rieder Valencia Street Hotel 05/12/1906 text undivided back; b+w
rieder_u01.png rieder_u01_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Ruins from Van Ness east 05/26/1906 text undivided back; b+w; stamp missing
rieder_u02.png rieder_u02_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Valencia Street Hotel 05/27/1906 text undivided back; b+w
souvenir_4632F.png souvenir_4632F_b.png Souvenir 4632F Philan, Mutual Bank, Call 05/27/1906 text undivided back; b+w
charlton_u01.png charlton_u01_b.png Charlton Valencia Hotel 05/29/1906 text undivided back; b+w; compare A.H.
unknown_04.png unknown_04_b.png [unknown] View from St Mary's text undivided back; b+w; written ca. 5/1906 but not addressed/mailed
unknown_02.png unknown_02_b.png [unknown] Howard and Eighteenth 06/01/1906 text undivided back; b+w
rieder_u04.png rieder_u04_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Fire approaching res. dist. 06/15/1906 text undivided back
a_h_2.png a_h_2_b.png A.H. Eighteenth and Valencia 07/06/1906 text undivided back; b+w; compare American News
unknown_01.png unknown_01_b.png [unknown] Streetcar Tracks Torn text undivided back; b+w; written/addressed (ca. 7/1906) but not mailed
weidner_135a.png weidner_135a_b.png Weidner 135 Rowing on Stow Lake 11/13/1906 text undivided back; glitter on front; dup
behrendt_032.png behrendt_032_b.png Behrendt 32 A December Day in GGP 01/20/1907 text undivided back
weidner_036a.png weidner_036a_b.png Weidner 36 Golden Gate and Fort Point 01/31/1907 text undivided back; handwritten in Kurrent; stamp missing; dup
weidner_123a.png weidner_123a_b.png Weidner 123 City Hall Dome 02/04/1907 text undivided back; dup
weidner_086.png weidner_086_b.png Weidner 86 Ferry Building 03/10/1907 text undivided back; scratched; dup
weidner_217.png weidner_217_b.png Weidner 217 Looking up Post Street 03/12/1907 text undivided back
weidner_146.png weidner_146_b.png Weidner 146 Sky Scrapers 03/16/1907 text undivided back
rieder_213.png rieder_213_b.png Rieder-Cardinell 213 Bread line, St. Mary's 04/06/1907 undivided back; b+w; stamp missing
behrendt_238.png behrendt_238_b.png Behrendt 238 Valencia Hotel 04/10/1907 text undivided back; no stamp; dup; compare Weidner 241
weidner_164.png weidner_164_b.png Weidner 164 Cliff House and Sutro Heights 04/12/1907 text undivided back
weidner_207.png weidner_207_b.png Weidner 207 Fleeing from the burning City 04/25/1907 undivided back
novelty_506.png novelty_506_b.png Novelty Import 506 Spreckles Building 04/29/1907 text undivided back
weidner_215.png weidner_215_b.png Weidner 215 Ruins of the Palace and Grand text undivided back; written 5/05/1907 but not addressed/mailed
behrendt_105.png behrendt_105_b.png Behrendt 105 The Mission Highschool 07/31/1907 text undivided back
weidner_161.png weidner_161_b.png Weidner 161 California Street Hill 08/20/1907 text earliest divided back card
weidner_160.png weidner_160_b.png Weidner 160 Waterfront from Tele. Hill 09/19/1907 text undivided back; stamp missing
mitchell_246.png mitchell_246_b.png Mitchell 246 Parapet at Sutro Heights 10/21/1907 text undivided back; back flipped 180 vs. front
weidner_119.png weidner_119_b.png Weidner 119 Memorial Church Stanford 11/24/1907 text undivided back; dup
weidner_132.png weidner_132_b.png Weidner 132 Stow Lake and Strawberry Hill 12/20/1907 text undivided back
weidner_128.png weidner_128_b.png Weidner 128 Looking Up Market Street 03/12/1908 text
weidner_134.png weidner_134_b.png Weidner 134 Conservatory GGP 06/06/1908 text undivided back
weidner_013a.png weidner_013a_b.png Weidner 13 Panorama 08/31/1908 text undivided back; dup
weidner_124.png weidner_124_b.png Weidner 124 Portsmouth Square 09/13/1908 undivided back
weidner_241.png weidner_241_b.png Weidner 241 Valencia Street Hotel 09/21/1908 text compare Behrendt 238
weidner_677.png weidner_677_b.png Weidner 677 Rustic bridge over Stow Lake 02/25/1909 text
weidner_663.png weidner_663_b.png Weidner 663 Superintentent's Lodge GGP 03/26/1909 text
weidner_190.png weidner_190_b.png Weidner 190 Chinatown by Night 05/02/1909 text
weidner_616.png weidner_616_b.png Weidner 616 The Water Front 07/13/1909 text
american_93396.png american_93396_b.png American News 93396 Statue of Agassiz text undivided back; written/addressed (ca. 7/1909) but not mailed
pacific_v163.png pacific_v163_b.png Pacific Novelty V163 Palm Avenue Sutro Heights 04/21/1910 text compare Mitchell 44 & 262
weidner_218.png weidner_218_b.png Weidner 218 Union Square 06/06/1910 text
britton_4024.png britton_4024_b.png Britton & Rey 4024 Bathing Pavillion Santa Cruz 06/23/1910 text written in shorthand
hodson_4631F.png hodson_4631F_b.png Hodson 4631F New Fairmount Hotel Ruins 10/23/1910 text b+w; stamp missing
newman_V295.png newman_V295_b.png Newman V295 Looking Across the Golden Gate 11/19/1910 text
cardinell_u02.png cardinell_u02_b.png Cardinell-Vincent Panama-Pacific Exposition 11/22/1910 text
ca_sales_328.png ca_sales_328_b.png California Sales 328 The Conservatory 01/11/1911 text b+w (sepia)
mitchell_2085.png mitchell_2085_b.png Mitchell 2085 Tennis Court GGP 03/31/1911 text
weidner_001a.png weidner_001a_b.png Weidner 1 Cliff House 01/08/1912 text dup
britton_5001.png britton_5001_b.png Britton & Rey 5001 French Hospital 07/02/1913 text
newman_V324.png newman_V324_b.png Newman V324 Grant Avenue, Chinatown 07/14/1913 text
pacific_jewel.png pacific_jewel_b.png Pacific Novelty 21 Jewel City 08/11/1915 text folding postcard booklet; PPIE; contents here
mitchell_385.png mitchell_385_b.png Mitchell 385 Mission High School 07/27/1916 text
pacific_u01.png pacific_u01_b.png Pacific Novelty Sing Fat Oriental Bazaar 02/18/1921 text
pacific_003.png pacific_003_b.png Pacific Novelty 3 Kearny Street South From Post 03/31/1922 text stamp removed; written in French; card torn top right
mitchell_030.png mitchell_030_b.png Mitchell 30 Fort Point and Golden Gate private mailing card
unknown_05.png unknown_05_b.png [unknown] 2 Seal Rocks private mailing card
a_h_1.png a_h_1_b.png A.H. Valencia Hotel undivided back; b+w; compare Charlton
behrendt_207.png behrendt_207_b.png Behrendt 207 From Van Ness Ave. looking E undivided back; missing corner
behrendt_238a.png behrendt_238a_b.png Behrendt 238 Valencia Hotel 12/22/yyyy text undivided back; no year on postmark; missing corner; dup
gannett_u1.png gannett_u1_b.png Gannett Burning of San Francisco undivided back; b+w
judge_u1.png judge_u1_b.png Judge Market and Valencia text undivided back; b+w; smaller format; addressed but never mailed; actually Market/Guerrero
king.png king_b.png King Bros. Howard and 18th Streets undivided back; b+w
kropp_2227.png kropp_2227_b.png Kropp 2227 Ruins of Chinatown undivided back
kropp_2234.png kropp_2234_b.png Kropp 2234 Memorial Chapel Stanford University undivided back
ny_american.png ny_american_b.png NY Sun. American Ruins of Church of the Advent undivided back
sf_examiner.png sf_examiner_b.png SF Sun. Examiner Van Ness Ave. retail center undivided back; b+w
rieder_u03.png rieder_u03_b.png Rieder City Hall after earthquake undivided back; b+w
rieger.png rieger_b.png Rieger Hall of Justice undivided back; b+w
selige_3241.png selige_3241_b.png Selige 3241 Wholesale District undivided back; b+w
souvenir_4628.png souvenir_4628_b.png Souvenir 4628 Museum Golden Gate Park undivided back; b+w
souvenir_4631.png souvenir_4631_b.png Souvenir 4631 City Hall undivided back; b+w
souvenir_4632.png souvenir_4632_b.png Souvenir 4632 Ferry Building undivided back; b+w; incorrect caption
unknown_10.png unknown_10_b.png [unknown] Ruined City from Refugee Camp undivided back; b+w; dup
unknown_11.png unknown_11_b.png [unknown] 'Old Frisco' — Bird's-Eye-View undivided back; b+w
unknown_12.png unknown_12_b.png [unknown] Hall of Justice Opposite Chinatown text undivided back; b+w; addressed but never mailed
weidner_002a.png weidner_002a_b.png Weidner 2 Sutro Heights undivided back; Goeggel & Weidner; dup
weidner_001.png weidner_001_b.png Weidner 1 Cliff House undivided back; Goeggel & Weidner; dup
weidner_006.png weidner_006_b.png Weidner 6 Children's Play Ground undivided back; no number on card; back pasted onto paper
weidner_036.png weidner_036_b.png Weidner 36 Golden Gate and Fort Point text undivided back; Goeggel & Weidner; dup
weidner_039.png weidner_039_b.png Weidner 39 Seals on Seal Rock undivided back
weidner_090.png weidner_090_b.png Weidner 90 Picking Oranges undivided back; Goeggel & Weidner
weidner_116.png weidner_116_b.png Weidner 116 Union Square showing Monument undivided back
weidner_117.png weidner_117_b.png Weidner 117 Palace Hotel Court undivided back
weidner_125.png weidner_125_b.png Weidner 125 Hall of Justice undivided back
weidner_130.png weidner_130_b.png Weidner 130 Concert Golden Gate Park undivided back
weidner_133.png weidner_133_b.png Weidner 133 Drive Way GGP text undivided back; written but not addressed/mailed
weidner_135.png weidner_135_b.png Weidner 135 Rowing on Stow Lake undivided back; dup
weidner_137.png weidner_137_b.png Weidner 137 Donohue Fountain undivided back
weidner_147.png weidner_147_b.png Weidner 147 Palace Hotel undivided back; paint specks on front
weidner_204.png weidner_204_b.png Weidner 204 Street cracked by the earthquake undivided back; 18th/Folsom; cf. crocker_u01
weidner_225.png weidner_225_b.png Weidner 225 Memorial Arch at Stanford's undivided back; should read 'Memorial Church'
weidner_228.png weidner_228_b.png Weidner 228 Hall of Justice undivided back
american_93411.png american_93411_b.png American News 93411 Earthquake Fissures in Street compare A.H.
cardinell_u01.png cardinell_u01_b.png Cardinell-Vincent Japanese Tea Garden b+w (sepia)
cardinell_593.png cardinell_593_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 593 San Francisco From The Bay b+w (sepia)
cardinell_600.png cardinell_600_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 600 Mission Dolores b+w (sepia)
cardinell_604.png cardinell_604_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 604 Stow Lake b+w (sepia)
cardinell_613.png cardinell_613_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 613 Music Stand b+w (sepia)
crocker_u01.png crocker_u01_b.png Crocker Result of Earthquake in Street cf. weidner_204
mitchell_040.png mitchell_040_b.png Mitchell 40 Cliff House and Ocean Beach back was glued to album
mitchell_044.png mitchell_044_b.png Mitchell 44 Palm Avenue Sutro Heights compare PNC V163 & Mitchell 262
mitchell_262.png mitchell_262_b.png Mitchell 262 Palm Avenue Sutro Heights compare PNC V163 & Mitchell 44
newman_V280.png newman_V280_b.png Newman V280 Looking Up Market from Mont. 09/06/yyyy text postmark year unreadable (1912?)
pacific_v314.png pacific_v314_b.png Pacific Novelty V314 Lawn Tennis at Golden Gate Park
pacific_341.png pacific_341_b.png Pacific Novelty 341 Seal Rocks from the Cliff House b+w (sepia)
pacific_375.png pacific_375_b.png Pacific Novelty 375 The Great Fire
pacific_v488.png pacific_v488_b.png Pacific Novelty V488 Ivy Covered Chapel Presidio text
pacific_553.png pacific_553_b.png Pacific Novelty 553 With Affectionate Remembrances 08/26/yyyy text sepia; postmark year unreadable
pacific2_70.png pacific2_70_b.png Pacific Stationery 70 Memorial Museum GGP
rieder_6986.png rieder_6986_b.png Rieder 6986 Ruins of Children's Building
rosin_865.png rosin_865_b.png Rosin 865 Valencia Hotel
rosin_886.png rosin_886_b.png Rosin 886 Street Scene after earthquake
scenic_5.png scenic_5_b.png Scenic View 5 Oriental Bazaars and Shops
souvenir_548.png souvenir_548_b.png Souvenir 548 Conservatory Golden Gate Park b+w (sepia)
unknown_06.png unknown_06_b.png [unknown] City Hall and Hall of Records b+w
unknown_08.png unknown_08_b.png [unknown] 456 Looking East From Market Street
weidner_003.png weidner_003_b.png Weidner 3 Music Stand GGP
weidner_013.png weidner_013_b.png Weidner 13 Panorama dup
weidner_035.png weidner_035_b.png Weidner 35 Five Idols in the Holy of Holies
weidner_114.png weidner_114_b.png Weidner 114 Mission Dolores
weidner_119a.png weidner_119a_b.png Weidner 119 Memorial Church Stanford Univ. text written but not addressed/mailed; dup
weidner_123.png weidner_123_b.png Weidner 123 City Hall Dome text written but not addressed/mailed; dup
weidner_202.png weidner_202_b.png Weidner 202 City Hall
weidner_205.png weidner_205_b.png Weidner 205 Houses wrecked by the earthquake
weidner_211.png weidner_211_b.png Weidner 211 Burning of San Francisco
weidner_214.png weidner_214_b.png Weidner 214 Fire eating heart of the City
weidner_224.png weidner_224_b.png Weidner 224 Memorial Arch at Stanford's Univ.
weidner_316.png weidner_316_b.png Weidner 316 The Foyer Hotel Fairmont
weidner_457.png weidner_457_b.png Weidner 457 Garfield Monument
weidner_463.png weidner_463_b.png Weidner 463 Interior St. Mary's 09/26/yyyy text no number on card; no year on postmark
weidner_566.png weidner_566_b.png Weidner 566 Swinging Bridge Big Tree Grove
weidner_567.png weidner_567_b.png Weidner 567 The Big Tree 'Jumbo'
weidner_596.png weidner_596_b.png Weidner 596 Street Scene in Chinatown
weidner_673.png weidner_673_b.png Weidner 673 St. Paulus Lutheran Church
weidner_634.png weidner_634_b.png Weidner 634 Fort Point
cardinell_5006.png cardinell_5006_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 5006 The Court of Palms PPIE
mitchell_4037.png mitchell_4037_b.png Mitchell 4037 Oregon State Building PPIE
weidner_ppie_06.png weidner_ppie_06_b.png Weidner 6 Fountain of Ceres PPIE
crocker_A18.png crocker_A18_b.png Crocker A18 Rich Lighting Effects GGIE
crocker_C04.png crocker_C04_b.png Crocker C-4 Treasure Island GGIE
crocker_C14.png crocker_C14_b.png Crocker C-14 Temple Compound GGIE
piltz.png piltz_b.png Piltz 177 Temple Compound GGIE
pac_nat_bank.png pac_nat_bank_b.png Pacific Nat. Bank Palace of Fine Arts b+w 7"x4" photo card
pacific_progress.png pacific_progress_b.png Pacific Novelty The City of Progress folding postcard booklet; contents not scanned yet
smith.png smith_b.png Smith News Where Occident and Orient Meet folding postcard booklet; contents not scanned yet
scenic.png scenic_b.png Scenic View San Francisco folding postcard booklet; contents not scanned yet