Admission Day 1910

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Mitchell published five charming bear-themed unnumbered postcards for the Admission Day 1910 Festival of September 1910, celebrating the 60th anniversary of California's admission to the union on 9/09/1850. The used examples above are postmarked from San Francisco within a few days of one other. Left: Mitchell, postmarked 9/05/1910. Next: Mitchell, postmarked 9/16/1910, features numerous California icons: a grizzly bear, the state flag, poppies, a redwood, a mission, the Sierra, and an N.D.G.W. (Native Daughters of the Golden West) crest. Next: Mitchell with P.P.I.E. seal on back. Another card with this front has a back printed with sample card information, offering cards at 1¢ each, 75¢ per hundred, or $7.00 per thousand. Right: Mitchell, postmarked 9/06/1910.

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