Earthquake/Fire: Nob Hill Panorama

The views on this page look southeast or south toward downtown from the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art on Nob Hill (north side of Pine between Powell/Mason; see Britton & Rey 549 and Kropp 2093).

weidner_029.png weidner_013.png britton_466.png
weidner_029_b.png weidner_013_b.png britton_466_b.png

This image is © 1902 by Goeggel & Weidner ("Panorama San Francisco, showing Call bldg.", Class H XXc #18448 6/02/1902). The caption of the photo at Library of Congress dates it to 1900. Along Market Street, from left to right: Crocker Building, Palace Hotel, Chronicle Building, Hearst Building, Call Building (at center). The spire halfway between the Call and the right edge is St. Patrick's Church (on Mission between 3rd and 4th). The small church with spire in the lower right corner is the Third Baptist Church on the east side of Powell at Ankeny Place (now Anson Place), between Sutter/Bush. Emanu-El Synagogue on Sutter is on the same city block, just above Third Baptist here. The Mutual Savings Bank building completed in 1902 at Market/Geary/Kearny would be just left of the Call (see cards below) but is not shown here.

charlton_u02.png galloway_05.png britton_466a.png
charlton_u02_b.png galloway_05_b.png britton_466a_b.png

These 1905 cards show almost exactly the same view as above but with several added buildings. The images must date from between 1902 (Mutual Savings Bank completion) and early 1905 (postmark date). The Shreve building (NW corner Post/Grant), completed 1905, is not in these images.

selige_3224.png judge_u2.png weidner_209.png
selige_3224_b.png judge_u2_b.png weidner_209_b.png

Selige 3224 and 3223 (below) show the fire south of Market on 4/18/1906. The fire would consume all these buildings by the following day.

selige_3223.png rieder_6932.png zimmerman_u02.png
selige_3223_b.png rieder_6932_b.png zimmerman_u02_b.png

These three cards all show the same image, panning right from the images above and looking south. Powell Street and Union Square are at the left edge, with the St. Francis Hotel at Powell/Geary and construction in progress on an addition just north of the hotel at Powell/Post. The tall spire to the right of the St. Francis is the First Congregational Church at Mason/Post. The mansard roof of The Oliver on the SE corner of Pine/Mason is at bottom right, with a half-dozen worried people on the roof watching the fire.

behrendt_298.png rieger_u03.png weidner_219.png weidner_254.png
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