Earthquake/Fire: Lafayette Park

weidner_212.png weidner_229.png rieder_u15.png weidner_210.png
weidner_212_b.png weidner_229_b.png rieder_u15_b.png weidner_210_b.png

The striking images on these cards date from the afternoon of 4/19/1906, the second day of the fire, looking SE from Lafayette Park toward the corner of Gough/Sacramento.

Weidner 212 must be taken earlier in the day, as in Weidner 210 a large tent has been erected, the park is filling with refugees and their belongings, and the fire is much closer. Punnett's Two Years After map shows that the fire burned to within a block of the park; it crossed Van Ness but was stopped at Franklin. Doolittle shows the burned area after the fire, looking east across Van Ness between Bush/Pine toward Nob Hill.

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