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This page displays color scans of 56 postcards from my collection. Cards are roughly 5.5"x3.5" except as noted. Click on any image to enlarge, then use the Back button on your browser to return. Click on a caption link for detailed information about a card, including transcriptions of written messages for most postally used cards. note links give additional information and dup links show duplicates/variants.


To the extent possible under law, Stephen A. Ness has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

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Front Back Publisher Number Caption Date Notes Comments
bardell_u05.png bardell_u05_b.png Bardell Ferry Building
bardell_u08.png bardell_u08_b.png Bardell Shrine Illumination Ferry Bldg. Weidner photo; top edge tear
behrendt_040.png behrendt_040_b.png Behrendt 40 Ferry Building from the Bay 07/04/1908 note note
behrendt_174.png behrendt_174_b.png Behrendt 174 Ferry Building 05/18/1908 note
behrendt_8275.png behrendt_8275_b.png Behrendt 8275 Ferry Building
britton_458.png britton_458_b.png Britton & Rey 458 Union Ferry Depot note
britton_1032.png britton_1032_b.png Britton & Rey 1032 Union Ferry Depot
britton_1089.png britton_1089_b.png Britton & Rey 1089 Union Ferry Depot note
britton_5592.png britton_5592_b.png Britton & Rey 5592 Lower Market St. and Ferry
cardinell_055.png cardinell_055_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 55 Evening Hour at the Ferry Bldg. note
cardinell_593.png cardinell_593_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 593 San Francisco From The Bay note note sepia
cardinell_5615.png cardinell_5615_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 5615 Union Ferry Depot note
charlton_032.png charlton_032_b.png Charlton 32 Union Ferry Depot note note
clements_C9124.png clements_C9124_b.png Clements C9124 World Trade Center/Ferry Bldg.
galloway_09.png galloway_09_b.png Galloway 9 Ferry Building 08/26/1905 note
galloway_27.png galloway_27_b.png Galloway 27 Ferry Depot glitter around tower
koeber_4341.png koeber_4341_b.png Koeber 4341 Interior of Union Ferry Bldg.
kropp_2233.png kropp_2233_b.png Kropp 2233 Ferry Bldg. from Drum Street not stamped/mailed
mitchell_032.png mitchell_032_b.png Mitchell 32 Union Ferry Depot note dup differs from other Mitchell 32
mitchell_032a.png mitchell_032a_b.png Mitchell 32 Union Ferry Depot dup differs from other Mitchell 32
mitchell_479.png mitchell_479_b.png Mitchell 479 Ferry Building at night
mitchell_2180.png mitchell_2180_b.png Mitchell 2180 Union Ferry Depot note note minor staining back top left
mitchell_4314.png mitchell_4314_b.png Mitchell 4314 SF from big guns of Dreadnaught
muller_001.png muller_001_b.png Müller 1 Ferry Building worn spot lower right
newman_V119.png newman_V119_b.png Newman V119 Union Ferry Depot 01/19/1909
newman_V158.png newman_V158_b.png Newman V158 Ferry Building from Bay at night
newman_V175.png newman_V175_b.png Newman V175 Ferry Building and Bay printed PPIE message on back
pacific_1_206.png pacific_1_206_b.png Pacific Novelty 1-206 Ferry Building library data typed/stamped on back
pacific_055.png pacific_055_b.png Pacific Novelty 55 Evening Hour at the Ferry Bldg. note Tammen (variant); N.B. 1918 (not 1915)
pacific_101.png pacific_101_b.png Pacific Novelty 101 Ferry B. and Slips from the Bay corners creased
pacific_125.png pacific_125_b.png Pacific Novelty 125 Ferry Building
pacific_288.png pacific_288_b.png Pacific Novelty 288 Ferry B. from Bay by Moonlight
pacific_334.png pacific_334_b.png Pacific Novelty 334 Ferry Building note
pacific_3515.png pacific_3515_b.png Pacific Novelty 3515 Ferry Building
pacific_I052.png pacific_I052_b.png Pacific Novelty I-52 Ferry Building
pacific_I088.png pacific_I088_b.png Pacific Novelty I-88 Ferry Building
pacific_I143.png pacific_I143_b.png Pacific Novelty I-143 Ferry Building 04/14/1926 written/dated but not addressed/mailed
pacific2_38.png pacific2_38_b.png Pacific Stationery 38 Ferry Building and Bay not addressed/mailed
piltz_008.png piltz_008_b.png Piltz 8 Ferry Building and Expo Island
scenic_07.png scenic_07_b.png Scenic View 7 Ferry Building
scenic_87.png scenic_87_b.png Scenic View 87 Ferry Building
scheff_u02.png scheff_u02_b.png Scheff Health from San Francisco note note
souvenir_4632.png souvenir_4632_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4632 Ferry Building note dup
souvenir_4632a.png souvenir_4632a_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4632 Ferry Building note note dup caption incorrect
tammen_5288.png tammen_5288_b.png Tammen 5288 Evening Hour at the Ferry Bldg. note note note logo BN Co. Pacific 55 (variant)
unknown_33.png unknown_33_b.png [unknown] 334 California Invites the World note note note note logo BN Co.
unknown_39.png unknown_39_b.png [unknown] 27 Union Depot, from the Bay 06/04/1907 note note
unknown_61.png unknown_61_b.png [unknown] 52 Union Ferry Depot 03/06/1905
unknown_69.png unknown_69_b.png [unknown] 89 Ferry Depot / Royal Arches
van_noy_u01.png van_noy_u01_b.png Van Noy Interstate Ferry Building and Bay 05/21/1923
weidner_010.png weidner_010_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 10 Ferry Building dup
weidner_010a.png weidner_010a_b.png Weidner 10 Ferry Building dup
weidner_086a.png weidner_086a_b.png Weidner 86 Ferry Building from the Bay 12/04/1905 note dup
weidner_086.png weidner_086_b.png Weidner 86 Ferry Building from the Bay 03/10/1907 note dup scratched
weidner_086b.png weidner_086b_b.png Weidner 86 Ferry Building from the Bay 08/25/1905 note dup typo '36' should read '86'; mailed in Germany
weidner_616.png weidner_616_b.png Weidner 616 The Water Front 07/13/1909

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