Scheff Novelty Foldout

I. Scheff and Bros. is one of my favorite earthquake-era San Francisco postcard publishers (see Publisher: Scheff and Scheff Catalog). Many of their postcards show SF neighborhood life, like the mini-images in the novelty card below and the Mission District view in Scheff 88.

scheff_u01.png scheff_u01a.png
scheff_u01_b.png scheff_u01a_b.png

This novelty composite © 1906 by Scheff combines colored pictures of Cliff House/Ocean Beach/Sutro Heights and pre-quake City Hall with a fold-out containing six miniature b+w images. The first fold-out image, also on Scheff 91, shows former residences on Van Ness converted to stores, so the card must date from just after the earthquake/fire.


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