Earthquake/Fire: Valencia St. Hotel

This page shows postcards with images of the Valencia St. Hotel on 4/18-19/1906. Valencia St. Hotel has much more information about the hotel.

weidner_241.png behrendt_238.png behrendt_238a.png
weidner_241_b.png behrendt_238_b.png behrendt_238a_b.png

Left: Weidner 241, divided back; postmarked Little Shasta CA 9/21/1908. Center: Behrendt 238, postmarked SF 4/10/1907. Right: Behrendt 238, postmarked LA 12/23/yyyy (year illegible). These cards use a photograph taken by M. Tanron from a second floor window at 18th/Valencia on the morning of 4/18/1906 (earthquake day).

rieder_u05.png rieder_u02.png unknown_59.png
rieder_u05_b.png rieder_u02_b.png unknown_59_b.png

Left: Rieder, caption front right, postmarked Sacramento 5/22/1906. Center: Rieder-Cardinell, same image, caption front bottom, postmarked 5/27/1906 (location unreadable); "Published by the Rieder-Cardinell Co., Los Angeles and Oakland" added to caption. Each of these cards was mailed just a month after the earthquake and fire. Right: Unknown publisher, printed on very heavy stiff stock.

charlton_u01.png a_h_1.png
charlton_u01_b.png a_h_1_b.png

Left: Charlton, postmarked LA 5/29/1906. The unsightly blotch at left is in the print, not a stain on the card. It could be smoke, as the fire must have been near when this photo was taken, but the view looks south and the fire came from the north. Right: A.H., same image but the postcard artist has removed the telephone poles.

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