Set: Janet

The five cards shown chronologically on this page were sent to the sender's siblings in St. Quay Portrieux France between 2/22/1905 and 6/29/1908. Three of the cards contain short messages and are signed with the sender's first name, but the handwriting is very hard to decypher. The 1908 card is posted from Tasmania, not from SF.

britton_592.png britton_549.png unknown_55.png
britton_592_b.png britton_549_b.png unknown_55_b.png

Britton & Rey 592, postmarked SF 2/22/1905. Britton & Rey 549, postmarked SF 10/28/1905. Unknown publisher, postmarked SF 11/15/1906.

weidner_266.png weidner_115.png
weidner_266_b.png weidner_115_b.png

Weidner 266, postmarked SF 11/02/1907. Weidner 115, postmarked 6/29/1908 from Hobart Tasmania.

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