Weidner Embossed Postcards

Weidner Catalog lists about a dozen b+w embossed postcards (#19-#30, #82, #150), some with several variants. Early cards ca. 1903 are by Goeggel & Weidner, later cards are by Weidner. The embossed cards are particularly striking, but sadly a scan does not capture the tactile character of the embossing. To allow writing on the card, the back is a separate sheet glued onto the embossed front.

weidner_021.png weidner_022.png weidner_019.png weidner_023a.png
weidner_021_b.png weidner_022_b.png weidner_019_b.png weidner_023a_b.png

weidner_082.png weidner_051.png weidner_114.png
weidner_082_b.png weidner_051_b.png weidner_114_b.png

weidner_020.png weidner_025.png weidner_026.png
weidner_020_b.png weidner_025_b.png weidner_026_b.png

These cards show Golden Gate Park scenes.

weidner_029.png weidner_150a.png
weidner_029_b.png weidner_150a_b.png

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