Mission Dolores


Mission Dolores was founded on 10/09/1776 and its small adobe chapel was dedicated in 1791. The chapel still stands, now by far the oldest building in San Francisco. G.W. Fardon's photo above (ca. 1856) shows the adjacent cemetery, the chapel, and a one-story building just north of the chapel. The fenced cemetery protrudes east from the entrance, into what would now be the sidewalk on Dolores, and a slight incline leads up to the entrance. The wooden balcony above the entry does not appear in later images. This image appears on a white-border RPPC with the caption "about 1833", obviously incorrect.

mitchell_053.png mitchell_028pmc.png unknown_80.png detroit_5655a.png
mitchell_053_b.png mitchell_028pmc_b.png unknown_80_b.png detroit_5655a_b.png

These cards show the chapel before the grading of Dolores (no front steps).

detroit_8583.png detroit_8117.png britton_430.png britton_430a.png
detroit_8583_b.png detroit_8117_b.png britton_430_b.png britton_430a_b.png

These cards show the chapel with front steps, postdating the grading of Dolores.

weidner_051.png weidner_082.png weidner_114.png selige_3199.png
weidner_051_b.png weidner_082_b.png weidner_114_b.png selige_3199_b.png

These four cards all use the same image, as does Galloway 13 (not shown). The three Weidner cards have different stock numbers.

Weidner Catalog shows six Weidner 114 variants:

puzzle_u01.png souvenir_4630.png cardinell_600.png
puzzle_u01_b.png souvenir_4630_b.png cardinell_600_b.png

These b+w cards all use the same post-grading image.

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