souvenir_4625F.png rieder_u12.png weidner_116.png weidner_225.png
souvenir_4625F_b.png rieder_u12_b.png weidner_116_b.png weidner_225_b.png

Many postcard captions contain simple spelling or typographical errors:

a_h_4.png judge_u1.png newman_o_u2.png
a_h_4_b.png judge_u1_b.png newman_o_u2_b.png

Caption misidenties location:

newman_V324.png scheff_078.png souvenir_4630F.png unknown_56.png
newman_V324_b.png scheff_078_b.png souvenir_4630F_b.png unknown_56_b.png

Caption misidentifies location:

souvenir_4629.png souvenir_4630F.png souvenir_4632a.png
souvenir_4629_b.png souvenir_4630F_b.png souvenir_4632a_b.png

Post-earthquake b+w postcards from Souvenir Post Card Co. of N.Y. are particularly error-prone. Presumably rushed into print as soon as possible after the quake, probably with limited knowledge of conditions in San Francisco, these cards are not only poorly printed (e.g., missing letters) but also intentionally sensationalized, exaggerating earthquake damage.

souvenir_4633.png souvenir_4634.png souvenir_4634F.png
souvenir_4633_b.png souvenir_4634_b.png souvenir_4634F_b.png

More Souvenir Post Card errors:

Charles Weidner revised many of his pre-quake postcards after the quake, as described on Weidner variants. To capitalize on public interest in the disaster, he added earthquake/fire references to captions. Most of his revised captions are accurate (e.g., Weidner 116), though some are in questionable taste and misleading (e.g., Weidner 16, with former caption "Chinese Girls" replaced by "Chinese Aristocrats. Reduced to poverty by earthquake and fire April 18, 1906.").

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