City Hall

Postcards on this page show San Francisco's old City Hall and Hall of Records before and after the 1906 earthquake, as well as the post-quake City Hall. City Hall gives more information about the history of the buildiings.

weidner_009.png weidner_022.png behrendt_041.png
weidner_009_b.png weidner_022_b.png behrendt_041_b.png

britton_476.png britton_637.png
britton_476_b.png britton_637_b.png

souvenir_4631.png souvenir_151.png unknown_06.png
souvenir_4631_b.png souvenir_151_b.png unknown_06_b.png

The Hall of Records.

weidner_122.png weidner_123b.png weidner_123a.png gruber_u01.png
weidner_122_b.png weidner_123b_b.png weidner_123a_b.png gruber_u01_b.png

These views look north from Market St. to Lick Monument and the City Hall dome.

unknown_07.png rieder_u03.png american_u01.png weidner_202.png
unknown_07_b.png rieder_u03_b.png american_u01_b.png weidner_202_b.png

The b+w cards above were published very soon after the earthquake/fire. Color cards showing earthquake damage became available only months later.

unknown_44.png bardell_u06.png
unknown_44_b.png bardell_u06_b.png

The new City Hall.

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