Kropp 2225

kropp_2225.png kropp_2225_b.png

Publisher: Kropp
Number: 2225
Caption: Hamilton Hotel / Flood Building
Type: undivided back
Color: b+w
Use: mailed
Date: 08/08/1906
Addressee: Mr. Joe Streicher | 500 1/2 South Broadway | Los Angeles | (Cal)
Location: Looking SE from O'Farrell/Taylor toward Market; Hotel Hamilton (at right): 125 Ellis btw. Mason/Powell
Message: [Front:] Aug 7th 1906 Friend Joe. I am in Tait's, work 8 hours a day, am satisfied with the job. Lange Scheiger got laid out last night. Stiller is working with me. We are opening a Palm Gargen in about 3 weeks, a good chance for you if you come up. I told Stiller the Salt Lake is going to build on his lot, he very happy. E.E.
Note: Tait's (in message): restaurant at corner Van Ness/Eddy, cf. Scheff 85
Postmark: SF 8/08/1906
Comments: Streicher set
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