Fort Point and Golden Gate (2)

All the cards on this page use the same Weidner image of Fort Winfield Scott (Fort Point).

weidner_036.png weidner_036a.png weidner_634.png
weidner_036_b.png weidner_036a_b.png weidner_634_b.png

Weidner Catalog shows two additional variants of Weidner 36 (Weidner credit front without post-quake caption, Weidner credit back with divided back).

britton_402.png britton_1005a.png britton_1005.png britton_9013.png
britton_402_b.png britton_1005a_b.png britton_1005_b.png britton_9013_b.png

These Britton & Rey cards use modified versions of the Weidner image.

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