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Directory /home/photo/pnn contains digitized versions of PNN's 35mm slides. Most of the slides are Kodachrome originals, but a few are duplicates (now mostly faded, while the Kodachrome originals mostly remain vibrant). SAN digitized these starting 7/30/08 using a Nikon Coolscan 5000, 5782 x 3946 pixels, TIFF output, 16 bit color depth. The scanner produces huge TIFF files, subsequently reduced by ImageMagick to full-resolution JPEG images and JPEG thumbnails, with the huge TIFFs archived. About 3000 photos are digitized as of 1/17/10; some later slides remain undone, mostly because they are less interesting to me, but eventually I'll finish the project.

PNN stored almost all of his slides in Kodak Cavalcade slide trays, up to 40 slides per tray. Some trays were serially numbered, some not. Trays from 1962 and later were dated, earlier were undated. Most trays were grouped by date, some by subject ("Dave", "Jack & Lorraine"). ERN made some notes on individual slide subjects, but usually without much detail.

Kodak dated Kodachome slides with the development date starting in 1958. This Kodachrome slide dating guide helps determine dates of earlier slides. In brief:

SAN reorganized PNN's slides by the Kodak development datestamp, with estimated dates for earlier undated slides. Undated slides are in directories pnn/year/year_a etc.; the earliest appear to be from 1949 or 1950; no mounts have just "Kodachrome" rather than "Kodachrome / Transparency". Dated slides are in directories pnn/year/year_month, sometimes broken up by subject into pnn/year/year_month_a etc. A single subject on multiple rolls developed on different dates is filed by the earlier date. The development date may of course be much later than the actual photo date (e.g., Queen Mary slides: 4/62 for one roll, 7/63 for next).

The chronological table below summarizes date, location and description information for each group of slides. A readme.txt file in each directory gives more detailed information.

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Date Location Description Details
Below here: slide mounts date from 5/1949 to 5/1952.
1950 (?) Alexandria MN
Detroit Lakes MN
PNN/ERN/DN/SAN at lake cabin, probably on Lake L'Homme Dieu near Alexandria MN.
PNN/ERN/DN/SAN at Fair Hills resort, Detroit Lakes, MN.
1950 Cambridge MA
Boston MA
PNN's Harvard Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.
Also a few pix of Fenway Park, Minuteman statue, USS Constitution, Boston.
1950 (?) New York NY New York City: harbor tour views, skyline, seals in Central Park. Details
1950 (?) Minneapolis MN Family pictures 5/49-5/52, all taken at 2516 West 22nd Street. Details
1950 (?) Various Catch-all directory: slide mounts 5/49-5/52, not taken at 2516 or 2415. Details
1950 (?) Minneapolis MN SAN with Grandma and Grandpa Rubin. Details
1950 (?) Starbuck MN Grandpa Ness at Starbuck graveyard; Ness family at beach. Details
1951 (?) Duluth MN Family trip to Duluth with the Andersons: PNN/ERN/DN/SAN, Jack/Lorraine/Judy/Jackie Anderson. Details
1951 (?) Lanesboro MN
Rushford MN
At Bill & Stella Higham's, Lanesboro, and boating on the river, possibly near Winona MN. See also later Lanesboro pix.
Higham family reunion in Rushford MN.
1951 (?) Niagara Falls NY Niagara Falls, with family friend Evelyn Hallin ("Evy"). Details
1951 (?) Great Lakes ERN/DN/SAN voyage with Evelyn Hallin on Great Lakes grain boat Richard J. Reiss. Details
1951 (?) Minneapolis MN Family pictures 5/49-5/52, all taken at 2415 West 22nd Street. Details
1951 (?) New England PNN/ERN/DN/SAN vacation trip to New England with family friend Evelyn Hallin. Details
Below here: slide mounts date from 5/1952 to 8/1955.
1952 (?) Lanesboro MN At Bill & Stella Higham's, Lanesboro. See also earlier Lanesboro pix. Details
1952 (?) New England
PNN/ERN/DN/ERN trip with Evelyn Hallin through New England to Canada to visit friends Lola & Fuzzy. Details
1953 (?) New Orleans LA
Biloxi MS
PNN/ERN/DN/SAN family vacation with Evelyn Hallin to Surf and Sand Motel, Biloxi MS, via Vicksburg, Natchez, New Orleans. Details
1953 (?) Minnesota Family holiday event at house of George Rubin (SAN's uncle). Details
1953 (?) Various Catch-all directory: slide mounts 5/52-8/55, not taken at 2415. Details
1954 (?) Minneapolis MN Family pictures 5/52-8/55, all taken at 2415 West 22nd Street. Details
1955 Cairo IL SAN/ERN in Cairo, IL hospital after auto accident near Bardwell, KY. Details
Below here: slide mounts date from 8/1955 to 7/1957.
1955 (?) Rushford MN Visit to Higham family farm, probably in Rushford or Peterson MN. Details
1955 (?) Duluth MN Dedication of Great Lakes ore boat Henry LaLiberté. Details
1956 (?) Starbuck MN Ness family gathering at Lake Minnewashka, Starbuck, MN (or possibly at Alvin's lake place). Details
1956 (?) St. Petersburg FL PNN/ERN/SAN family vacation at Treasure Island, St. Petersburg, FL. Details
1956 (?) Great Lakes ERN/SAN trip on Great Lakes grain boat John O. McKellar. Details
1956 (?) Minneapolis MN Family pictures 8/55-7/57, all taken at 2415 West 22nd Street. Details
1956 (?) Various Catch-all directory: slide mounts 8/55-7/57, not taken at 2415. Details
1956 (?) Washington DC / NYC PNN trip to Washington DC / NYC / Boston (without family). Details
1957 Minneapolis MN 90th birthday party for Eleanor's foster mother Emma Swanson at our house (2415 West 22nd Street). Details
1957 Minneapolis MN David Ness: high school graduation, high school prom, high school friends. Details
1957 Cambridge MA MIT, presumably take while when delivering DN as freshman (although DN is not pictured). Details
1957 (?) St. Petersburg FL ERN & SAN at Treasure Island Motel, St. Pete. Details
1957 (?) Canada Half a dozen commercial slides (not PNN originals) of Lake Louise etc. Details
1957 (?) Minnesota PNN/ERN's bridge club, at the lake and at 2415 for Christmas. Details
Below here: slide mounts are datestamped.
3/1958 Minneapolis MN Christmas 1957 at 2415: Details
3/1958 Pompano Beach FL PNN/ERN/SAN family vacation at Sunset Villas, Pompano Beach, FL. Alastair & Germaine Guthrie. Details
7/1958 Minneapolis MN SAN's sixth grade Kenwood School class in backyard at 2415 West 22nd Street. Details
7/1958 New London MN Ness family event at Rhoda & Alvin's, New London. Details
7/1958 Minneapolis MN Emma Swanson & ERN. DN with his red MG-A, also with Dorothy & Bud Zachor. Details
7/1958 Minnesota PNN/ERN's bridge club at the lake. Details
12/1958 Starbuck MN Ness family event, probably birthday party for Anton Ness, presumably at Starbuck MN. DN & Anton in DN's red MG at Starbuck cemetery. Details
12/1958 Minneapolis MN Christmas 1958 at 2415: DN with high school friends, PNN/ERN/DN/SAN, aunt Dorothy, Evelyn Hallin. Details
12/1958 Minnesota At Jack & Lorraine Anderson's cabin, summer 1958. Details
12/1959 Minneapolis MN Christmas 1959 at 2415; neighbors Virginia Kivits, Mrs. Walker. Details
12/1959 St. Petersburg FL PNN/ERN/SAN family vacation at El Sirata Motel, St. Pete. NY Yankees spring training. Details
12/1960 Minneapolis MN Christmas 1960 at 2415. Details
12/1960 St. Petersburg FL PNN/ERN/SAN family vacation to St. Pete. Details
12/1960 Minneapolis MN PNN/ERN office Christmas card party in basement at 2415. Details
12/1960 Minneapolis MN PNN/ERN/SAN in front of Christmas tree, Christmas 1960. Details
7/1961 Starbuck MN Anton Ness at his new residence, the Minnewashka Lutheran Home. Details
10/1961 Florida PNN/ERN trip to Florida with Lorraine & Jack Anderson. Ft. Lauderdale, Cypress Gardens. Details
10/1961 Berlin DN in front of newly built Berlin wall. Details
10/1961 Starbuck MN Anton Ness in front of his residence, Minnewashka Lutheran Home. Details
4/1962 Minneapolis SAN at 2415 with much snow. Details
4/1962 Unknown ERN and Lorraine Anderson. Details
4/1962 Europe PNN/ERN/SAN trip to Europe to visit DN at Oxford.
London, Liechtenstein (per ERN note), Stuttgart, Neuschwanstein, Munich, Rhein, with Luh family (DN's AFS family) near Wiesbaden, Basel, Oxford, Queen Mary at Southhampton.
4/1962 Queen Mary PNN/ERN/SAN return from Europe on Queen Mary, Southhampton to NYC. Details
7/1962 Great Lakes Trip on Great Lakes ore boat John T. Hutchinson: ERN/SAN, Dick Paronto, Lill (Sundblad?). Details
7/1963 Minneapolis MN Lake of the Isles, Lake Calhoun, 2415, 2765, SAN in prom attire. Details
7/1963 Minnesota PNN/ERN's bridge club at the lake. Details
12/1963 Minneapolis MN Christmas 1963 holiday dinner: PNN/ERN/DN, Dorothy/Bud, George/Jenny Rubin, Roy/Virginia Kivits. Details
4/1964 Boca Raton, FL PNN/ERN vacation at Alastair Gutherie's in Boca Raton. Details
4/1964 Europe Oxford and France with DN, per ERN's label (though SAN is skeptical). Details
4/1964 New York NY SAN arriving on SS Seven Seas after AFS year abroad. Details
11/1964 Moscow PNN business trip to Moscow. Details
12/1964 Unknown Sunset and harbor from airplane. Details
1964 (?) Minneapolis MN ERN, Bud & Dorothy Zachor, Helen & George Rubin, Evelyn Hallin in kitchen at 2765 Thomas. Details
1965 (?) Minneapolis MN ERN's uncle Ben Rubin. Party at 2415 for George & Jennie Rubin. Details
6/1965 Minneapolis MN DN in front of garage at 2765 with lots of snow. Details
9/1965 Scandanavia PNN/ERN trip to Norway and Sweden, including visits to relatives. Details
12/1965 Minneapolis MN International Multifoods office Christmas party in basement at 2415.
SAN and friends: holiday dinner at basement. Bud & Dorothy, Jenny.
2/1966 Venezuela (?) PNN business trip to South America (presumably Venezuela). Details
5/1966 Colorado PNN/ERN at Colorado; drastically overexposed. Details
7/1966 Austria ERN & SAN in Austria (Schloss Fuschl, Innsbruck); overexposed. Details
9/1966 Europe Extensive PNN/ERN trip to Europe: Paris, Schloss Fuschl (Austria), Vienna, Venice, Paula (?), Redika, Split, Dubrovnik, St. Stephan, Rome. Details
2/1967 Minneapolis MN DN and his girlfriend Sue with lots of snow at 2765. Details
8/1967 Minnesota Jack & Lorraine Anderson, ERN at Anderson's lake cottage. Details
8/1967 Starbuck MN PNN, Alvin and Anton Ness celebrating Anton's birthday. Details
9/1967 Unknown PNN & ERN, perhaps at Jack & Lorraine's cabin. Details
10/1967 Europe PNN & ERN trip to Europe: Amsterdam, D&uum;sseldorf, Mettmann, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Switzerland, Madrid, Lisbon. Details
8/1968 Cambridge MA SAN / Haven Morgan wedding. Details
10/1968 London PNN/ERN trip to Europe with Lorraine & Jack Anderson. Details
10/1968 Minnesota PNN/ERN's bridge club at the lake and at Freeberg's house. Details
10/1968 Rushford MN PNN/ERN & Lina Ness visit Alvin & Rhoda Ness, Bill & Stella Higham. Details
6/1969 California PNN/ERN in Palo Alto and Laguna Beach, including SAN/Haven and Gladys. Details
6/1969 Minnesota PNN/ERN's bridge club at the lake. Details
7/1969 Minneapolis MN Moonrise over Lake Calhoun from the Minikahda Club. Details
9/1969 Europe PNN/ERN trip to Europe: Switzerland, Italy (Florence), Madrid. Details
10/1969 Rushford MN PNN/ERN visit Rob and Clarice Higham. Details
1/1970 Minneapolis MN (?) PNN/ERN's bridge club. Details
1/1970 Laguna Beach CA PNN/ERN in Laguna. Details
10/1970 Vermont (?) DN & Susan at DN's cottage in Vermont. Details
10/1970 Minneapolis MN PNN, ERN, Evelyn Hallin with unknown couple. Details
10/1970 Minneapolis MN PNN/ERN's bridge club at 2765. Details
10/1971 Minneapolis MN PNN/ERN's bridge club. Details
10/1971 Minneapolis MN House and garden at 2765 Thomas Avenue South. Evelyn Hallin & Lil Sundblad. Details
7/1972 Minneapolis MN PNN/ERN's bridge club anniversary dinner for Freebergs. Details
7/1972 Rushford MN (?) PNN/ERN & Gladys Ness at Higham family reunion. Details
7/1972 Minneapolis MN (?) ERN and her birthday club. Details
1/1973 Minneapolis MN PNN/ERN's bridge club. Details
2/1973 Minneapolis MN DN & Susan with PNN/ERN and family friend Evelyn Hallin. Details
9/1973 Minneapolis MN PNN/ERN's bridge club at the lake. Details
10/1973 Rushford MN PNN/ERN at Higham family reunion with Alvin & Lester Ness. Details
11/1973 Garden City NY David Ness / Susan Schneider wedding. Details
2/1974 Rushford MN (?) PNN/ERN visit Bill & Stella Higham. Details
10/1974 Unknown PNN/ERN. Details
12/1976 Minneapolis MN PNN at beginning of skin cancer treatment (see also later 5/1977). ERN jewelry for insurance purposes. Details
5/1977 Minneapolis MN PNN continuing skin cancer treatment (see also earlier 12/1976 slides). Details
3/1979 Minneapolis MN PNN/ERN's house at 3818 Washburn Avenue South. Details
3/1979 Rushford MN Highum family reunion / picnic on the farm. Details
6/1982 Minneapolis MN PNN/ERN headstone at Lakewood cemetery. Details

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