Sutro Heights: Parapet

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This image is © 1902 by Goeggel & Weidner ("Parapet at Sutro Heights", Class H XXc #18446 6/02/1902).

Weidner Catalog shows five Weidner 2 variants (and there's probably a divided back variant too):

mitchell_248.png penny.png charlton_u03.png behrendt_038.png
mitchell_248_b.png penny_b.png charlton_u03_b.png behrendt_038_b.png

In the first decade of the 20th century, the same image often appeared on postcards from different publishers, usually without credit. Each of these cards uses the Weidner 2 image with no Weidner credit.

Charles Weidner was both a postcard publisher and a photographer, but most postcard publishers were not photographers (Behrendt: novelty store owner / importer; Britton & Rey: lithographers; Mitchell: businessman). Richard Behrendt published many cards with Weidner images (e.g., Golden Gate Park: Midwinter, City Hall, and Hotels: Palace Hotel), presumably under license from Weidner. Online sources suggest publishers played fast and loose with images during the decade, but I know of no concrete evidence for that, and most business records for postcard publishers are long gone. Later in the decade, Weidner certainly licensed images to other publishers, sometimes requiring a Weidner photo credit on the card. For example, Newman V187, Newman V195, Newman V198, Newman V201, and Newman V269 all credit "Photo only Copyrighted 1909 by Chas. Weidner" on the front.

Not shown: Art Litho 246 (color), Selige 3182 (b+w), Souvenir 4626 (b+w). Many other cards show similar views, such as Newman V131.

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