Behrendt 38

behrendt_038.png behrendt_038_b.png

Publisher: Behrendt
Number: 38
Caption: Sutro Heights
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 05/06/1908
Addressee: W.J. Mosher | 964 Albany St | Schenectady | N.Y.
Message: Napa May 5th/08 Dear Sister tomorrow the [illegible] comes on the golden gate and if was on hights could see all i will go down some day and the warships weather is spendid had a shower last week; strawberrys 12 1/2 for basket cherries 12 1/2 for lb all well w. + wife go to city one day this week
Postmark: Napa 5/06/1908
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