Sutro Heights: Palm Avenue

weidner_292.png newman_V163.png mitchell_044.png
weidner_292_b.png newman_V163_b.png mitchell_044_b.png

The cards on this page show Palm Avenue, a pedestrian path from entrance of Sutro Heights (Geary/48th Avenue) to the parapet overlooking Ocean Beach. Left: Weidner 292, postmarked 4/05/1908. Center: Newman V163, postmarked SF 4/21/1910. These cards use the same image. I particularly enjoy the photographer (Weidner?) standing at his tripod. Right: Mitchell 44. The left side of the Mitchell card matches Weidner and Newman, but the right side is completely different! Where's the photographer?

mitchell_262.png crocker_u03.png cardinell_1202.png
mitchell_262_b.png crocker_u03_b.png cardinell_1202_b.png

Left: Mitchell 262. Center: Crocker, postmarked SF 5/15/190? (postmark year missing). These cards both use a different image from the same location, colored quite differently. Right: Cardinell-Vincent 1202, with a P.P.I.E. seal and the Southern Pacific tagline "On the Road of a Thousand Wonders".

Palm Avenue looks like this in 2020. The 1915 P.P.I.E. had its own Palm Avenue, much grander than Sutro's.

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