The Chutes

The first San Francisco water slide amusement called The Chutes opened in 1895 at Haight/Cole. It was replaced by The Chutes at Fulton/10th Avenue from 1902 through 1907, shown in all the postcards on this page. The Fulton version was replaced in turn by The Chutes at Fillmore/Webster/Eddy/Turk from 1909 through 1911. From 1922 through 1950, Chutes-at-the-Beach (later called Playland at the Beach) had a water slide called The Chutes.

weidner_112a.png weidner_112.png charlton_u05.png
weidner_112a_b.png weidner_112_b.png charlton_u05_b.png

Left: Weidner 112, AutoChrom logo top right, undivided back, postmarked SF 8/18/1904. Center: Weidner 112, unused; identical to preceding. Weidner Catalog shows three additional variants (AutoChrom bottom, undivided back; no AutoChrom, undivided back; divided back). Right: Charlton, postmarked SF 11/28/1905; same image in b+w.

britton_459.png britton_1023.png
britton_459_b.png britton_1023_b.png

Left: Britton & Rey 459, postmarked SF 10/12/1906. Right: Britton & Rey 1023.

Newman V109 "Shooting the Chutes" postmarked SF 8/09/1909 has a message suggesting that it shows the new Chutes that opened 7/14/1909, but it shows the same Chutes (Fulton/10th Avenue) as the cards above.

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