Chinatown: Stores

The postcards on this page show Grant Avenue stores after the earthquake/fire. All the Weidner cards are ca. 1908-1910. The Twin Peaks card dates from a decade or so later, though the photo is probably also ca. 1910. The Curteich card is considerably later.

twin_peaks_22.png weidner_599.png weidner_598.png
twin_peaks_22_b.png weidner_599_b.png weidner_598_b.png

Left: Twin Peaks 22 "Reading the Bulletins" (see Chinatown: Bulletin Board) shows Tie Yick Lung Kee (757 Grant, at Clay). Center: Weidner 599 "Chinatown, all rebuilt since the fire" looks north on Grant toward Washington. 846 Grant (striped awning) is now (in 2020) the location of Bow Hon restaurant. The first horsecart at left is at the southwest corner of Grant/Washington, shown from a different angle in the next card. Right: Weidner 598 "Chinese Out-door Curio Store", postmarked 1/29/1910, shows Quong Wing & Co. on the southwest corner of Grant/Washington (807 Washington).

weidner_592.png weidner_595.png behrendt_235.png curteich_A33567.png
weidner_592_b.png weidner_595_b.png behrendt_235_b.png curteich_A33567_b.png

Left: Weidner 592, postmarked SF 4/01/1910, shows Ah Wey & Co. at 522 Grant (between Pine/California, east side, just south of Chinatown: Shanghai Low). The writer has just completed a business deal with proprietor Ah Way ("an awful good fellow") and jokingly addresses the card to "Miss Ah Wey Berger". Next: Weidner 595 "Chinese Grocery Store", postmarked SF 4/27/1911, shows Man Fung Wo & Co. at 921 Grant (between Washington/Jackson, west side). Next: Behrendt 235 "Chinese Peddler's Market" shows the same storefront. Right: Curteich A-33567.

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