Chinatown: Shanghai Low

All the views on this page look north on Grant between Pine/California, showing Shanghai Low restaurant at 532 Grant. In Orson Welles' 1947 classic Lady from Shanghai, Michael O'Hara (Welles) passes Shanghai Low as he flees through Chinatown. has great photos documenting the film's locations. Today (in 2020) Lotus Garden restaurant occupies the Shanghai Low space. Some Shanghai Low ephemera is here.

pacific_2709.png pacific_1_138.png smith_035.png zan_1701.png
pacific_2709_b.png pacific_1_138_b.png smith_035_b.png zan_1701_b.png

scenic_30.png piltz_075.png gilboy_23.png
scenic_30_b.png piltz_075_b.png gilboy_23_b.png

These cards all show a decorative fixture suspended over Grant Avenue.

These cards and the earlier cards show two way traffic on Grant; it later became one way northbound, as seen below.

kropp_0032.png smith_004.png clements_C4065.png clements_C16750.png
kropp_0032_b.png smith_004_b.png clements_C4065_b.png clements_C16750_b.png

In 2020 the vertical "Lamps of China" sign at Grant/Vinton (not shown in the earlier linen era postcards above) reads "City of Hong Kong" and the Shanghai Low marquee is gone, but the vertical "Chop Suey" sign remains, now reading "Lotus Garden".


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