Gilboy 23

gilboy_23.png gilboy_23_b.png

Publisher: Gilboy
Number: 23
Caption: Chinatown
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 10/16/1941
Addressee: Miss Josephine Cantieri | 5124 Nicolett | Minneapolis | Minn.
Message: Dear Joe. Ive changed my work to wrapping. I get more money. This week is Dollar Day Week. We are 50 wrappers. I took 3rd with 205 pack. in 7 hrs. We work till 11 - Get about 8.50 a day - overtime 1 1/2. Got to get down by 8 so will write again soon. Love it here C
Note: Another example postmarked Oakland 9/01/1940
Postmark: Oakland 10/16/1941
Comments: Moulin photo
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