Weidner 592

weidner_592.png weidner_592_b.png

Publisher: Weidner
Number: 592
Caption: Arrival of New Stock from China
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 04/01/1910
Addressee: Miss Ah Wey Berger | [line struck out] | St Louis | Mo. | To 5272 Page Av. [added to replace struck out line]
Location: 522 Grant (btw. Pine/California, east side)
Message: We have sold the Ah Wey Co a bill of stationery see the cases on the sidewalk I want to tell you that Ah Wey is an awful good fellow, to buy our goods.
Postmark: SF 4/01/1910, St. Louis Mo 4/05/1910
Comments: right side bent
See also: note

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