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San Francisco watchmaker Eugene Cavaille sent these postcards to Mlle. Clémence Cavaillé, possibly his sister, in France. The 1900 Census lists Cavaille as a 34 year old single white male, immigrated 1898 from France, rooming at 6 Martha Place (Glen Park). The 1903 Crocker-Langley directory lists him as "Cavaille Eugene, watchmkr. A.I. Hall & Son, r. 6 Martha Pl.", and the 1903 postcard shows the 6 Martha Place address. The 1906 card has a rubberstamped return address "Eugene Cavaille Watchmaker San Francisco", with handwritten "336 Valley St., near Noe St." added.

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In fall 1908, Cavaille sent these postcards from France to Mme. Proeres (possibly his landlady?) at the corner of Noe and Valley.

Eugene Cavaille moved to 422 Valley by 1908 and lived there with his wife Pelagie (seamstress) and son Clement (jewelry manufacturer) in the 1920 census.

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