Weidner 17

weidner_017.png weidner_017_b.png

Publisher: Weidner
Number: 17
Caption: University of California
Type: undivided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 02/15/1906
Addressee: Mad.elle Clémence Cavaillé | Employeé Caisse Nat.le d'Epargne Post.le | Carcassonne | Aude | France
Location: UC Berkeley; left: North Hall (now site of Bancroft Library); right: South Hall, built 1873, still standing 2021
Message: [Front] Feb. 12/06 Eug. Cavaillé [followed by message in French, not transcribed here]
Note: [Rubberstamped back top right, then Valley St. written in: Eugene Cavaille | Watchmaker | 336 Valley St., near Noe St. | San Francisco
Postmark: SF 2/15/1906; New York NY 2/19/1906
Comments: Cavaillé set
See also: note

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